Zinc7 Reviews - Should You Buy This True Cellular Formulas Zinc Supplement?

Zinc is a mineral that can easily be overlooked, especially when you do not realize the impact it can have on your body. This trace mineral is essential as it helps improve immunity, heals the damaged tissues in the body, assists in creating DNA, and enhances metabolism, among other benefits.

According to statistics, more than 1.1 billion individuals are dangerously deficient in the mineral zinc, which can cause various health problems, such as weight gain. Thankfully, Zinc7 is here to provide you with all forms of zinc your body needs.

Instead of purchasing different products to supplement your body with zinc, use the Zinc7 supplement to give your body what it needs. Read on to learn other benefits you will enjoy when using Zinc7, the forms of zinc available, and how to use the formula.

What is Zinc7?

Zinc7 is a multi-system zinc formula designed to provide your body with what it needs within a few seconds. The supplement contains all seven forms of zinc that will help improve your overall wellness. Zinc7 has been through various laboratory tests to ensure the correct forms of zinc have been incorporated and in the right proportion for effectiveness.

All you need to enjoy the benefits of Zinc7 is 2 or 3 capsules in the morning or evening every day. The formula is pure and safe, meaning it will not cause any side effects. It has been manufactured in a clean, sterile condition to improve the formula’s quality further.

Try Zinc7 now and experience the difference!

All 7 Forms of Zinc Incorporated into the Zinc7 formula

According to experts, there are seven primary forms of zinc that you should get every day to improve all aspects of your health. That is from sleep, immunity, and mood to dental health. Here are all seven forms of zinc your body needs;

Zinc Citrate

Zinc citrate is for boosting teeth, gum, and overall dental health. If you are keen enough, you may have noticed it as one of the ingredients in mouthwash and toothpaste. It helps prevent gingivitis and dental plaque. Zinc citrate is also found in chewing gums and mouth rinses as it helps eliminate bad breath.

Zinc Glycinate

This is another form of zinc that is suitable for boosting immune function and sex drive. It helps improve testosterone production, an essential hormone in men’s health. Zinc glycinate is also ideal for vision, skin, wound healing, and hair health.

Zinc Picolinate

This form of zinc acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are known for suppressing oxidative damage, protecting the cells, and providing anti-aging effects. Zinc picolinate is also good for detoxification and promoting liver health.

Zinc Ascorbate

Zinc ascorbate is for improving immunity and enhancing skin, heart, and eye health. It also helps in supporting blood sugar levels and preventing infections as it has a natural antimicrobial activity.

Zinc Methionate

Zinc methionate is best for wound healing, skin health, carbohydrate metabolism, vision, tissue repair, skeletal integrity, sexual health, growth, and more.

Zinc Orotate

Zinc orotate is highly bioavailable, meaning it passes through your membrane easily. This means that it provides zinc benefits quickly and in a small quantity. Its benefits include improving the heart, immune system, liver, joints, and bone health. It is also responsible for providing deep, high-quality sleep while supporting a positive inflammation response.

Zinc Acetate

Zinc acetate is the last form of zinc used in Zinc7. It is excellent for speeding up recovery, which is why it is used chiefly in cold lozenges. It is also used to help liver patients with severe toxicity issues.


Other Ingredients

Rose Hips - for increased cellular delivery of all 7 Zinc forms

Purple VCAPs - patented VCAP technology for effective nutrient delivery

How Do I Know I Need Zinc7?

When you lack zinc, signs will begin to show in your body. At first, you may notice some mild symptoms, but if nothing is done about it, you will experience more advanced warning signs. Here are some of the warning signs of zinc deficiency;

  • Lack of high-quality sleep
  • Your immune system may feel fragile
  • Fast weight gain
  • Low sex drive and mood levels
  • Gum bleeding and tooth decay

Advanced signs

  • Lines and spots on your nails
  • Unexplained wrinkles appear on your face and hands
  • You experience breakouts easily

Zinc7 Pricing

Zinc7 is only available on the official website at an affordable price. The good news is that many customers have used it and highly recommend it as it works as promised. It can help improve immunity, skin, and heart health, supports weight loss, promotes better sleep, etc.

Here are all the options available for purchase;

  • Buy one bottle for $69.00
  • Buy one bottle, get two free bottles for $69.00
  • Buy three bottles for $49 each

Zinc7 is covered by a 60-day return policy. If you have questions about a refund, please contact customer service via email at Support@revelationhealth.com or telephone at 1-888-600-0642.


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