Flint men’s salon not your grandfather’s barbershop


Cold beer, flat screen televisions and a relaxing scalp massage. It is all the luxuries of a salon and spa without the pink nail polish and endless chatter.

What more could a man ask for?

According to Alan and Sarah Hartgraves, the husband and wife team behind Flint, the newly opened men's grooming salon and spa, they have the men on the Eastside covered from head to toe.

Located on Main Street in Bellevue, Flint offers both grooming and massage services for men, including haircuts, trims, straight razor shaves, hand and foot details, facials, waxing, and massage.

“We wanted to create a place for a man to be successful and keep him on top of his game,” Sarah explained.

The concept for Flint first came about when Alan was having trouble finding a salon to visit where he felt comfortable walking through the doors.

“Alan felt there was a niche that needed to be filled. We wanted to create a place where professional career men could come and call their own. A lot of the design is from a man's perspective, so it's comfortable, yet masculine,” Sarah said, pointing to the red and black modern decor.

Flint offers haircuts that include a hot towel wrap with head toner and moisturizer, a straight razor shave with two master barbers on staff, facials, and more. The spacious salon will soon carry an exclusive line of razors and shaving brushes.

“We are an upscale barbershop and spa for men. We aren’t your grandfather’s barbershop,” Sarah joked.

Although the economy has taken a hit, Sarah and Alan remain confident in their new business venture.

“Men still need to be taken care of,” she explained. “Haircutting is a recession-proof business. It’s a nice indulgence that isn’t so over the top. You can feel like you're treating yourself without feeling guilty. A $39 haircut plus mini facial is perfect for a guy who wants to stay on top of his game and feel his best.”

The owners plan to host after-hour events and mixers for regular clients to promote networking among business professionals on the Eastside.

“We plan to eventually bring in special speakers and host themed events to help men grow their business and be successful. We want Flint to be more of a lifestyle, not just a place for grooming,” Sarah added.

The Hartgraves were attracted to the Main Street location because of the constant foot traffic and sense of community among the local businesses.

“Main Street is always busy. The hustle and bustle and buzz on the street is a constant. This particular part of town and these types of business owners, to me, this is what many other communities lack,” Sarah said, adding, “The businesses stick together and they're all very supportive of one another and really foster a sense of community that can often be lost in a large city.”

The Hartgraves also are big proponents of philanthropy. Through Flint, they plan to hand select a new charity each month and give donations to in the form of gift certificates, funding or personal volunteer time.

“Giving back to the community is vital to individuals and businesses alike,” Sarah said. “We want to be more than just another salon, we want to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients and in the community.”

Lindsay Larin can be reached at 425.453.4602.

Flint is located at 10235 Main Street and is open seven days a week. For more information, visit www.flintmensgrooming.com.