Best CBD Oil (Updated) Find the Top-Rated Brands to Buy in 2024

CBD oil has never been more popular. Many people use this oil daily for a range of benefits.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is one of the active ingredients found in cannabis. Every company claims to offer pure, high-quality cannabidiol oil. Some even claim to be organic or full spectrum. However, not all companies live up to these claims.

Finding the best CBD oil can be difficult. We want to help. Our editorial team has spent hundreds of hours ranking cannabidiol oils and tinctures. Based on our analysis, here are the best CBD oils you can buy in 2024.

Charlotte’s Web It relieves stress, helps overcome exercise-induced inflammation, and maintains a healthy sleep cycle.
Populum This award-winning orange-flavored CBD oil helps you relax, reduce daily stress, and keep your body healthy and balanced.
Rya Organics It increases the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients.
CBD American Shaman claims to offer better bioavailability and faster absorption than competing oils.
Sol CBD Sol CBD uses CBD that is extracted using CO2 extraction technologies.
CBDistillery A unique blend of cannabinoids you won’t find in other CBD oils
Medterra They choose MCT oil as a carrier oil to ensure CBD oil is the safest possible partner.
Five CBD Cannabidiol oil from their products is considered the most potent, especially in dosage.
Zatural Zotal sources its extensive product line from trusted sources in the U.S. and abroad.
cbdMD You can customize your bottle with the desired strength to get the product you want.
Aspen green Offers a unique QR code on each label so clients can see the lab results and all the tests behind the product.
Receptra Naturals With each product, they aim to achieve specific health goals.
Bloom Hemp They sell USDA-certified organic hemp-related and other CBD products.
RE Botanicals RE Botanicals is on a mission to create safe CBD using USDA certified organic hemp
Green Roads The products are pharmacist-formulated, premium blends of hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts.
Mana Artisan Botanics The company aims to distinguish itself from competitors by committing to regenerative agriculture, the local economy, and holistic health education.
Just CBD Provides relief for anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
CBDFx The products are 100% vegan, made with non-GMO, CO2-extracted hemp oil.
CBDPure CBDPure claims to offer “the most powerful and beneficial CBD available” today.

Our Rankings

Our editorial team interviewed manufacturers, scoured lab test results, and personally tested CBD products to compile the rankings below. Here are the best CBD oil products you can buy in 2022.

Charlotte’s Web

Name: Charlotte’s Web
Spectrum: Full and broad-spectrum CBD oil
Key highlights:
  • Support a sense of calmness and focus
  • Support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation
  • Promote healthy living and self-care with the power of CBD
  • Improve mood by emphasizing a sense of calmness and relaxation
  • The flavored oil supports stress and sleep-related issues, as well as inflammation from exercise
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $119.99

    Charlotte’s Web is one of the best CBD oil brands available today. Although they’re not cheap, Charlotte’s Web has carved a niche for itself at the upper end of the market, offering the highest quality pure CBD oil at a higher price than its competitors.

    Charlotte’s Web offers a range of flavored oil with different wellness goals, dosages, and more. Whether looking for a starter-size of oil, a sampler pack of multiple flavors, or a high-dose full-spectrum, Charlotte’s Web has the products for you. Popular Charlotte’s Web CBD flavors include Orange Blossom, Lemon Twist, Mint Chocolate, and Olive Oil.


    Name: Populum
    Spectrum: Full spectrum CBD oil
    Key highlights:
  • Organic, eco-friendly ingredients; non-GMO
  • Buy high-quality oil at competitive prices
  • The natural orange flavor that’s unlike any other in the market
  • Helps manage stress, get sleep faster and more deeply, has several side benefits for your health
  • Hemp Source: Colorado
    Price: Starting from $49

    Populum aims to differentiate itself in a crowded oil market with its commitment to high-quality, ethical, and pure CBD oil. The company offers no-nonsense packaging and a straightforward label. It’s also catered towards the luxury market, charging higher rates for higher-quality products.

    According to Populum, the company’s CBD can help with daily stress, relaxation, and overall wellness. Each CBD hemp oil is also tested three times for purity and potency.

