Best Tarot Card Reading Sites Online: Top-Rated Services of 2024

In the digital age, the ancient art of tarot card reading has found a new home online, offering seekers a virtual gateway to profound insights, guidance, and self-discovery. The best tarot card reading sites online have transcended geographical boundaries, making it easier than ever to tap into the mystical world of tarot from the comfort of your home. These websites bring together talented and experienced tarot readers who use the symbolic language of the cards to illuminate your path, address your questions, and offer clarity on life’s most pressing matters.

If you believe that tarot cards can help give a fresh perspective on your future and help you make better decisions, then you must find accurate tarot card readings. Several free tarot cards are reading online platforms that can promise accuracy. However, finding an excellent tarot card reading service that offers an initial free consultation might be complex if you don’t know where to look.

We have prepared this list of the best sites to give you the best options for a good website where the psychics and tarot readers have undergone an extensive hiring process to ensure their professionalism and knowledge.

The websites included in this overview are genuine, and we have researched them thoroughly before placing them on the list.

Let us now look at the sites briefly before we discuss them in detail:

Purple Garden The site is easy to use, offers affordable services, and provides several additional features.
Keen This website is one of the oldest tarot-reading platforms and has helped a lot of users.
Kasamba This site offers readings from the best psychics and blogs that will help you understand the whole process of these readings better.
MystiSense This site offers free minutes on your first visit.
AskNow This site consists of the best psychics who accurately read the cards.

What Are The Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2024?

If you love tarot readings, you must understand how important it is to find an excellent online reader who will help you know more about your future. Several websites now offer free tarot card readings. However, not all of them involve professional tarot card readers.

Tarot reading works on multiple levels, combining symbolism, intuition, and the power of human psychology. The tarot deck’s rich tapestry of archetypal images is a visual language that resonates deeply with our subconscious minds, triggering thoughts, emotions, and insights that may otherwise remain hidden. Skilled tarot readers harness their intuition and empathic abilities to connect with the energy of the cards and the seeker’s questions, providing a personalized interpretation that can bring clarity to complex situations.

Tarot readings encourage introspection, empowering individuals to explore their inner worlds, beliefs, and motivations. Through this process, tarot facilitates self-awareness, guiding seekers toward making informed decisions and navigating life’s uncertainties. While tarot’s efficacy isn’t scientifically proven, its continued popularity and enduring appeal attest to its ability to provide guidance, promote self-discovery, and spark meaningful conversations about the human experience.

Here, we have compiled a list of websites that offer the best online tarot readings by professionals.

Read more details about websites that offer professional tarot online services below:

Purple Garden

Platform Overview
Services Offered Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Love Reading, Palm Reading, Horoscope, Dream analysis, etc
Available on Calls, Chat, and Video calls
Price It starts at $0.99/minute.

Purple Garden is the first site on this list of online tarot reading sites. This site offers high-quality online tarot readings and accurate professional tarot card readers.

With the help of the tarot deck, this site offers accurate tarot readings to the users. Visiting the website, which is free to use and very user-friendly, will give you access to the best online tarot readings.

There are distinct categories on the site that offer different readings, like spiritual and love readings, to name a few. The tarot card readers on this site are all professional and qualified to work in this field.

Choosing any tarot card reader from this online site will ensure that you can get accurate tarot card readings and get a deal with your future in a better way.

The only issue one might face on this site regarding tarot readings is that all the readers are unavailable online. Some of the users also noted unsatisfactory experiences on the site. However, most customers who took Purple Garden’s help for free tarot reading have reviewed it positively.

If you use tarot readers with a higher rating, your chances of getting satisfactory results are increased. These readers are more experienced and professional and would not try to avoid your questions.


Platform Overview
Services Offered Tarot Card Reading, Horoscope, articles, love advice blogs, etc
Available on Phone Calls and chat.
Price It starts at $1.99/minute for the first 10 minutes.

