41st Legislative District Rrepresentative, Position 2

Name: Judy Clibborn

Name: Judy Clibborn

Age: 64

Marital status: Married to Bruce Clibborn

Children: names and ages Andrea Clibborn-Anderson 37, Erica 35, Chad 31

Education: Graduated from U of W with BS/RN

Occupation: Retired

Campaign Web site: www.judyclibborn.com

Campaign e-mail: jclibborn@comcast.net

Top three endorsements: NARAL ( National Abortion Rights League); WEA ( Washington Education Association); WCV ( Washington Conservation Voters )

What are the two biggest issues you want to address and how do you plan to address them if elected:

In 2002 I ran for the state Legislature as a person who had deep roots in my district and could work on both sides of the aisle to find solutions. I have had success and have been elevated to be Transportation Chair for the House.

As Chair I am most interested in completing the 520 bridge. We have worked hard to get agreement on the current design that is doable and can be built with funds from gas taxes, federal taxes, and tolls. This next session will be the final step to getting a new bridge by 2014.

The rest of the state has over 400 transportation projects being built with the current gas taxes. It is important that we complete these projects for safety and congestion relief. With new ferries being built, trains running, and freight moving across our state, I feel that I have helped the economy and our families compete in a global market.

The other important issue that impacts our state is education. I will work very hard to see that we have a world-class educational system. This will mean prioritizing to balance the budget and fund education, but it is our first priority.