    Rya Organics

    Name: Rya Organics
    Spectrum: Full Spectrum CBD oil
    Key highlights:
  • Improve sleep with a natural non-habit forming remedy
  • Support your immune system with an organic supplement
  • Reduce pain without the use of dangerous drugs but rather, holistic alternatives
  • Help cure inflammation naturally
  • The company also offers free shipping
  • Hemp Source: Northern Europe
    Price: Starting from $79.29

    Rya Organics is a CBD brand from Cymbiotika, a natural health product company offering a range of CBD oil tinctures, supplements, oils, and more. Today, the company offers three types of oils under the Rya Organics brand, including Rumi-Dream (an herbal sleep tonic), Nexus Relief (for inflammation), and Heal-All Pro (for pain relief).

    All Rya Organics oils are made in the United States with organic ingredients. They’re also vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, and GLP-certified. Some of these oils also contain bonus ingredients for added effectiveness. Nexus Relief, for example, contains turmeric, DHA, and EPA for added effectiveness and absorption.

    Joy Organics

    Name: Joy Organics
    Spectrum: Broad Spectrum CBD oil
    Key highlights:
  • The oil is made with pure CBD that has high quality, with excellent health benefits of CBD.
  • Have a vast variety of flavors and styles
  • Premium quality that is USDA organic certified
  • With 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: Starting from $44.95

    Joy Organics is one of the best CBD oil brands. The company offers a line of full and broad-spectrum CBD.

    The Joy Organics oil lineup includes unique options like Tranquil Mint, Summer Lemon, Orange Bliss, and Unflavored. All Joy Organics oils are lab tested, contain 0.0% THC, essential oils, and are backed by some of the best CBD oil reviews online.

    CBD American Shaman

    Name: CBD American Shaman
    Spectrum: Full spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • Get water-soluble cannabis goods and terpene-rich oil
  • The company sources its high-quality oil from top-grade hemp plants grown on agriculturally responsible hemp plant farms in the United States.
  • It claims to offer better bioavailability and faster absorption than competing oils
  • With 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $14.99

    CBD American Shaman is one of the best spectrum CBD oil in the space. The company’s oils are widely distributed across the United States. Unique flavors like cherry limeade include water-soluble hemp-derived CBD products, terpene-rich hemp oils like the VG Cloud Tincture, and extra-strength blends for maximum effectiveness. Like all other oils listed here, CBD American Shaman makes it easy to customize the dosage however you like.

    Sol CBD

    Name: Sol CBD
    Spectrum: Full and broad-spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • It claims to boost immune function, protect the body, reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, optimize brain health, and lower anxiety
  • The company binds its CBD with MCT oil to boost absorption
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Hemp Source: Colorado
    Price: $57

    Sol CBD offers a lineup of CBD tinctures and oils. Some Sol products have targeted benefits, including its popular Advanced Sleep Formula with CBD. The company also offers high-strength CBD oils, including its 4,000mg CBD oil tincture starting at $289. Most Sol CBD products have no flavors added. Instead, they have a mild flavor similar to green tea. Sol CBD uses CBD that is extracted using CO2 extraction technologies.

    CBDistillery CBD Oils

    Name: CBDistillery
    Spectrum: Full and broad-spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • The oil can help to improve your overall wellbeing while being fast-acting, convenient, and easy to use.
  • A unique blend of cannabinoids you won’t find in other CBD oils
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Hemp Source: Colorado
    Price: $115

    CBDistillery offers high-quality spectrum CBD oil from non-GMO industrial hemp plants grown using natural farming practices. The company’s 0% THC CBD tinctures are available in multiple concentrations, including 500mg to 2,500mg. You can also buy targeted formulas like Relief + Relax and Sleep. Relief + Relax contains CBG and CBD in a 1:1 ratio, while Sleep contains CBN and CBD in a 1:3 ratio.


