Palin needs to get back to work

I had to smile reading Craig Groshart’s Nov. 12 column regarding the “media sniping” about Sarah Palin.

I had to smile reading Craig Groshart’s Nov. 12 column regarding the “media sniping” about Sarah Palin.

First of all, I completely agree with you regarding the origins of the stories. It is totally unprofessional for the McCain staffers to harp on Sarah in this manner. Had they done their jobs to begin with and done a more thorough job examining this woman’s qualifications and intelligence, they would have nothing to complain about.

However, I would disagree with you on two items. First of all, as I read McCain-Feingold, the governor’s clothing expenditures were not appropriate under Section 313. While I realize, with Bush still in office, there won’t be any investigation into this, it seems foolish that Senator McCain is the co-author of a bill his campaign completely ignored.

This hypocrisy clearly did not escape the American public. In this vein, even, if by a complete stretch of legal boundaries, you could perhaps justify in your own mind the purchase of clothing for Mrs. Palin, the vice presidential candidate; the fact that money was spent to purchase clothing for her husband and children is beyond the pale. Had I given money to the McCain campaign, it most certainly would have been my “taxpayer” money spent, money that could have been parceled out to downstream Republican races if McCain (or the RNC) had so much extra campaign funding lying around.

Second, since the news cycle seems to have a 24-hour limit, the fact that Mrs. Palin’s clothing still is being written about and discussed lies not at the feet of the “media,” but with Mrs. Palin herself.

Since the election, the woman, obviously used to being in the limelight now, has refused to conduct herself in a more dignified and responsible manner and simply won’t shut up. Every time I happen to be watching the news, I see where she’s conducted yet another interview - and guess what she’s bringing up? To use “Palin speak,” yep, those darn clothes again.

Enough. If she’s serious about continuing in the public arena, her actions would speak louder if she went back to her day job in Alaska and started spending some time in her local library reading and learning. I’m pretty sure Americans have figured out that the United States really does need someone with some smarts in high office.

We’ll see how President Obama does in office. I’m thrilled to have an individual whose accomplishments are measured by the efforts and time he extended on his own to get to where he is. No influential family with money backing him up, no Harvard legacy. No, this man’s accomplishments can be laid at his own feet.

Whether you agree with his politics or not, you do have to hand it to him. He’s made his own way in life. If we disagree with the direction he takes this country, we can certainly vote him out in four years, but you’re right. This is his time now, let’s give him a chance. And, by the way, I saw Senator McCain recently on Leno. Now there is a classy fellow. No whining about the media, no interviews every day, he’s just rock solid.

Jean Bolton