Bellevue crews clearing roads to help with garbage pickup; city asks citizens to remove cars from streets

City crews are working to clear neighborhood streets of snow curb to curb in advance of resumed garbage collection on Dec. 29, weather permitting, and to help the Postal Service get to areas of Bellevue where mail delivery was interrupted because of recent heavy snowfalls. Crews also will keep priority arterials passable and try to finish plowing neighborhood streets.

Mike Jackman, Utilities Operations and Maintenance assistant director, said that crews are trying to plow curb to curb as much as they can so garbage collection and mail delivery can resume for all Bellevue residents.

“Wherever possible, we need people to move their cars off streets,” said Jackman. “This will allow city crews to clear streets faster and remove snow that might prevent access for Allied Waste’s trucks and mail delivery vehicles. It will also help prevent flooding by allowing plow operators to clear storm drains along curbs to capture rain and snow melt. We appreciate the community’s support and patience as we continue tackling challenges caused by this long-running snow event.”

Allied Waste Services, the city’s contractor, will begin to pick up extra garbage, recycling and yard debris when service resumes Dec. 29, weather permitting, and is asking residents to please make sure containers are free of snowpack and that cars are not blocking areas where trucks need to navigate for pickup.

With warming temperatures and rain forecast, city officials also are asking citizens to help by clearing storm drains in front of homes and businesses of snow and ice or debris, if possible, to avoid flooding once the snow starts to melt and rain begins. Bellevue has 20,000 public storm drains.

Jackman said crews will continue to work to stay on top of changing weather conditions. Crews started plowing roads on Dec. 12 when snow first appeared. Since then, a foot or more of snow has fallen in some parts of Bellevue.

Drivers should remain extremely careful, stick to priority arterials when possible and watch for ice, compact snow, and possible deep water over roadways as snow melts. To report hazardous road conditions, call the Utilities 24-hour emergency number 425-452-7840. See snow response priority arterials at