    Name: Medterra
    Spectrum: Full and broad-spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • The oils are packed with cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDV, among other natural cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Medterra offers several high-quality CBD oil products targeting different goals, including the CBD + CBG Tincture, Broad Spectrum products, Ultra Broad Spectrum, and more.
  • These are oils are also THC-free and non-GMO
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $29.74

    Medterra’s CBD tinctures are made from 99%+ CBD and organic MCT oil (derived from coconuts). It includes organic hemp seed oil and natural flavors, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and is made from a consistent, quality supply of hemp extract (a type of cannabis Sativa plant) in the United States. All Medterra products are third-party tested and hemp authority certified, completely legal, and fully compliant under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

    Five CBD

    Name: Five CBD
    Spectrum: Full-spectrum CBD oils
    Key highlights:
  • The oil is packed with CBD, THC, CBN, CBC, and other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • They offer flavored CBD oil in 3 different flavors: citrus, lavender, and chocolate mint
  • With a 30-day satisfaction refund policy
  • The company also offers free shipping
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $34.99

    Five CBD offers a range of CBD tinctures and CBD gummies. The company aims to redefine the meaning of full-spectrum CBD by taking fewer shortcuts. Five CBD’s flagship CBD tincture includes 1,500mg to 6,000mg of CBD per serving, making it one of the strongest options available today. In terms of THC content, Five’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil has around 60mg of THC in each 1,500mg bottle, similar to other full-spectrum hemp seed oil sold online today. Five CBD combines its CBD oil with an organic MCT oil for maximum absorption.


    Name: Zatural
    Spectrum: Broad-Spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • It offers multiple CBD flavors, including Natural, Sweet Natural, Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon, and Lemon-Lime
  • The hemp is grown without pesticides and herbicides
  • It has some of the strongest dosage options on this list
  • The company also offers free shipping
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $27.50

    Zatural’s Broad Spectrum Oil Drops are affordably priced. Eden, an Idaho-based company, also delivers a broad spectrum CBD oil without blending with THC as a finished product. The hemp (a type of cannabis Sativa plant) is sourced from farms in the United States, and the company uses CO2 extraction to separate the oil from the hemp.


    Name: cbdMD
    Spectrum: Broad-spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • The CBD comes from US-grown industrial hemp(a type of cannabis Sativa plant)
  • Third-party, ISO-certified labs test all cbdMD oils for consistent quality
  • With 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $29,99

    cbdMD offers a range of CBD gummies, topical CBD products, and CBD capsules. The company’s CBD oils feature a distinctive design and multiple flavors. You can choose flavors like natural, berry, orange, and mint. All oils are broad-spectrum CBD with natural MCT carrier oil, providing consistent quality to support everyday wellness. Like other broad-spectrum CBD products, cbdMD’s oils are packed with terpenes and supporting cannabinoids like CBG and CBN.

    Aspen Green

    Name: Aspen green
    Spectrum: Full-spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • Instead of filtering hemp to create distillate or CBD isolate, the company uses full-spectrum hemp.
  • That hemp is also free from toxins, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, and sulfates, similar to other organic hemp grown in the United States today.
  • With a 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Hemp Source: Colorado
    Price: $85

    Aspen Green offers a range of CBD products and oils. Like other high-quality CBD companies on this list, Aspen green is also USDA Organic certified. We also appreciate Aspen Green’s use of QR codes on each label, making it easy to view lab test results. Aspen green’s hemp completes eight different lab tests before launch, including tests for cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria-yeast-mold, E.coli and salmonella, VOC residual solvents, and mycotoxin. You can choose three flavors, including Original, Citrus, and Mint.

    Receptra Naturals

    Name: Receptra Naturals
    Spectrum: Broad Spectrum CBD oil
    Key highlights:
  • The oil is used to target inflammation
  • The oils are flavored using natural ingredients like MCT oil, lavender, limonene, passionflower, lime, and ginger
  • Receptra Naturals claims to use natural and organic ingredients in each product.
  • The company also offers free shipping
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $41.99

    Receptra Naturals is a Broomfield, Colorado-based company offering a range of CBD products and oils. The company offers formulas with targeted goals, including its Seriously Relax + Lavender Tincture, its Large Total Wellness CBD Set, and its CBD oil with turmeric combination. Others use it for sleep and calmness. Receptra Naturals claims to use natural and organic ingredients in each product.

    Bloom Hemp

    Name: Bloom Hemp
    Spectrum: Broad-spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • It claims to have a CBD tincture for you whether trying to relieve stress, get a better night’s sleep, or support recovery across your body.
  • You can customize your dose and flavor options however you like.
  • The company also offers free shipping
  • With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $64.99

    Bloom Hemp offers USDA Organic certified hemp seed oil, tinctures, balms, lotions, and more. The company’s products include targeted goals like the Essential Calming Tincture, Essential Digestive Tincture, and the Essential Recovery Tincture. You can also buy the straightforward Full Spectrum tincture with multiple flavors. Like other leading CBD oil companies, Bloom Hemp has emphasized the value of added cannabinoids in each oil. The Essential Calming Tincture, for example, contains 1,200mg of CBD and 100mg of CBN.

