Bump Maternity offers moms-to-be new look, items

When Kelly Buck returned to Seattle after working as an attorney in New York, she decided it was time for a change. While pregnant with her daughter, Buck and a friend took on a new venture and opened Bump Maternity Wear and Pop Tots in Seattle. The modern kids and maternity wear store opened two and a half years ago.

Surviving the terrible two's, Buck has now expanded Bump Maternity, setting up shop in Bellevue Square. The new boutique opened this past August in time for the holiday season.

“I'm happy about the decision to come to Bellevue,” she explained. “Shoppers here have really welcomed my store and I have more faith in Bellevue's prosperity then anywhere else right now.”

The intimate boutique located on the first floor of the shopping center has a posh interior with chocolate brown and vibrant pink walls. Classic black and white photographs by famed Seattle photographer Elisha Rain occupy the colorful walls and the overall design and detailed wood cabinetry was carved by one of Bucks personal friends.

The store carries exclusive brands such as Michael Stars, Paige Denim, J & Company and Seattle's Bella Materna.

“I modeled the store's concept after clothing that I would want to wear. I think certain styles look better on pregnant women and some styles work season after season, tried and true,” Burns explained, who travels to Los Angeles on a regular basis to visit the showrooms. “Most of the maternity wear I carry are lines out of New York or Los Angeles. We carry a lot of Michael Stars brand. They do a great line of maternity tops and women just seem to love them. The clothing line is both comfortable and flattering to the shape.”

Bump in Bellevue also offers a line of diaper bags, journals, nursing pillows, onesies, baby blankets, skin care products, lingerie, baby gifts and more. Burns concentrates on carrying local lines who specialize in one or two high quality products.

One such line is Belli Pregnancy, a local company specializing in skin care solutions that are safe to use during pregnancy. The company does teratology screening, searching through over 16 million published medical research articles to exclude ingredients - synthetic, natural, and organic - with even a remote link to birth defects.

“I think it's very important to offer women a safe product that they can use throughout their pregnancy, giving them peace of mind,” Burns said. “I also try to carry environmentally friendly products and lines that support the local economy.”

Infant lines include the popular See Kai Run kicks for little ones, bright colored diaper bags by Baby Kaed and fun baby-wear like the Organic Monkey See Onesie by Eight3one.

Burns not only keeps it local when selecting her product lines, she also reaches out to women seeking a job while toting a growing belly.

“People don't often touch on the subject, but it's difficult for a woman who is pregnant to get a good job,” she said. “Three of my five employees are currently pregnant and it allows them relate to the customers on a different level. It's great.”

Burns remains optimistic despite the dwindling economy and hopes to soon carry more toddler clothing at the Bellevue Bump.

“I love doing this. It's challenging at times, but it's fun and allows me to be creative,” said the mother of two. “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it's a time that should be celebrated.”

Lindsay Larin can be reached at 425.453.4602.

Bump Maternity is located at 1075 Bellevue Square, on the first floor, 425.454.2867.