41st Legislative District Senate

Name: Bob Baker

Name: Bob Baker

Age: 55

Marital status: Married to Robin

Children: Six children from 11 to 26 years old and two grandchildren

Education: BS in Computer Science from Purdue University, Graduate with Distinction from The US Navy Test Pilot School (equivalent to a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering), US Navy Contracting Officer School

Occupation: Pilot, Alaska Airlines

Campaign Web site: www.voteforbaker.com

Campaign e-mail: bobbaker88@hotmail

Top three endorsements: Kemper Freeman, Councilman Don Davidson, Conrad Lee

What are the two biggest issues you want to address and how do you plan to address them if elected:

The Size and Scope of our state government. I believe that limited government is a basic desire of every American. Furthermore, smaller government is more accountable to the people.

As much as possible, I want to utilize the free market to solve our problems and let the citizens keep more of their hard-earned money. A good example is health care. Government-run health care doesn’t work. The private sector is better able to manage and provide this service. We have the best health care system in the world.

I will fight to control taxes and spending. Under the current legislature, spending has increased 33 percent in four years. The price of a new home in this state includes $200,000 in government regulations. This must stop.

Transportation. We must fix our congestion problems in this state. The current legislature has done nothing. Currently Transit is less than 5 percent of all trips, but encompasses over 50 percent of the transportation budget. This is not fair to the vast majority of people who want to drive a car.

Completion of the I-405 corridor plan is especially important to our district. This plan includes Bus Rapid Transit, Van Pools, HOV lanes as well as single occupancy vehicles.

We must increase lane capacity on our roads for cars and buses. We can increase capacity significantly and do it without raising taxes.