Boom Noodle and Blue C Sushi bring modern Japanese and Xbox to downtown Bellevue

Boom Noodle joined a growing list of Seattle restaurants replicating in Bellevue this year after opening a new Bellevue Square location on March 21.

Other recent move-ins include Monsoon East, the El Gaucho steakhouse, and Paddy Coyne's Irish Pub.

This latest addition is a two-for-one deal that comes on the heels of a Blue C Sushi opening next door. Both establishments are owned by the same group, whose aim seems focused on blending cheap eats with mod surroundings.

The two chic eateries meet below a mezzanine lounge, where guests can play Xbox at four gaming pods.

On one side, Boom Noodle is a place where rural meets communal with an urban landscape just outside the doors.

The dining room is straight from a cafeteria, with 12-foot community tables made of smooth walnut, just like the floors, the counters, and many of the walls.

“The tables bring people together,” said co-owner Steve Rosen. “The whole idea is that we think noodles have always been a classic food of the people.”

Green is a common theme throughout the restaurant, and the walls are adorned with giant photos of scenes from the Japanese countryside. One of the pictures shows a woman in John Deere coveralls – a green pair, of course.

Boom Noodle offers traditional ramen-house fare with occasional twists found in items like the hummus-inspired edamame puree, and the ebi katsu, a sort of shrimp tempura made with filo and sesame seeds instead of batter.

The food is relatively economical, with an $11.50 wild salmon udon being the highest-priced item. Small dishes range from $8.95 for ahi tacos to $3.50 for an omakase pickle plate.

Next door, Blue C takes the guess work out of ordering sushi with conveyor belts that bring items around on color-coded plates.

Each color matches a price, so customers know what they're getting, both in terms of cost and what they're about to shove down their gullets.

“It's great for sushi novices,” Rosen said. “Food can be daunting if you don't know what's going to come out of the menu.”

The concept of conveyor sushi evolved in the 1950s as a sort of Japanese equivalent to fast food, and it's nearly as common in that country.

Plate prices at Blue C range from $5.25 to $1.50 per sushi plate. Salads, hot dishes, and sweets are also available.