Nordstrom showcases Joe of Joe’s Jeans

Models struck a pose while music blared from a DJ booth during a recent “meet the designer” event at Nordstrom in Bellevue Square.

Models struck a pose while music blared from a DJ booth during a recent “meet the designer” event at Nordstrom in Bellevue Square.

The lure: a chance to meet Joe Dahan, the designer of Joe’s Jeans, and view his spring collection. Joe’s Jeans officially launched in 2001 and has since caught the attention of a pool of celebrities and fashionistas alike.

The designer denim line is tailor-made to flatter every body type with 10 fits including the Chelsea, Cigarette, Honey, Muse, Provocateur, Rocker, Socialite, Twiggy, Stardust, and the Lover. To keep things fresh, each new collection showcases different washes, designs and styles in all 10 fits.

In addition to a premium denim line, the spring 2008 Joe’s Jeans collection includes trendy tops in soft fabrics and bright colors like clementine and spearmint. To check out the latest collection of Joe Jean’s take a trip to the TBD section in Nordstrom or visit

After browsing his spring collection of white washed denim and super-light, wide-leg styles among many others, the Reporter sat down with Dahan to learn how he turned his denim dream into reality.

Reporter: What prompted you to start your own denim line?

Dahan: My denim experience came from working for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein with Azteca Productions. I was doing private label for them - meaning that I was working with their designers and then it’s always more fun to do what you want, so I started making things that I liked and started giving it to friends and I got a good reaction.

Reporter: Joe’s Jeans are famous for the many different fits. Where did that concept first come from?

Dahan: When I was first starting out I found that some people liked the way the jeans fit and then I got people who appreciated the design and style, but it didn’t fit properly for their body types. And that’s how I got the idea of doing different fits. I did a casting over a two month period of more than 2,000 girls trying to segregate the different body types in order to come up with 10 different types. I now have a team of designers and we come up with something like 120 styles a month. I’m a busy man.

Reporter: When did Joe’s Jeans first hit the fashion scene?

Dahan: I came out with the women’s denim line in 2001 and only introduced the men’s and children’s lines a year ago. Celebrities began wearing my jeans and the buzz grew from there.

Reporter: How has the brand evolved?

Dahan: The brand has evolved a lot since it first came on the scene. We’ve come a long way, I mean we started with one jean and ended up with the full collection that it is today and being distributed worldwide. It’s been quite a run.

Reporter: Why do Joe’s Jeans and Nordstrom make such a great pairing?

Dahan: I think Nordstrom’s customer service is amazing. I’m all about fit and different body types and I marketed the brand that way as far as having the body type names displayed on the jeans and Nordstrom was the perfect partner because their customer service and sales people on the floor could see a girl and know which jeans to put them in. That makes a big difference. I started doing in-store appearances a year ago with Nordstrom and it makes all the difference because I get to meet the customers. It’s good, really good.

Reporter: What are some top tips when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans?

Dahan: It depends on the individual body type, but I would say something that she feels really good in that holds her up and makes her feel sexy. I think being trendy is overused - everyone has their own style so I don’t try to set someone’s style, but I can help them with the direction. A person’s style is more interesting then being trendy.

Reporter: What separates your brand from other designer denim lines?

Dahan: It’s definitely all about the fit. When I first launched my line, no other brands offered a range of different fits and I think that put me in a whole different category where my jeans fit different body types. Even five or six years ago, when a girl wanted to buy jeans she had to go to her brand because those were the jeans that fit her well. So I created different fits so if she knew the fit that worked for her she would have styles and washes to choose from within that fit.

Reporter: Where do you find your inspiration for each season’s collection?

Dahan: I don’t really follow trends. I don’t inspire to trend books at all - I get inspired by the evolution of the brand. I go with what I feel is right at the time. If I’m feeling light jeans are in, then I start making them because I feel that is the direction to go. It’s hard to describe where it comes from because inspiration comes from so many different places. I could look at anything. I could look at the carpet and want to use the color for a new wash. It’s hard to pin point. Each collection just evolves from light to dark from light-weight to super stretch to second skin. My denim evolves - just like me.

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