Christ Revealed Documentary Series Review - How Well Do You Know Jesus Christ?

Christ Revealed is a free online presentation that helps the public to learn about the hidden truths about Jesus Christ. This program is only offered for free for a limited time, allowing consumers to gain access to tons of information that isn’t available anywhere else.

What is Christ Revealed?

The current state of the world is enough to make anyone become unfocused and lost at times. Newspapers constantly feature stories on the next thing that could threaten the world’s population, which is why there is no time like the present to be prepared. The ongoing conflicts in Israel and Gaza create new headlines daily, but this isn’t the time to lose hope. The creators behind Christ Revealed decided to develop a series that will change everything.

With the launch of this documentary series, Christ Revealed makes it possible for anyone to experience Jesus Christ in a way that they may never have. This program provides insight that isn’t what consumers typically read in their Bible or find out during a small group with their local church. Instead, it takes consumers down the path of “profound truths,” which is like nothing ever experienced before. While anyone can learn about the necessary reality of faith in other studies, this documentary series focuses instead on bringing people together, regardless of the state of the world.

To showcase all of these important truths that users need to be aware of, Christ Revealed breaks everything down into a comprehensive video series that is free for now. While it won’t stay free permanently, consumers have a limited window to learn more about these secrets. Everyone needs to hold onto some semblance of hope while the disasters of the world continue to worsen. Instead of a message of doom and gloom, Christ Revealed helps readers to feel hopeful and prepared for the reconciliation of their life.

The only way that consumers can see what Christ Revealed provides is to go through the official website, which is also where the event will be hosted on December 12th. During the event, consumers will have the unique experience of listening to over 20 different speakers, exposing the truth that they never knew was real.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo is the host who orchestrated the entire event as the director and producer. His work on Christ Revealed has made it possible. Because of his work, Christ Revealed has earned a reputation for being one of the best sources of this information in the world, which is why it has been featured on multiple platforms.

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Episodes of Christ Revealed

The reason that consumers get such a positive experience with Christ Revealed is because all of the content is organized so well to break down the life and works of Jesus Christ. The first episode of this program is called The Garden Tomb, giving users the details of 2,000 years of history, even going back to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The creators even explain that taking on Jesus Christ as their Savior during the event will deepen their experience even further.

After The Garden Tomb, consumers get access to Mount of Beatitudes. This episode focuses on the Sermon on the Mount, giving insight into his New Testament message. Consumers learn more about the message of Jesus as they dive deeply into what the message means.

The next episode - The Jesus Boat - is about a pair of brothers when they received their miracle of fish on their boat. As the boat floated along the Sea of Galilee, the entire story is simply a testament to the miracles of Jesus. However, the creators decided to amplify the experience by filming the episode at the actual site of the story, filming with a boat in the background.

With the Capernaum episode, watchers get a view of many of the different places that the miracles of Jesus occurred, giving consumers a better idea of the events of the time. It is also a place that is crucial to where Jesus rooted his ministry.

In Sepulchre, customers get a secret look at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is where the crucifixion took place. The entire episode is lead by Dr. Barkay with information about its power. As customers get a beautiful view of this tomb, they can imagine what it was really like to be there.

Pool of Siloam gives consumers access to both the host and Eli Shukron, showing the archaeological site where the pool of Siloam is. The two discuss the reasons why this pool made such an impact at the time, along with other way that it was significant to Jesus.

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Who Is Speaking At Christ Revealed?

When consumers attend the online series, they will have access to 25 experts, dispersed among the different categories. The experts dive deeply into the topics of all of the different episodes, proving that Jesus is everything that consumers expected and more.

Some of the experts that customers can expect to hear from include:

  • Governor Mike Huckabee
  • Sean McDowell
  • Gary Habermas
  • Greg Kouki
  • Randall Price
  • J. Warner Wallace
  • Joe Holden
  • Tisha Michelle
  • Michael Hasel
  • Kim Door-Tilley
  • Arie Bar David
  • Randall Buth
  • Professor Avaim
  • Phillip Den Dhmuel
  • Peter Tsukahira
  • Perry Stone
  • Rose Ginosar
  • Hermana Viljeon
  • Gabi Barkay
  • FR Kelly
  • Eli Shukron
  • Eitan Shishkoff
  • Clair Pfann
  • Amir Tsarfati
  • Halvor Ronning

Each of these experts will give consumers a clearer understanding of Jesus Christ and why this relationship is so important to their soul. Each speaker brings something new that won’t be seen in any other episode anywhere else, which makes this free distribution even more incredible.

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Getting Free Access To Christ Revealed

To get access, consumers must start by entering their name and email address on the official website. With this program, consumers won’t have to make any payments or schedule anything. Instead, they tune in on December 12th and view everything for free for a limited time. While a paid version of this package may be available at another time, Christ Revealed 9-episode series is currently available.

Attending the Event

Getting into the viewings of the first episode is easy. The registration for a spot comes with a request for an email address, which is where the user receives the link for the first episode. While they won’t be able to watch the episode before December 12th, they will continue to have the chance to purchase the entire series. The new listing will have a special discount, along with overall access to the entire curriculum.

Contacting the Creators of Christ Revealed

If the customer finds that Christ Revealed simply doesn’t suit them, or the content makes them feel unprepared for the road ahead, they can get a hold of the customer service team. The team is located in Utah, and they can be reached with a call to 866-372-4888 or an email to support@christrevealedmovie.com.

Final Thoughts On Christ Revealed

Christ Revealed gives consumers access to concepts that are never explained somewhere else. This program is available as a 9-episode series with new episodes released throughout the program’s launch. At the end of the series, consumers will have the option to purchase access to Christ Revealed, ensuring that consumers never have lose access to the materials again.

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