Keen is next on this list of best online tarot reading sites. The site functions with a few tarot readers, but they offer accurate readings as they are all highly professional and qualified.

Keen will be a helpful site if you are looking for affordable tarot readings. The online tarot readings offered here are user-specific and ensure the user is satisfied.

The site has distinct categories for its various online tarot readings. You can access spiritual readings, love readings, or even ask for solutions to some of your life problems from the Life Questions service.

Picking a tarot card reader from Keen will ensure you are in the best hands. They have high ratings and reviews and use the tarot deck skillfully. They offer a precise tarot card reading per the user’s requirements.

If you need not only a tarot reading but want detailed solutions to issues you are stuck with or want to connect with your loved ones in spirit, then this is where you should head for tarot card readings.


Platform Overview
Services Offered Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, etc.
Available on Calls, Chat, and emails.
Price It costs $1.49/minute; the first 3 minutes are free.

If you are looking for an accurate reading from free online reading services, then Kasamba is the site you should head to.

Kasamba offers one of the best online tarot readings, as it has highly qualified readers. The site got its domain registered 30 years back and, naturally, has more experienced readers on its site than the other websites.

You will get a better online tarot card service if you spend more on the readers. However, the site also offers budget-friendly tarot online readings as well.

You can get spiritual, love, and other readings based on your requirements. Depending on your issue, you can choose readers specializing in particular fields like marital life, gay-lesbian relationships, parent-child relationships, etc.

The site also offers free reading of three minutes. After that, the paid services begin. The site has garnered many positive reviews over the years. However, the customers have sometimes mentioned the site is rather pricey, and the readings are pretty blunt and honest.


Platform Overview
Services Offered Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Horoscope, blogs, etc.
Available on Phone calls and Chat.
Price It starts at $2/minute

MysticSense is another website that offers affordable tarot readings. You can access free tarot reading sessions for five minutes and then choose the paid service to continue.

MysticSense has highly experienced and professional online tarot card readers. Choosing any psychic reader from this site will help you with fortune telling, numerology readings, past life readings, and various other types of online reading.

There are a lot of tarot card readers on this site who specialize in different kinds of reading.

Upon clicking on the name of a particular tarot card reader, you will see the details of their background, specialization, ratings, and reviews. These professionals know what they do with their tarot cards and ensure customer queries are fulfilled.

The site is easy to navigate, and you will find a reader per your budget without much hassle. The pricing structure is clear, and most of the readers on the site have more than ten years of experience.

The customer reviews of the site are hugely positive. Despite being only a decade old, users are delighted with the tarot reading done on the site. Many users have mentioned how the readers are polite and accurate.

The site also has a customer care team that is available for the users in case they face any issues with the payment. They can also help with any other problem one might encounter on the website.


Platform Overview
Services Offered Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Horoscope, etc.
Available on Calls and Chat.
Price It starts at $1/minute; the first 5 minutes are free.

The next on this list is AskNow. The best part about this online reading site is that they provide tarot reading in various languages like Spanish, English, Slovak, French, etc.

This site’s online tarot card readers offer the best online tarot readings. The website is easy to navigate and mentions whether a tarot card reader is available or away.

The tarot card readers on this site are highly experienced and offer fortune-telling services with the help of tarot cards. The site mentions the ratings and reviews of each reader, their zodiac signs, and years of experience.

When visiting the site, you can avail five minutes of free tarot card readings. Some essential tarot card readings you might get on the site are dream analysis, pet psychic reading, spirit guide reading, past lives, career & goals reading, etc.

Most customers who have visited this site for tarot reading have mentioned positive experiences. The site has a small number of readers, but all are qualified and offer accurate readings to the users.

What Is a Tarot Deck?

