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As economies on a global scale continue to deteriorate, more and more people are getting desperate. Crime rates have risen at a never-before-seen rate, especially those of carjacking and residential theft. Individuals complain that their vehicles are being taken straight out of their driveways and that thieves are trying to enter their homes. This is all very troubling, seeing how our homes are seen as havens of peace and tranquility. Although many security systems are available, finding one that does the trick without wearing out the wallet is problematic in the form of extensive setups and assistance from technicians and other specialists.

What if we told you there is an efficient way to secure any premise without incurring many expenses? Or can individuals now have complete control over audio and video output within the tip of their fingers? Have we piqued your curiosity? Now’s probably a good time to introduce Sight Bulb.

What is Sight Bulb?

Sight Bulb is a revolutionary system with a 360-degree, two-way talk, WiFi-smart security camera. Advanced tracking technology enables the security camera to track and record motion in real-time, providing individuals with a sense of safety. Its ease of use makes it ideal for homeowners, parents, older people, and business owners. As emphasized earlier, crime rates are expected to rise in economic slumps.

Why should people live in fear, right? The creators strongly believe that the Sight Bulb is a “lightbulb that protects [the] home” and maintains peace of mind no matter how dark it gets. Though some of the features have been introduced, it’s worth taking a deep dive, which is precisely where we are headed next.

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What Features Does Sight Bulb Have?

In doing our research, one thing is sure: the Sight Bulb’s size and design do not reflect the versatile features hidden within it. Of the several qualities that come to mind, the following stand out the most:


Easy Installation & Use

Sight Bulb has no initial setup requirements. Individuals are instructed to plug it into any light socket, connect it to a WiFi network, pair it with its respective app, and consequently enjoy the peace of mind that comes with feeling protected. Just like any lightbulb, Sight Bulb twists into light sockets seamlessly. In other words, the camera does not require any batteries to work, making it super convenient and easy to use.

Real-Time Monitoring and Recording

Footage tracked and recorded by Sight Bulb must be stored in its respective app, which is free to download and use. Individuals concerned about their homes can quickly log into the app and refer to the live recording. The app is equally helpful for creating customized alerts, such as notifications as people approach one’s home and controlling the rotation and angling of Sight Bulb.

The latter is critical for ensuring that large areas are also surveillance rather than a single area. This level of control in the homeowners’ hands is a seldom feature in conventional security systems. Individuals are guaranteed access to clear and clean output on real-time monitoring and recording. The resolution is clear and crisp (i.e., 1080p HD video), allowing users to look closely into the finest details.

Use of Advanced Technology

Sight Bulb offers infrared night vision technology, making it suitable for daytime and nighttime protection. In addition to the embedded infrared night vision technology, Sight Bulb includes advanced 360-degree motion tracking technology, making the real-time monitoring and recording feature worthwhile. You can also use the app to zoom in and out if something seems fishy.

Two-Way Talking Capacities

Sight Bulb has been integrated with a high-quality microphone and speaker. This feature allows users to not only hear the person being captured via the security camera but also allows them to communicate in real-time. Such conversations are poised to bring an added sense of security, especially when a stranger approaches one’s property.

Maximum Storage

Each Sight Bulb uses a 64GV SD memory card. This additional slot has been created so that extra storage is not necessary for purchase. All audio and video captured by this respective security camera will be stored in this memory card. Once complete, individuals have to replace the card with a new one. Individuals must refer to the app to check the memory card’s capacity. This specific detail can be found by clicking More, which will lead to various settings, one of them devoted to the SD card.

Sight Bulb App

Since the Sight Bulb app is a must for real-time monitoring and adjusting existing settings, it is worth covering it. Currently, this app is available for Android and Apple users. Within the app, individuals can play back videos and audio, stream live, set specific notifications, delete cache data, and get ongoing support from customer service.

Sight Bulb Pricing

Sight Bulb is available online from the official website. Since most people have several angles to cover, it’s worth considering bulk purchases, as seen below:

  • Order one Sight Bulb Camera for $39.95 each + applicable shipping
  • Order three Sight Bulb Cameras for $36.63 each + free domestic shipping
  • Order five Sight Bulb Cameras for $32.97 each + free domestic shipping
  • Order eight Sight Bulb Cameras for $27.48 each + free domestic shipping

All orders are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, please contact customer service for more information about the return policy or any other questions you may have.

  • Telephone: 1-973-406-4452
  • Email: support@getsightbulb.io

Sight Bulb Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What Are the Dimensions of Sight Bulb?

A: Sight Bulb measures 6.1 inches in height and 2.8 inches in width.

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Q: Is Sight Bulb Compatible With All Devices?

A: The Sight Bulb app can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Individuals are requested to download the app directly from the App or Google Play Store. This can be done by searching online or scanning the QR code in the setup guide.

Q: How Should a Sight Bulb Be Connected to a Device?

A: Once the app has been installed, individuals are asked to connect their respective phones or tablets to the Sight Bulb camera to control audio and video outputs from wherever.

