Vision Hero Reviews - Should You Buy? Is VisionHero Effective for Vision Loss?

According to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close to 12 million Americans have vision impairment, with adults over 40 being the most affected. These statistics show just how common this disability is and why there’s a need to address it.

For those of us living with this condition, our quality of life can significantly be reduced, making it challenging to complete the simplest tasks. Instead of living with it, we are forced to consider possible options, which for some include undergoing LASIK surgery.

But while surgery is effective, it’s an expensive and life-threatening option, which is why we recommend trying natural solutions as a possible fix. Among the top natural alternatives is Vision Hero, the focus of this review!

Introducing Vision Hero, the Secret to Restoring Vision Loss in 5+ Days

The product design team at Vision Hero describes it as a revolutionary, triple-action vision loss regenerative formula that can boost eye health and enhance general well-being. The description itself points to it being a solution that’s reliable and efficient.

Supplementing with Vision Hero can benefit your eyesight and significantly reduce your risk of developing chronic eye conditions like glaucoma. Macular degeneration is another vision-related condition known to develop with advanced aging.

This supplement can stop this degeneration, thus preventing the development of chronic eye conditions. Manufacturer-provided information indicates that only natural ingredients were used in making this formula, all proven to support 20/20 vision.

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Vision Supporting Ingredients in Vision Hero

Kevin Carlson is the creator of Vision Hero and credits the success of his formula to his interactions with Dr. Gatlin. Kevin has described in detail how his interactions with the good doctor motivated him to journey to South America in search of these elements.

In his journey, he encountered several tribes, each impacting its formulation differently. Today, the final formula contains the following elements:

Thioctic Acid: Clinical evidence suggests that this is a toxin scavenger capable of providing relief against diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Thioctic Acid is, therefore, the base ingredient in this formula.

Quercetin is included to help repair eye damage and rejuvenate damaged ocular cells. Other benefits include preventing damage that may arise due to oxidative stress.

Marigold Extract: The Waorani have trusted this attractive, flowering plant for centuries and continue to use it for its medicinal properties. The marigold extract has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties known to aid in protecting the eye tissues from sunlight.

Vitamins: Vision Hero offers several vitamins, including A, B, C, and E. All these are crucial to maintaining good vision and preventing macular degeneration. Other minerals present in this supplement include selenium, thiamine, magnesium, copper, biotin, and zinc.

Every Vision Hero bottle is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the USA and undergoes third-party testing to guarantee purity and efficacy. In summary, inside every bottle are the following:

  • Third-party tested
  • 13 natural plant-based elements
  • No cross contamination
  • No chemicals, additives, or fillers
  • Made and packaged in a USA-based facility

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Understanding How Vision Hero Works


Vision Hero comes with one month of servings or 60 capsules, and users are recommended to take one capsule twice daily. Besides reversing vision loss, Vision Hero has other healing effects, such as regulating your circadian rhythm and enhancing your general well-being.

Supplementing with Vision Hero on an ongoing basis guarantees you’ll start to notice results within the first week and will continue improving with each passing day. By the fourth week, your vision will have become clearer and more defined.

By the 12th week, your vision should have become clearer, ensuring you no longer struggle to locate your driver’s license or car keys. It will also become easier to watch movies without straining your eyes.

Plus, the dark spots and floaters previously present in the eyes will soon disappear.

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The Vision Hero Pros and Cons


  • Restore vision in four weeks or less
  • Prevent the development of chronic diseases such as macular degeneration
  • Eliminate the need to undergo LASIK surgery
  • Enhance the sharpness and clarity of your vision
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Vision Hero has proven results
  • Ironclad money-back guarantee
  • There are hundreds of positive reviews

Potential cons

  • Limited time offer
  • You can only buy Vision Hero from the manufacturer’s website
  • It may take up to eight weeks to notice its results

Vision Hero Pricing

Choosing to undergo LASIK Surgery will cost you more than $2,000, which is an amount many people can’t afford to part with. This is not forgetting the risk to your health and the recovery time linked to this type of surgery.