    RE Botanicals

    Name: RE Botanicals
    Spectrum: Full-Spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • The oil comes in an easy-to-take liquid tincture that uses MCT oil (from coconuts) as a carrier oil.
  • The oil is non-GMO and glyphosate-free.
  • The company also offers free shipping
  • With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $19.99

    Like other top-rated CBD oil companies on our list, RE Botanicals offers USDA Organic certified CBD oils. The company grows and processes its hemp at its organic farm in South Carolina. In addition to offering oils, RE Botanicals offer CBD capsules and CBD body oil. The RE Botanicals Classic hemp blends have a light, golden color and a pure hemp flavor. While other companies use synthetic ingredients to flavor their formulas, RE Botanicals uses natural ingredients - like USDA Organic certified peppermint oil instead of synthetic peppermint.

    Green Roads

    Name: Green Roads
    Spectrum: Full-Spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • It is the largest privately-owned CBD company in the United States.
  • They offer oils in three flavors: Apple Kiwi Bliss, Mint Breeze, and Original.
  • Green Roads include full-spectrum CBD oil blends with 10mg to 50mg of CBD per ml serving.
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: Starting from $9.99

    Green Roads is one of America’s largest and best-known CBD oil companies. Green Roads is also one of the few CBD companies backed by real pharmacists. Pharmacist Laura Fuentes founded the company in 2013. Laura had 25 years of experience as a licensed compounding pharmacist. She believed CBD had the power to change lives. Today, Green Roads sells its hemp at 10,000 retail locations across the country.

    Mana Artisan Botanics

    Name: Mana Artisan Botanics
    Spectrum: Full-spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • All ingredients used are certified organic, non-GMO, and sourced from the company’s own farm
  • The product also seems to be the first company offering a macadamia nut flavor.
  • It infuses its CBD oil with organic Hawaiian macadamia nut oil for a unique blend.
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: $35

    Although not as well-known as other CBD companies on this list, Mana Artisan Botanics offers distinct CBD oils in multiple flavors - all with a Hawaiian theme and a “Mana difference.” All hemp is grown in farms in Hawaii, including the company’s Honaunau Farm Wellness Retreat on the foothills of Mauna Loa volcano.

    Just CBD

    Name: Just CBD
    Spectrum: Full-spectrum CBD
    Key highlights:
  • The company claims its oils are ideal for putting your mind and body at ease.
  • All CBD is sourced from domestically grown hemp
  • All oils are lab tested for purity and potency
  • Hemp Source: Wisconsin
    Price: Starting from $9.99

    Just CBD has sold oils online since 2017. The company’s two core CBD tinctures include its CBD Tincture Coconut and Hemp Seed. You can buy the oil in doses of 50mg to 5,000mg. Although Just CBD is not USDA Organic certified (which is not unusual for CBD companies), the company claims to source its CBD from organically-grown hemp.


    Name: CBDFx
    Spectrum: Broad-Spectrum
    Key highlights:
  • You can find targeted formulas for sleep, calmness, wellness, and other benefits.
  • All tinctures are 10% vegan and made with non-GMO, CO2-extracted hemp oil
  • The oil is combined with a carrier oil (coconut oil or MCT oil) to boost absorption and bioavailability
  • With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Hemp Source: USA
    Price: Starting from $69.99

    CBDFx offers a full lineup of CBD oil tinctures. The result is a consistent, high-quality CBD experience every time. The company also further boosts its formula’s effectiveness with ingredients like curcumin and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Some CBDFx oils also contain cannabigerol (CBG) and CBN, two cannabinoids rapidly growing in popularity. With multiple dosages, frequent sales, and oils for pets, CBDFx offers something for all types of CBD users.


