Miracle Comforter Review - The Most Comfortable Comforter You'll Ever Own

Are you tired of your old comforter? Does your comforter give you night sweats or chills? That means the filling isn’t correctly distributed throughout the comforter, creating hot or cold pockets that cause this problem.

Toss out your old comforter and replace it with the Miracle Comforter. This is the last comforter you’ll ever own. With innovative textile technology and masterful design, the Miracle Comforter promises you the most restful night.

Miracle Comforter - Enjoy the Best Sleep of Your Life

The Miracle Comforter is guaranteed to be the most comfortable you will ever own. You deserve to sleep in luxury, which you get with the Miracle Comforter. The manufacturer states their mission is to bring small miracles to our daily lives, and they’ve pulled it off with this soft, lightweight, and comfy comforter.

Unlike other comforters that feel like you’re sleeping with a sheet of sandpaper on top of you, the Miracle Comforter is soft and fluffy. This comforter keeps your body cool where needed, and you’ll never experience night sweats again.

Three-Temperature-Zone Comforter Technology

The comforter design features innovative three-temperature-zone Comforter design technology, distributing the fluff where you need it most. It keeps your limbs warm while allowing more airflow to your core to keep you cool while you sleep.

The result is the perfect night’s sleep, with no chills or sweats. No more cold toes, tossing and turning, or throwing off the comforter due to overheating.

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Antimicrobial Cover for Fewer Washes

The silver-infused antimicrobial cover of the Miracle Comforter ionizes particles on the surface of the comforter, trapping them before they have a chance to cause health issues. This ionizing process kills up to 99.7% of bacteria in contact with your sleeping surface.

No More Morning Stuffiness

If you wake up in the morning feeling congested, it could be due to your comforter. If you switch to the Miracle Comforter, you benefit from the OEKO-TEX Certified hypoallergenic materials in its design. You’ll wake up in the morning breathing easy, without coughing or stuffy sinuses.

Self-Cleaning Design

The Miracle Comforter’s silver infusion keeps it fresh. You won’t have to launder your comforter as often, making it last longer.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Order the Miracle Comforter and help to save the environment from outdated manufacturing processes. The Miracle Comforters antimicrobial fabrics mean you have to wash them less often, saving on water. Miracle has helped save at least 14 million gallons of water since 2019.

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What is the Miracle Comforter?

The Miracle Comforter is highly luxurious and comfortable. It features design and construction with impressive 300-count “Miracle Clean & Cool” fabrics for a soft feel on your skin and the ideal comforter for hot or cold climates.

The high thread count ensures you get a soft comforter well ahead of the industry standards of sub-200 thread counts. The Miracle Comforter comes with three temperature zones. The thermoregulating technology in the comforters’ fibers keeps you at the perfect sleeping temperature while staying fluffy all night.

The comforter design distributes the filling across three separate areas. Each area is based on which body parts get warm fast and which take longer. The Miracle Comforter regulates temperature for a cozy sleep.

With the Miracle Comforter, you can sleep comfortably through the night without feeling too cold or hot. Get the best night’s sleep and avoid night sweats and chills. This three-zone temperature comforter features design and construction with the innovative Miracle Clean & Cool fabrics inspired by NASA technology. There is silver infused into the fabrics, assisting with optimal temperature regulation.

The first design of the Miracle Comforter featured an outer shell with long-staple premium cotton, and the comforter filling is a 100% alternative polyester down. The outer covering on the second generation of the Miracle Comforter incorporates the new and improved premium Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric blend with a 100% polyester alternative down-filling.

Both generation 1 & 2 designs feature infusion with silver to enhance the antimicrobial properties of the comforter. You’ll need to wash a regular comforter at least once a month to keep it smelling and feeling fresh. However, the antimicrobial, silver-infused fabrics in the Miracle comforter keep it smelling fresher for longer.

You can go two or three months without washing the comforter, and it won’t smell or lose its fluffiness. Your skin will stay clear, and you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors.

Miracle Comforter had its products tested by an independent agency that tests for the transmission of pathogens and infections in products. This team has 20 years of experience working on several initiatives and projects to determine the safety and use of antimicrobial surfaces and fibers.

The results of testing the Miracle Comforter show it collects microbes at a rate three times less than conventional comforter fabrics. The silver-infusion fabric technology in the Miracle Comforter reduces bacteria growth by 99.7%.

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Miracle Comforter - What are the Pros & Cons?


  • Ideal for any sleeper, hot or cold.
  • Antimicrobial fibers keep the computer fresher for longer.
  • Lightweight and comfortable on the skin.
  • Fluffy and luxurious design.
  • Three free towels are included.
  • Special Halloween discount pricing.


  • Only available from the official Miracle Comforter online store.
  • Halloween promotional pricing won’t last.
  • Only available in full, queen, and king sizes.

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The Miracle Comforter is available at a special discounted price when you order in the Halloween sale. You can save up to 52% off the regular retail price when you order directly from the official online store.

  • Order the Full or Queen comforter and pay $149.99. Save $174.99 off the regular price of $325.
  • Order the King or California King comforter and pay $159.99. Save $174.99 off the regular retail price of $335.

All orders come with free shipping and returns included with your purchase. Miracle Comforter offers a satisfaction guarantee. You get a free 30-day sleep trial of this luxurious comforter to see if you like it. If not, return it for a full refund. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: orders@miraclebrand.co

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Get a Free Bonus When Ordering Your Miracle Comforter

The team at Miracle Comforter offers a gift with your purchase. When you order your Miracle Comforter today, you get three FREE towels included and an extra 15% off when you use the discount code “CODETREAT.” Spruce up your bedroom and bathroom with this deal.

You receive great value when you purchase the Miracle Comforter. The 30-day guarantee makes it a no-brainer, so give it a try! Place your order in the Halloween sale and save big on your purchase.

Miracle Comforter Review - FAQs

Q: What Are People Saying About Their Experience With Miracle Comforter?

A: The official online store features reviews from verified buyers. The company has more than 10,078 five-star reviews from satisfied clients. Be the next success story, and bring the Miracle Comforter into your bedroom today!

Q: What Are the Manufacturing Standards for the Miracle Comforter?

A: All Miracle Comforters are designed and constructed according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, ensuring high quality and safety standards. This independent certification and testing standard for textiles applies to all production stages, including yarns, fibers, dyes, and ready-to-use products along the value chain of textile production. You get a high-quality comforter that meets international quality standards.

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Q: Where is the Miracle Comforter Manufactured?

A: Miracle Comforters are designed in the USA. The company manufactures comforters in several locations, with bedding from India and towels from Pakistan. The comforters and towels are shipped from the US and internationally. Order your Miracle Comforter anywhere in the world! The manufacturing team has more than 50 years of experience in the textile industry.

Q: Is the Miracle Comforter Suitable for All Sleeping Preferences?

A: If you struggle with temperature regulation while sleeping, the Miracle Comforter could be perfect. This comforter distributes the filling to keep limbs and toes warm and your core cool. This innovative design ensures that you stay comfortable and cozy throughout the night. So, if you want a good night’s sleep free from temperature-related disruptions, consider trying out the Miracle Comforter.

Q: Is the Miracle Comforter Available in Single-bed Sizes?

A: No. Unfortunately, this comforter is only available for sizes full and above. However, the full version fits a single bed, but the edges hang close to the floor.

Q: Is the Miracle Comforter Suitable for Children?

A: Yes! You can use the Miracle Comforter on your kids’ beds, but it may touch the floor. This comforter is specially designed for adult users, but nothing is stopping you from using it on your kids’ beds.

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