Rather than spend such an exorbitant amount on a risky procedure, we recommend trying a natural formulation that comes to you at an affordable rate. Per the Vision Hero website, you can buy this formulation today at:

  • One bottle at $69+ shipping fee
  • Three bottles at $59 each + free shipping + Two free bonuses
  • Six bottles at $49 each + free shipping + Two free bonuses

Every Vision Hero bottle you buy today comes with two gifts. You can use both to learn ways to enhance your vision and prevent it from degenerating further. You’ll also get advice on strategies you can implement to track your recovery. These two bonuses are:

  • Mystery VIP Gift Package
  • Subscription to VIP Newsletter


Q. Does the Vision Hero team guarantee its products?

A. Yes. Every Vision Hero bottle you buy on the official platform comes with a 180-day ironclad guarantee. Unsatisfied customers can use this guarantee to get a full refund, provided they submit their request within the stipulated time frame.

If you want a refund, the Vision Hero support team will request your full name and accompanying phone number to guide you in completing the refund. The support team can be reached via:

  • Phone: 844-406-7666
  • Email: support@getvisionhero.com

Q. Is Vision Hero available in other online marketplaces?

A. No. The only place Vision Hero is available is on its official website. Therefore, you can’t buy it from Amazon, eBay, or any other online retailer. Purchasing from the official website guarantees a genuine product, free shipping for 3+ bottles, and a free gift.

Additionally, you’re assured of a full refund if this supplement fails to work for your vision loss problems. All you have to do is reach out to the support team via the contact details provided earlier, and the team will work to process your refund request within a few business days.

Q. How should I take Vision Hero for the best results?

A. The product design team recommends consistently taking one Vision Hero capsule twice a day for results. Moreover, follow the recommended dosage to avoid interactions with other drugs.

Q. What are customers saying about Vision Hero?

A. We have spent considerable time reviewing customer testimonials and established that over 64,000 customers are happy with it. But don’t take our word for it. The Vision Hero website shares testimonials of satisfied customers:

Katie Olson, 67 Little Falls, Minnesota:

  • “I didn’t want to try another supplement because none of the ones on Amazon worked for me. But after seeing the evidence, I thought ‘what the heck.’ And what do you know? All the floaters, black spots, and blurriness has cleared up. I can drive at night again, knit my granddaughter a sweater, and my optometrist was shocked to see I’m now reading TWO lines better on the eye chart.”

Sandra Garcia, 54 Chico, California

  • Well, I went from wearing glasses for over 40 years to not needing glasses at all. So does Vision Hero work? You bet your bippy it does. I wish I had started taking this 20 years ago.”

Craig Schultz, 77 Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • “A few months ago, my optometrist said my vision was so bad I’d probably have to give up driving soon. But very shortly after starting Vision Hero, I feel like a kid again. I’m seeing better than I have in 60 years. I’m 77 and still driving... everything from interstates to our local twisting winding country roads. I just had my annual eye exam a couple of weeks ago, and my optometrist was beside himself.”

Its success stories are inspiring and are a testament to the fact that it works.

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Q. Does Vision Hero cause any side effects?

A. No. All ingredients used in Vision Hero are naturally sourced and clinically studied to determine their efficacy in supporting vision loss. The more than 64,000 testimonials reviewed show it doesn’t have any side effects.

Q. Can I use Vision Hero if I have glasses or contact lenses?

A. Yes. Anyone with vision loss issues can use this supplement to boost their eyesight. Its triple-action regenerative formulation will significantly reduce your vision issues, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life.


The team at Vision Hero describes it as a revolutionary, triple-action vision loss regenerative formula that can boost eye health and enhance general well-being. The description itself points to it being a solution that’s reliable and efficient.

Supplementing with Vision Hero can benefit your eyesight and significantly reduce your risk of developing chronic eye conditions like glaucoma. Get yours today on the official website.


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