    Name: CBDPure
    Spectrum: Full-spectrum oil
    Key highlights:
  • The company offers four core CBD products, including hemp oil, CBD soft gels, CBD infused cream, and hemp oil for pets
  • The CBDPure flagship hemp oil contains 300mg to 1,000mg of full-spectrum oil per serving
  • With 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Hemp Source: Colorado and Washington
    Price: Starting from $29.99

    CBDPure is a CBD oil company offering oil sourced from organic hemp grown in Colorado and Washington. The company also tests its products with third-party labs, which is standard for most other top-rated companies listed here. CBDPure claims to offer “the most powerful and beneficial CBD available” today.

    How We Rank CBD oil brands

    Ranking CBD brands can be difficult. Every oil company tosses around words like “organic,” and “lab tested,” and “pure.” However, these terms mean something different to each company. Some oils are certified organic. Third-party labs test others for purity and potency. Some use synthetic ingredients, while others use organic flavors.

    After analyzing dozens of leading CBD brands, our editorial team narrowed our list using the following metrics:

    Lab Testing & Transparency: Lab testing is important in the CBD space. All reputable companies publish their lab results upfront, making it easy for consumers to separate good and bad spectrum CBD oil products. The best oils use ISO 17025-compliant labs for testing. The worst companies use in-house labs while refusing to disclose certificates of analysis (CoAs).

    Organic Certification: These oil manufacturing companies claim to be grown in organic conditions. We understand USDA Organic certification is challenging for hemp growers and companies. However, we preferred you to consume CBD oil with any type of organic certification. The fewer pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins that end up in the finished product, the better.

    Carrier Oil: Although some CBD oils are water-based blends, most oils use fatty oils - like MCTs. The best CBD oils use MCT oils derived from coconuts. Cheaper oils use other MCT oil sources. Carrier oil can affect absorption, quality, and overall delivery of the CBD, which is why we considered carrier oil in our ranking of the best oils.

    Growing Location: Most of these leading companies are based in the United States, where they source hemp from US growers. However, top-rated companies source CBD extract from farms in Europe, Canada, and other locations. We preferred maximum transparency with the growing location. Whether growing hemp on a Hawaiian volcano or an organic farm in Colorado, growing location matters.

    Full Spectrum Cannabinoids: Most of the top-rated CBD oils are full-spectrum blends - not CBD isolates. Studies show that full-spectrum blends contain terpenes and cannabinoids with complementary effects. The best oils list their specific dosage of CBD, THC, CBG, and other ingredients.

    Complementary Ingredients: This is a ranking of the highest quality CBD oil, so we prefer those oils that only use CBD. However, some of the best-rated and pure CBD oils are a blend of turmeric, coconut oil, hemp extract, CBD extract, and other complementary ingredients. As long as the ingredients were backed by science and supported the targeted benefits, we approved their use and added these oils to our rankings.

    Customization Options: Some oils come in a one-size-fits-all package, offering you limited dosage or flavor options. The best CBD oils offer a mix of volumes, dosages, and flavors. Some people like the maximum dosage per serving. Others prefer a low dosage and a larger bottle.

    Flavors: Some people like natural CBD oil with no flavor added. Others prefer flavors like mint, strawberry, orange, or chocolate. We aren’t biased towards flavor preferences. However, we prefer organic or natural flavored CBD oils whenever possible. Some cheap Canna-companies use synthetic flavors and other unnatural additives. That’s bad. The best cannabidiol companies use USDA Organic flavors and similar compounds.

    Advertised Health Benefits: As per FDA regulations, Canna-companies cannot advertise specific health benefits. Companies can’t claim their oil reduces the risk of cancer, cures anxiety, or eliminates disease. However, some Canacompanies toe the line, suggesting their products can offer these benefits. We preferred companies with honest and legal advertised health benefits.

    Who Should Use CBD Oil?

    People use this oil for a range of reasons. Studies show that CBD could support the following benefits:

    • Anxiety and depression
    • Sleep
    • Chronic pain relief
    • Seizures and epilepsy
    • Inflammation
    • Digestion, heart health, and more
    • Overall health and wellness
    • The oil is generally well-tolerated and safe to use. However, some people experience negative reactions when taking CBD products.

    Taking prescription medications from your doctor before taking the oil is required if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should also talk to your doctor about any medical conditions or take any OTC or prescribed medications or supplements.