Tarot cards are used for divination or fortune-telling. The timeline history of tarot cards is a captivating journey that stretches back to the late 14th century in Europe. Originating as a set of playing cards for games, tarot decks eventually evolved to include symbolic “trump” or “major arcana” cards, which became central to divination and spiritual exploration. By the 18th century, tarot had become intertwined with occultism and esoteric traditions, with prominent figures like Antoine Court de Gébelin and Éliphas Lévi attributing it to ancient mysteries. The 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed the development of influential tarot decks like the Rider-Waite Tarot, which emphasized specific symbolism and interpretations.

The history of tarot cards can be traced back to ancient Egypt, which were used as part of religious ceremonies.

Tarot experienced a resurgence in the latter half of the 20th century, gaining popularity within the New Age movement and popular culture. Today, tarot cards are a versatile tool for personal insight, spiritual connection, and self-discovery, reflecting their enduring and evolving role in human history.

Today, tarot is still very much alive and well. There are many different types of tarot decks available today. Some people prefer playing with only traditional tarot cards, while others enjoy using other types of tarot, such as Celtic, Egyptian, or even modern-day tarot.

What Is A Major Arcana?

A major arcana card is one of the four suits of the tarot deck. Each suite consists of ten cards. These cards can help you to understand the future and the past. You can use this information to predict events in your life.

Each suite contains ten cards. These cards represent different aspects of our lives. For example, the first suit is called Wands. This suit represents things such as creativity, passion, and energy. The second suit is called Cups. The cards also feature major human archetypes known to describe the universal word of feelings and human behaviors that describe us all.

This suit represents relationships, love, and emotions. The third suit is called Swords. This suit represents power, ambition, and strength. And finally, the fourth suit is called Pentacles. This suit represents materialism, prosperity, and wealth.

Tarot readings often involve using the major arcana cards. When you do a tarot reading, you ask questions about yourself or another person. Then, you will receive answers from the cards.

For example, when you ask a question about your relationship, you might get answers from the major arcana cards about how you should handle your relationship. Or, you could be told that you need to change your life.

When you learn how to interpret the major arcana cards, you can use them to predict your future. For example, you can use the major arcana cards to see what career path you should take.

If you have difficulty deciding between two careers, you can use the cards to help determine what career is right for you.

When you want to know what happened in the past, you can use the tarot to find out. For example, you may ask the tarot cards what happened in your childhood. Then, you can use the answer to change your current behavior.

The History Of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are thought to have originated in Italy during the Renaissance period. However, some believe that tarot cards may have existed before this time. These early tarot cards were made of wood and had images depicting various symbols. The earliest known tarot deck dates back to 1470. Leonardo da Vinci designed this particular tarot deck. He called his creation “the book of life” because it contained all the information about the past, present, and future.

In the 1500s, tarot cards began to appear in Europe. They were used primarily for entertainment purposes. During this time, tarot cards were often used in games like tarocchi. This game was similar to bingo, but instead, several players would look at their tarot cards and try to match up certain symbols.

During the 1600s, tarot cards started being used in occult circles. People believed tarot cards could help them gain insight into the future. They also believed that reading tarot cards could guide them on how to live their lives.

During the 1700s, tarot cards gained popularity throughout Europe. Many people believed that tarot cards were a way to communicate with spirits. They also believed that tarot cards helped them understand themselves better.

During the 1800s, tarot cards became extremely popular in England. At this time, tarot card readers were becoming quite common. One famous tarot reader was Aleister Crowley. He wrote several books about tarot, including Magick Without Tears and Liber AL.

Today, tarot cards are still very much alive and popular. There are many different styles of tarot decks available. You can find tarot decks online, in stores, and in museums. If you want to learn more about tarot cards, check out our article on the history of tarot cards.

How Did We Rank The Best Online Tarot Card Reading Services?

While preparing this list, we encountered several psychic reading services that claimed to be the best. However, we understand that not every tarot reading service is as excellent as they claim to be. We focused on a few specific points while preparing this list.

Picking up any online tarot reading service from this list would ensure that you get access to services like palm readings and reading over a video call. These sites are also affordable because many would not like to spend a fortune on tarot reading.