Q: How Do I Initiate the Two-way Talk Technology Integrated With Sight Bulb?

A: To activate the two-way technology feature on Sight Bulb, users must navigate to the app’s camera function. Once found, it will show that the Sound icon is turned off by default. Upon clicking the Microphone icon, the two-way talk technology will be initiated. It is important to note that for this feature to function smoothly, individuals should not be in the same room as the Sight Bulb, as this can cause feedback in the audio.

Q: How Do I Set Up Different Motion Alerts?

A: Individuals are asked to enter the app, navigate the Home screen, open the Setting menu, and toggle the Detection, Human Detection, or People Tracking setting from Off to On.

Q: How Do I Turn on Push Notifications?

A: Users are instructed to open the app, access the Home screen, go to Settings, and enable Notifications.

Q: How Do I Turn on/off the Infrared Night Vision Technology?

A: Individuals are asked to enter the app, navigate the Home screen, open the Setting menu, choose Device Settings, and then go to Dual Light Settling. From there, all that’s required of one is to choose between two options: Automatic Switching and Night Vision Mode. The former will activate infrared LED light upon motion detection, whereas the latter will be activated regardless of motion.

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Q: Where Are the Video Recordings Stored From Sight Bulb?

A: The app stores video recordings in the Local Album.

Q: How Do I Listen to the Audio Recordings From Sight Bulb?

A: To listen to the audio, you can enable the sound feature on the app by clicking the icon at the top left on the Camera icon bar.

Q: Does the Sight Bulb App Include a Siren Alarm?

A: Yes. To use the siren alarm, individuals must navigate to the Home screen, select Settings, turn on Alert Settings, and then toggle Detection Alarm and Siren On.

Q: Is There a Way to Schedule a Sight Bulb Recording?

A: Yes, a Sight Bulb recording can be scheduled with at most two separate recording intervals daily. This can be down in the app, where individuals must select one of three options: Low, Normal, or High sensitivity.

Q: Is Rotate, Pan, or Tilt the Sight Bulb Camera Possible?

A: Yes, on the home screen, individuals should find a wheel with arrows pointing upward, downward, to the left and right. By using a fingertip, the camera can be easily tilted and panned.

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Q: Is It Possible to Change the Camera View From Double to Single View and Vice Versa?

A: To do so, individuals will need to navigate to the Home screen, choose Settings, select Device Settings, and under Screen Mode, three options will appear: Single Screen Mode, Split Screen Mode, and Immersion Mode.

Q: Can I Share My Cameras With Others?

A: The camera outputs can be shared with others by sending a QR code. To access the feed, the app must be downloaded beforehand.

Q: How Many Sight Bulb Cameras Can Be Added to the Same Account?

A: Up to four Sight Bulb cameras can be added to the same account. This means individuals can install four of these cameras to get complete surveillance of their respective properties.

Q: Is WiFi Necessary for Sight Bulb?

A: Yes, access to WiFi is necessary for Sight Bulb. Otherwise, individuals cannot livestream the video or capture any recording for later investigations.

Q: Does the Sight Bulb Automatically Reconnect to WiFi if the Power Source is Turned Back on?

A: Sight Bulb has been designed to automatically connect to an existing WiFi network whenever the power source is turned back on.

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Q: Why is My Picture Upside Down?

A: To flip the Sight Bulb right-side up, individuals must change the Placement Mode found within Device Settings.

Q: Is the Sight Bulb Waterproof?

A: Sight Bulb is waterproof and can also be installed outdoors. However, this unit is protected from direct precipitation. Therefore, the security camera should still be well-covered and sheltered to prevent weather-related issues from negatively impacting it.

Q: How Long Will It Take for Sight Bulb Shipments to Arrive?

A: Orders shipped to the continental United States should arrive within the first 3 to 5 business days. At the time of writing, very little clarity is provided for international orders, as time frames depend mainly on the country and its customs clearance processes.

Q: Does a Money-back guarantee Protect the Sight Bulb?

A: Sight Bulb has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If individuals feel this security camera does not live up to the hype, they have 30 days to get back 100% of the total purchase. For further clarity on the refund process, customer service must be contacted in one of the following ways:

  • Telephone: 1-973-406-4452
  • Email: support@getsightbulb.io.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Sight Bulb is an advanced security camera shaped like a conventional light bulb. To ease users’ concerns, it has been equipped with 360-degree motion, night vision technology, real-time audio and video tracking technology, and infrared technology. It’s so easy to use that almost anyone can set it up right out of the box. Most intriguing to our editorial team was the degree of control consumers now have because of the Sight Bulb app. With this software, users may review audio and video content, customize alerts to stay alert, and experiment with the tilt and pan features to capture the premise from every angle.

Should an unknown person arrive at the doorstep, individuals can initiate a conversation without having to step out. Did we mention that the camera takes in a large storage card so that no information is lost? Considering the low cost, high protective nature of Sight Bulb and its impressive functionality, we see it as a valuable investment.

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