    CBD Oil Dosage

    CBD oils typically come in doses of 300mg to 6,000mg per bottle or anywhere from 5mg to 200mg per serving. Dosage varies depending on:

    • Intended use and desired benefits
    • Bodyweight
    • Body chemistry and physiology
    • Metabolism

    There’s no right or wrong dose of CBD. Some people experience the full benefits of CBD after a 5mg dose. Others need 200mg of CBD for the same effects.

    Most CBD experts recommend starting small and increasing your dose and frequency over time. Start with a small dose. Analyze the effects. Take CBD at least 4 to 6 hours apart, leaving ample time for your body to absorb the CBD between dosages.

    Dosage also depends on the time of day. Some people take CBD at night to help them fall asleep. Others take it daily for energy. The oil does not contain stimulants or stimulating properties, so you can take it any time of day without issue.

    The way you take CBD oil can affect the dose. If you take CBD oil sublingually, you absorb more of the CBD oil than you normally would. If you mix CBD oil with foods or beverages, it can affect absorption.


    Side Effects of CBD Oil

    In this 2011 review, researchers found that high doses of CBD were well-tolerated by humans, even when taking CBD over an extended period of time. Researchers updated that study in 2017 to confirm these findings.

    One 2019 study found that CBD could cause liver damage to mice or interact with medications. However, most studies show CBD oil is well-tolerated by most people.

    Because the FDA does not regulate CBD oil, it’s up to consumers to choose the right CBD oil supplements. Some CBD oils have transparent ingredients and are backed by lab testing, while others are not.

    Overall, side effects of CBD are rare, even when taking CBD oil in high dosages. However, some may experience side effects like appetite changes, diarrhea, fatigue, and digestive discomfort from CBD.

    CBD Oil Benefits: What Does Science Say?

    Science is increasingly supportive of cannabidiol (CBD) and other terpenes, cannabinoids, and natural chemicals in the cannabis plant. As more research is released on CBD, we’re learning more about how CBD oil works, what it does to the body, and how it contributes to health and wellness.

    Studies show that CBD oil is well tolerated in humans. In this 2011 study, researchers reviewed the evidence on CBD and found that it was well-tolerated in doses of up to 1,500 mg of CBD per day. That’s a much higher dose than used by most people. This study suggests that CBD oil should be safe for most people to use when following the recommended dosage instructions on your CBD product

    As Harvard Health explains, there’s evidence for cannabidiol (CBD) health benefits. The strongest scientific evidence for CBD is its ability to treat some of the cruelest childhood epilepsy syndromes, including Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). These syndromes don’t typically respond to anti-seizure medication, making them particularly difficult to treat. The FDA recently approved the first-ever cannabis-derived medication for these conditions.

    Harvard Health also explains that CBD could prove to be an option for managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. Some studies have connected CBD to powerful benefits in all areas, although more large-scale research is needed to confirm these benefits.

    One of the biggest drawbacks of CBD oil is the lack of consistency between CBD products. The oil used in one study can be much different from the oil used in another study. As the Mayo Clinic explains, one study found that nearly a quarter of CBD products purchased online contained less CBD than labeled. Many CBD products also contain THC when no THC was labeled.

    Some people take CBD oil daily for pain, inflammation, and arthritis. As Northwestern Medicine explains, there’s some evidence that CBD oil can reduce pain and boost mobility in dogs with osteoarthritis. Other studies have shown that CBD oil has beneficial effects on pain and inflammation treatment.

    In this 2018 study, for example, researchers gave 2mg or 8mg per kg of CBD oil to dogs with osteoarthritis over a four-week period. Researchers found that doses as low as 2mg per kg of CBD oil per day, taken twice daily, can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.

    Similarly, this 2018 study published in Molecules found that cannabinoids are beneficial for various clinical conditions, including pain, inflammation, epilepsy, and sleep disorders. CBD oil appears to help the body manage pain and inflammation in various ways.

    Others take CBD oil daily for psychological conditions, anxiety disorders, and depression. Studies show CBD oil may help these conditions.

    Overall, we need more research to connect CBD oil to specific benefits. However, early research is promising. As more studies get released, we’re learning more about the effectiveness of CBD oil, its effects on the body and mind, and the benefits of taking CBD oil daily.


    FAQs About CBD Oil

    Q: Will CBD oil make me high?

    A:The oil contains less than 0.3% THC, which means it won’t get you high. THC is the natural chemical in the cannabis or hemp plant that makes you high. CBD, meanwhile, does not have psychoactive properties.