Let us now look at the particular points we focused on while preparing the list:

Type Of Readings Offered

Users opting for tarot reading have different requirements from a professional tarot card reader, which is why it is essential to choose websites that offer a variety of readings with the help of tarot cards.

Most of the websites we have discussed offer astrology readings, dream analysis, love tarot readings online, fortune telling, and angel card reading with the help of a tarot spread. Various readings make each site mentioned on the list worth your time and money.

With services like dream analysis, you will better understand your dreams and why you have them. That would also help you to make better decisions regarding your future.

Customer Experience

Nothing speaks better than the quality of an online tarot card reading site and the experiences presented by the users.

The psychic reading websites included in this list offer high-quality online tarot card readings, as the users have claimed. Almost all of these websites have accurate tarot readers and psychic readers who help the customers with their psychic readings and help them to gain new perspectives on their lives.

We carefully reviewed the customers’ experiences as they have put them up online and made our choices based on that. The sites included on this list have been certified by verified users who have called their services honest and trustworthy.

Customer Reviews

We also focused on customer reviews while preparing this list of sites offering tarot card reading online. Since we wanted to mention websites that offer high-quality online tarot card readings, taking into account customer reviews was extremely important.

Picking up any site from this list of psychic reading sites offering tarot reading online services would show you that each has excellent customer reviews. Customers have specifically mentioned the professional readers on these sites and commented on their accuracy.

Choosing any tarot card reader from any of these listed sites will ensure you the best possible experience with your reading. You will be able to get a better perspective on your life and thus make better decisions.

The reviews of these sites also mentioned that many readers offered solutions to problems they have long been stuck to, and those solutions improved their lives.

Session Availability

The psychic readings offered on these listed sites are done by the best psychic readers who use psychic mediums and tarot cards to do the readings. However, an adequate number of sessions must be available with these readers so that the users can make the most out of their appointments.

Reading tarot cards should not be done hurriedly, as someone’s future is associated with it. A user might decide their next course of action based on a reading. That is why the availability of ample sessions was another factor we considered while compiling the list.

Most of the websites included here have many experienced readers on their site, and getting a session with them will not be difficult at all.

Session Fee

Another thing we kept in mind while compiling this list is the session fee these sites charge. When opting for a psychic reading, you would not want the session to burn a hole in your pocket.

Picking any tarot reader from any of the sites mentioned on this list would ensure that you have access to someone who will offer you accurate readings using tarot cards and psychic mediums at an affordable budget.

Reading tarot cards is not a joke; it requires practice and proper understanding. Since the readers will be commenting on the users’ future and other major life events, they must know what they are doing.

Access to such professional readers might become problematic because they are often expensive. However, this list will help find sites with affordable yet highly experienced readers.

Free Services Offered

Another important factor we considered while preparing this list of websites offering tarot card reading services is whether the sites provide at least a few minutes of free reading online.

Psychic readings are not an easy thing to do and require years of practice and education. That is why getting free access to a tarot reader is difficult. However, the websites should offer a few minutes of free reading to the users to make sure that the user knows what they are signing up for.

Most sites offer at least three to five minutes of free reading services. This helps the user understand the service they would like to obtain and gives them a fair idea about what to expect from the site.

The user will also be able to pick a reader per their requirements based on these few minutes of free reading.

Connectivity Options Available

The connectivity options available on each site were factors we kept while preparing this list of tarot card reading sites offering online services. The tarot reader you choose for your psychic reading should be available online to ensure a smooth experience.

We also ensured that the sites we included in this list have psychic advisors available for video consultation. Users prefer different reading modes, even when the reading is done online.

Users must be able to select the mode that makes them most comfortable for the reading. We included sites that offer flexibility in connecting the reader and the user.

User Friendliness Of The Sites

If you are someone who, for the first time, wants to take the help of psychic advisors to get help with your life, then you will not be comfortable browsing through a difficult-to-navigate site that offers tarot card reading online services.

