Spynger Reviews - Should You Buy? Best Cheating App to Use?

Have you ever questioned the whereabouts of your partner? Do you feel as though the intimate connection is fading with time? Although some relationships go on to last decades of marriage, there are several others riddled with miscommunication, a lack of compatibility with time, and unfaithfulness. On the topic of unfaithful partners, it isn’t always an easy topic to bring up.

And, when one person builds the courage to voice their concerns, how likely is it that the person on the receiving end will be truthful? Until they are proven guilty, they are more likely to deny accusations as they come. Naturally, this leads many people to wonder about the exact steps to get the necessary evidence. Luckily, a single subscription-based app does all the heavy lifting.

This review aims to reveal the one and only Spynger.

What is Spynger?

Spynger is an app developed to catch a cheating partner. As put by the creators, this service is for anyone tired of suspicions and simply wants answers, especially when the other party isn’t willing to communicate. With the answers to people’s most burning questions about their respective partners, a decision can be made whether the relationship is worth fighting for. What makes this service far more protective than going solo is the mere fact that the app includes something called “Stealth Mode.”

By turning this on, individuals can monitor activity and remain hidden from the user’s view. In fact, the creators pledge that it is nearly impossible for anyone to crack Spynger’s code. It is astounding to think that this is only one of many features that will attract people. Let’s dive into the various methods by which Spynger provides responses.

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What features does Spynger have?

Spynger has a dozen features that facilitate identifying the unfaithful partner in a relationship. These include:


Keylogger and Capture Screen

Spynger allows users to track every single keystroke their respective partners make, especially passwords to different apps and websites. Along the way, should the unfaithful partner search anything or take any screenshots, the users of the Spynger app can access these as well. This gives them a sense of the type of content being saved.

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Track GPS Location

The location feature embedded within the Spynger app allows users to see tabs on the supposed unfaithful partner’s whereabouts, whether in the past or present. In terms of the present, the user can follow real-time movements while enabling notifications to see whether the culprit has entered or left designated areas. Moreover, it’s worth noting that notifications can be set up for geofences. When tracking an unfaithful partner, the user can draw perimeters around specific locations (i.e., geofences). This can be considered a way to set boundaries that should not be passed.

Chat Circle

Although two people might be in a relationship, it is not always the case that everything is shared between the two. Some things are undoubtedly private to each person. Should the user of this app feel their respective partner is cheating, they can get closer to private communications by digging deeper into calls, messages (including detailed ones), and emails.

Photos and Videos

Spynger’s photo tracker app allows users to view photos, screenshots, and saved files. Furthermore, this feature unlocks doors to the supposed unfaithful party’s video gallery and allows the user to play them. As per the team responsible for this app, this will bring names to light, especially those belonging to hidden connections.

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Unlock Social Media

The Social Media Spy app covers close to 16 different messaging platforms (including dating apps), allowing users to explore the type of content being exchanged between two or more people. This includes detailed logs of incoming and missed calls (where applicable) and conversations in a convenient chat format with the time and date information. Anything suspicious can be saved on the user’s device for offline access. The platforms that can be tracked include WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, and Tinder, among others.

Increased Security

The user of the Spynger app does not have to worry about other people having the same access as they do, as the team pledges to use end-to-end encryption. This means that the user is the only other person (besides the partner) to access all the data.

Other available features, which are considered extensive, include:

  • Ability to view Wi-Fi networks to see where the unfaithful partner is often connected to
  • Ability to block out any unsafe or unsuitable Wi-Fi networks
  • Ability to skim through calendar events, bookmarks, etc.
  • Ability to prevent the unfaithful partner from jailbreaking their devices (only available on iPhone)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How to get started with Spynger?

A. Users must follow three key steps to get started with Spynger. The first step is to sign up for an account with Spynger. Next, a plan must be selected. The Spynger team claims to have created multiple plans that address different needs. Finally, it is as simple as logging into the Control Panel, where users can watch over their partners’ activity.

Q. How does the tracker app work?

A. Installing the Spynger app onto the unfaithful partner’s device is as simple as going onto the online dashboard and opening the Geolocation tab. This specific tool has been developed to display a map with a blue dot to indicate their real-time location. Additionally, this feature provides insight into up-to-date movement history with timestamps.

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Q. What secret cheating apps are used most commonly by unfaithful partners?

A. The most common secret cheating apps are the ones where users can enable self-destructing messages and ensure encrypted communication. Examples include Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Line. Luckily, the Spynger app can also help detect these apps and read the content of the messages, regardless of how secure they are.

Q. Does Spynger work on all mobile devices?

A. Yes, Spynger works on any Android or iOS phone or tablet. As per the creators of this solution, individuals are signing up for something that is “reliable, sophisticated, and easy-to-use [while helping users] stay informed of any activities on the target phone.”

Q. What is the best way to install Spynger on the target device?

A. Installing Spynger on the target device is considered pretty straightforward. Once a free account has been created and a subscription plan selected, the user must open the welcome email on the target device. From there, the user must follow the “download link,” which will prompt the app to download. The rest entails logging onto the dashboard from any Internet-connected location to keep tabs.

Q. Is Spynger undetectable on the target device?

A. Spynger is undetectable on the target device. The team states they use advanced technologies and techniques to ensure that the monitored activity remains hidden from the unfaithful partner’s view, making it virtually impossible to get caught.

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Q. Does the Spynger membership come with a refund policy?

A. Yes, the Spynger membership comes with a 30-day refund policy. In this case, members are entitled to cancel their order within 30 days of placing it, no matter the reason. For the specifics of this policy, individuals should consider contacting customer support at:

  • Email: sales@spynger.com.
  • Mailing Address: 256 West Mayfair St., New York, NY 10033, USA

How much does it cost to access Spynger?

The Spynger subscription plan is priced based on time. No matter the price paid, the features are the same. Below is a breakdown illustrating the different price options:

  • Spynger (Monthly Plan): CAD$60.44 monthly
  • Spynger (Quarterly Plan): CAD$34.45 monthly
  • Spynger (Annual Plan): CAD$14.35 monthly

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Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, Spynger is a spy app developed to help individuals collect proof of unfaithfulness from their partners. As long as a subscription plan is purchased and the app is downloaded onto the target device, the rest is synonymous with reviewing the Spynger dashboard. The app itself offers its users a number of features. This service is fulfilling because the developers considered every conceivable secret communication method, including text messages, photos, videos, audio, dating apps, and other social media outlets.

This service has elaborate tracking tools that provide users with information on the unfaithful partner’s current location and the option to draw a perimeter within which the target device is not allowed.

How could anyone fail to notice that the user can save the contents without getting caught? A healthy relationship requires two people’s complete trust and commitment. As soon as the slightest doubt appears, it needs to be expressed.

Naturally, individuals should give their partners the benefit of the doubt. Still, if unusual behaviors persist and can no longer communicate with each other or if counseling doesn’t work, alternate solutions are necessary (as a last resort).

Given the multitude of features found in Spynger, it could serve as a meaningful alternate solution.

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