Does SockDock Work? Legit Sock Laundry System to Use?

How frequently do you find yourself looking for a sock that has gone missing? And how long does it take to match socks after laundry day? Although it is possible to argue that mixing and matching could be therapeutic, particularly for individuals who enjoy organizing, does this imply that time is being wisely spent? Very likely not!

The same goes for replacing incomplete pairs. What steps can one take to wash, dry, and store their socks effectively? One company believes they have the perfect solution. The following review will cover SockDock from the inside out.

What is SockDock?

SockDock is a sock organizer developed for washing, drying, and safely storing socks. Designed in a hanger-like structure, this organizer ensures that people never lose a sock again. Above all, the unit saves users time that would otherwise be wasted trying to match socks, making it an absolute breeze to do laundry.

According to the founder of SockDock LLC, Kevin Bunn, it took countless hours of research to arrive at this solution. As someone who assists his daughters Kanaan (age 11) and EllaBlue (age 3) with household chores, Kevin found himself dreading the loss of a sock (forcing him to throw out the lonely sock) or having to match them afterward.

Today, his daughters enjoy doing laundry, and he hopes other families feel the same way. The idea immediately appealed to our editorial team because we have all had an incomplete pair at some point. Although SockDock’s design is primarily responsible for its advantages, other factors also merit attention. Up next, we’ll walk everyone through every SockDock feature.

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What Features Does SockDock Have?

SockDock is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind, and such a standing could not have been possible had it not been for the following key features:


Hanger-like Structure

SockDock has been designed with spring-loaded and adjustable cords where each pair of socks can be kept together and organized during the entire laundry cycle. The non-slip grips are poised to prevent them from ever slipping. Moreover, the creators added durable paracords, which connect each pair with just the right amount of flexibility. Such a design prevents people from dealing with messy sock drawers or piles of unmatched socks; for hanging the SockDock, the foot-shaped hanger can be hung anywhere in the closet, doorknob, or coat rack.

Large Capacity

Each SockDock purchase includes two units - one for clean and the other for dirty. In terms of capacity, individuals can stack up to nine pairs of socks, which should suffice for an entire week. Besides socks, individuals can use the sock organizer to wash, dry, and store away masks, headbands, gloves, scarves, onesies, mittens, lingerie, and delicates, among other small items.


Since SockDock is flexible, it will neither break in the washer nor the dryer. The creators also insist that the cords will not bleed or fade, making it a well-thought-out, laundry-safe gadget. The cherry on top is the certification obtained by the Bureau Veritas Laboratories explicitly stating that SockDock is safe for use in laundry machines.


SockDock’s entertaining nature (bright colors and creative design) may assist parents in teaching children about properly arranging dirty and clean socks while teaching them good habits much earlier. To put it mildly, a pattern that begins with socks can swiftly spread to clothing and even academic organizations.

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SockDock Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Dimensions of SockDock?

A: The SockDock measures 7cm by 75cm by 1.5cm and weighs roughly 65g.

Q: What Material is SockDock Made of?

A: SockDock is predominantly made of nylon.

Q: How Do I Use SockDock?

A: It is as simple as adding socks to SockDock, adjusting the sliders so each pair is locked in, throwing the entire hanger into the washer (then dryer), and hanging it wherever one’s heart desires.

Q: Will Socks Fall Off SockDock In the Washer or Dryer?

A: The only time socks might fall off the SockDock is when washed and dried without other laundry. This gadget is designed to go into the washer and dryer with a whole load of laundry.

Q: Can I Store Baby Socks on SockDock?

A: Since the sliders are adjustable, SockDock should be able to hold socks of any size, ranging from babies to extra-large adult socks.

Q: If I Don’t Lose Socks, Why Should I Consider Purchasing SockDock?

A: For those who have never lost a sock or two, SockDock is still valid, seeing how it saves time spent putting together each pair after drying.

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Q: Can SockDock Be Hung Anywhere?

A: SockDock has been designed with a large hook to hang in various locations.

Q: What Color is SockDock Currently Available in?

A: SockDock is available in Red, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, and Pink.

Q: How Long Will It Take for SockDock Shipments to Arrive?

A: The average timeframe for SockDock shipments within the United States is five business days. As for international orders, shipping times will vary depending on each country and its customs procedures.

Q: Does a Money-back Guarantee Protect SockDock?

A: Yes, SockDock has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If individuals see no value in using this sock organizer, customer support can be reached for a full purchase price refund. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, consider the following methods of communication:

  • Email: support@getsockdock.io
  • Phone: 1 (884) 476 2536
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1688, Clayton, North Carolina, US, 27528

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SockDock Pricing

Each SockDock purchase includes two units. For larger households, individuals may want to purchase multiple units. To make the latter more affordable, the creators have landed on the following pricing:

  • One 2-Pack SockDock: $24.99 each
  • Three 2-Pack SockDock: $59.98 each
  • Five 2-Pack SockDock: $89.97 each
  • Eight 2-Pack SockDock: $119.96 each

SockDock Summary

SockDock is a sock organizer designed to wash, dry, and store away small clothing items and socks. Kevin Bunn, the founder, was fed up with having to pair back socks that had gone lost or that had been thoroughly washed. He decided if no one was going to find a solution, he would create one. Consequently, he was able to design a framework that resembles a hanger and can be altered to accommodate socks of any size. The rest is as simple as putting the gadget in the washing and drying machine and hanging it anywhere one likes.

For those concerned about leaks or damage to laundry machines, the creators promise to employ safe materials that have been thoroughly tested. Bureau Veritas Laboratories has confirmed every SockDock safe.

Best of all, this gadget serves as a learning opportunity for children to organize, separate, and put back laundry in an enjoyable manner. The only drawback is the limited capacity, especially for large families and those who allow dirty socks to pile up. In the latter cases, bulk orders benefit one’s wallet and sock-organizing purposes. For more information on SockDock, visit here! >>>


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