When looking for a free tarot reading website, you would naturally want to pick a website that is easy to understand with simple instructions to lead you to a reading.

Keeping this point in mind, we have tried to include only those sites on this list with a user-friendly website that is not difficult to navigate. Landing on any of these sites will ensure that you do not have to spend much time figuring out the website and can quickly proceed to your reading session.

How To Read A Tarot Card?

There are many different ways to read tarot cards. Each method has its own set of rules and guidelines. Here are some of the most commonly used practices of reading tarot cards:

Reading With The Rider Waite Deck

This is probably the most popular type of tarot deck. It is based on a 19th-century English tarot deck. The Rider Waite deck consists of 78 cards. The major arcana (or trump) cards comprised 22 cards. The minor arcana (or court) cards consist of 36 cards.

To begin your tarot reading, you will need to shuffle the cards. Then, cut the deck into two piles. Place one bank face down on the table. Turn over the top card of the second pile. That card represents what is happening right now.

Next, turn over the next card. That card represents what happened yesterday. Continue turning over each card until you reach the last card. That card represents something that will happen tomorrow.

To finish your tarot reading, flip over the first card. That card represents the general theme of your entire lesson.

Reading With The Thoth Deck

The Thoth Deck is another popular tarot deck named after the god Thoth. Pamela Colman Smith created it. The Thoth deck consists of 78 cards with upright and reversed meanings.

Place all the cards facedown on the table to begin your tarot reading with the Thoth deck. Next, pick up the top card from the bottom of the deck. That card represents what’s going on right now.

Turn over the next card. The card represents what happened yesterday and so on. When you get to the last card, flip it over. That card represents what will happen tomorrow.

Reading With The Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic cross spread is an easy-to-learn tarot spread based on the Celtic cross design. The Celtic cross spread uses four suits: wands, cups, swords, and coins.

To begin your Celtic cross spread, lay the four suits on the table. Take the first suit and put it at the center of the table. Put the remaining three suits around the first suit.

Take the first wand and place it on the first suit. This represents what’s happening right now. Move on to the second suit. Place the cup there. This represents what happened yesterday. Finally, move on to the third suit. Place the sword there. This means what will happen tomorrow or in the future.

Finally, take the fourth suit and place it on the table. This represents the overall theme of your reading.

Reading With Other Decks

If you can access other tarot decks, feel free to use those instead. Some popular alternative decks include the Kabbalistic Tarot, the Tree of Life Tarot, and the Major Arcana Tarot.

What Are The Different Skills Of Tarot Readers?

There are many different skills that tarot readers possess. These skills can be divided into two categories: intuition and analytical.

Intuition skills involve using your intuition to help you understand what others are trying to tell you. Analytical skills concern analyzing situations and events to find meaning within them.

Below, we have explained the different skills of tarot readers in detail:


Tarot readings often require a lot of intuition. Intuition involves being able to sense things about people without actually seeing them. For example, you probably won’t believe if someone tells you they love you but don’t see them say it. However, if you hear their voice say it, you will know.

In tarot readings, intuition helps you figure out how people are feeling and what they want. You also use intuition to determine whether or not someone is telling the truth. If you think someone is lying, you should try to find out why they would lie.

In astrology, intuition helps you predict what will happen in the future. Intuition gives you insight into the future so you can plan. For example, if someone tells you they are having a bad day, you can use your intuition to figure out why they are feeling down. From there, you can try to cheer them up.

In addition to helping you predict the future, intuition can also help you see the past. For example, if somebody tells you that they used to work as a waitress, you can use your intuition to figure out what happened before becoming a waitress.

Astrologers use intuition to help them figure out what will happen soon. For example, if an astrologer sees that Mars is conjunct with Pluto, then this means that the person will be very aggressive and assertive.