    Q: How this oil is helpful to us?

    A: Some studies have shown the oil helps with seizures, anxiety, relief in chronic pain, inflammation, depression, mood, and more.

    Q: Does CBD oil really work?

    A: When you consume CBD oil appears to work to support health and wellness in some people. Researchers have observed the effects of CBD in dozens of major trials involving thousands of patients.

    Q: Will I fail a drug test after taking CBD oil?

    A: CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC, but these trace amounts should not cause you to fail a drug test. If you want to be extra careful, buy a CBD oil brand with 0.0% THC.

    Q: How many types of CBD extracts are there in the market?

    A: There are actually three different types of CBD extract, including full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. CBD isolate does not contain any other cannabinoids, including THC. It is the purest form of CBD and is usually in a crystal or powder-like form. CBD isolate is optimal in states where THC is still illegal.

    Q: Can I take CBD oil through airport security?

    A: Airport security treats CBD oil like any other liquid. You should be able to take it through airport security checkpoints without issue. However, CBD oil may not pass customs, depending on your destination. CBD is illegal in some countries and a legal gray area in other countries.

    Q: How much does CBD oil cost?

    A: The oil prices vary widely depending on the quality of the formula, the company’s hemp sources, and other factors. Cheaper CBD oils are priced under $0.10 per mg of CBD, mid-range CBD oils are priced between $0.10 and $0.20 per mg of CBD, and costlier CBD oils are priced at over $0.20 per mg of CBD. Somewhat pricey when buying CBD oil online, it’s important to find a reputable company that offers safe, effective, high-quality products.

    Q: What are the different types of CBD?

    A: There are three main types of CBD available to buy today. There’s CBD isolate (which only contains CBD with no other cannabinoids). There’s full-spectrum CBD (which contains all cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant, including THC). And there’s broad-spectrum CBD (which contains multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds with zero THC).

    Q: Is CBD oil legal?

    A: The oil is legal across the United States. These companies now ship products to all 50 states. However, the international legality of CBD varies. Most companies listed above exclusively ship within the United States. But one should always purchase CBD oil from their official sites only.

    Q: What’s the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD?

    A: Broad-spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis plant without THC. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in the cannabis plant, including THC.

    Q: How much THC is in CBD oil?

    A: By law, the oils must contain less than 0.3% THC. Some of the oils specifically contain 0.0% THC, according to lab test results. Others contain close to 0.3% THC because they’re full-spectrum blends.

    Q: Are CBD oils approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

    A: The food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not currently guarantee the safety, effectiveness, or quality of CBD products. Like supplements, CBD products do not need approval from the FDA to be sold online today. However, the FDA can issue warnings against Canna-companies - including companies that make unproven health claims.

    Q: What’s the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

    A: Some use the terms CBD oil and hemp oil interchangeably. However, the two things are different. The oil is made from the flower, bud, stems, and leaves of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is made from the hemp seeds of the cannabis plant and contains no THC.

    Q: Are CBD oils safe?

    A: These oils are well-tolerated by most people, even when taken in high doses. One 2011 review found that high doses of CBD (1,500 mg CBD per day) were linked with no observed side effects in most people. However, low-quality CBD products from disreputable manufacturers could have more side effects.

    Q: Is it possible to take too much CBD oil?

    A: CBD oils contain anywhere from 300mg to 6,000 mg CBD per bottle. Even if you took an entire bottle of CBD, it would be unlikely to cause side effects. Studies have shown that most humans can handle a large dose of CBD (1,500 mg CBD per day) long-term with few observed side effects.

    Q: What’s the best CBD oil?

    A: Any of the top-ranked cbd oils listed above are among the best product available today. Before buying CBD oil one must check whether the oil is organic, lab-tested, broad, or full-spectrum for maximum effectiveness.

    Q: What are the side effects of this oil?

    A: Most people don’t experience side effects even with large doses of this oil. However, some experience mild side effects like digestive discomfort, nausea, fatigue, and irritability.

    Final Word

    CBD oil is more popular today than ever before - and consumers have more options than ever. That’s a good thing, but it also means you need to compare CBD oils to find the best option.

    Consider any of the best CBD oils listed above to find the best product for your unique needs.


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