We don't need a missile shield in Poland

Why on earth does the U.S. believe it necessary to put up a missile shield in Poland. This most dangerous undertaking, which is not appreciated by most nations, could even lead the world into a nuclear war. It should not come as a surprise if Russia would set up a missile shield in Cuba.

The Europeans most certainly are not interested. They realize what is at stake. After lengthy negotiations, Poland agreed, in exchange for U.S. pledges to help upgrade the Polish military - of course at the American Taxpayers' expense.

Who helped this country to upgrade our military in Iraq? Many of our brave soldiers had to die before our military decided on badly needed upgrades. The idea for a missile shield was, of course, our War President's brainchild: George W. Bush.

Let us hope and pray President Obama will see the light. (By the way, we broke a several-years-old deal with Russia against Ballistic missile installations.)

Jutta Kurtak, Bellevue