Intuition works by using your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the part of your brain that controls all of your unconscious thoughts. It is also responsible for your dreams.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for everything that happens without your conscious awareness. For example, when you think about something, it goes through your subconscious mind. Then, your subconscious mind sends signals to your body. These signals cause certain things to happen.

For instance, when you think about eating chocolate cake, your subconscious mind sends messages to your stomach telling it to eat chocolate cake. When your subconscious mind does this, your body starts digesting the food.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you might realize. For example, when someone thinks about their favorite color, their subconscious mind causes their eyes to light up. Their eyes are not even aware that they have changed colors.

This shows how much power your subconscious mind has over your life.

There are several different ways that intuition works. One way is called synchronicity. Synchronicity is when two or more events occur at the same time. For example, if you look at the sky and notice that Jupiter is in Scorpio, then this could mean that you will experience some transformation.

Another way that intuition works is called retrograde motion. Retrograde motion is when planets move backward in their orbits. For example, if Mercury moves backward in its orbit, it would indicate that you need to change something in your life.

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are needed when you are doing tarot readings. Analytical skills allow you to examine situations and events and determine their meaning. For instance, if you were looking at a tarot reading, you might notice that one person was wearing a red shirt while another wore a blue shirt. You could ask yourself, “Why did this person wear a red shirt?” Once you answer that question, you can start figuring out what the situation means.

You may also use analytical skills to figure out what someone else wants. For example, if you saw someone crying, you could ask yourself, “What does this person want?” Then, once you figure that out, you can help them by giving them what they want.


During tarot reading, it is essential to know how to read people. Empathy allows you to understand other people better. If you empathize with someone, you can tell whether they are happy or sad.

If you empathize with someone sad, you will try to cheer them up. This is because you care about them. However, if you don’t empathize with someone who seems to be having fun, you won’t try to make them happier. Instead, you will just let them enjoy themselves.

Understanding Of The Cards

The last thing you need to learn when doing a tarot reading is to understand the cards to interpret the meaning behind them. It also allows you to see patterns within the cards.

For example, if you see three cups on top, you should consider what those cups represent. If you see a cup with an eye inside, you should pay close attention to what the eye represents.

How Do I Know If A Person Is Lying In A Tarot Reading?

You must be careful when doing tarot readings because some people are just liars. They might even lie to get money from you. So, how do you know if someone is lying? Here are some signs that someone is lying:

They Seem Nervous or Anxious

People who are nervous or anxious usually aren’t telling the truth. Instead, they are hiding something.

They Keep Changing Their Story

If someone keeps changing their story, then they are probably lying. When someone lies, they tend to change their story over time. For example, if they told you they loved you but later said they didn’t, they lied.

They Make Excuses

Some people like to blame others for their problems. If someone makes an excuse, then they are likely lying. For example, if a friend says he has no money but later claims that his parents gave him money, he is making an excuse.

He Seems Confused

Confused people usually aren’t lying. But, if someone acts confused, then they are probably hiding something. For example, if your friend asks you to go somewhere with her, but she looks baffled, then she probably isn’t going to take you there.

They have No Idea What You Are Talking About

If someone has no idea what you’re talking about, they are probably trying to hide something. For example, you asked your friend where he went on vacation last year. He probably wasn’t telling the truth if he had no idea what you were discussing.

These are just some examples of ways to tell if someone is lying. Of course, these are only guidelines. There are many other ways to know if someone’s lying. Trusting your gut instinct is best to tell if someone is being honest in a tarot reading.

The Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2024 Final Verdict

Opting for a tarot card reading online session would be beneficial if you believe in astrology and think that online psychic readings can help you make better decisions about your future.

With angel card readings, astrology readings, and various other tarot card reading services that you can avail yourself of on a video call and other mediums, you can gain a new perspective on your future. If you have long been stuck with a problem and do not know what to do, these online readings conducted by psychic readers will help you find a way.

With the help of these accurate readings, you can take control of your life, which will give you confidence. You can make better decisions and take charge of your life for good.

Try a top online tarot card reading site above today!


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