Council tightens parking rules in Surrey Downs neighborhood

Street parking on weekdays in much of the Surrey Downs neighborhood will be eliminated without a special residential permit, under an ordinance passed Tuesday by the City Council.

The new regulations seek to address the issue of spillover parking from downtown into the neighborhood, located just south of Main Street. The new rules take effect on Feb. 19.

Currently, anyone can park in the neighborhood for two hours, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., on weekdays. After Feb. 19, no day parking will be available in the area during the week unless a person has a Zone 1 permit. The Zone 1 permit will not be needed to park in the area at night or on weekends or holidays.

The new regulations, which will require 45 new signs at a cost of approximately $3,000, generally encompass the streets between 108th Avenue Southeast to the west and 112th Avenue Southeast to the east, and from Main Street to the north and Southeast Fourth Street to the south. A small section of 110th Avenue Southeast, south of Main Street, in Permit Zone 8, also will become a “No Parking” area on weekdays without the proper permit.

A Surrey Downs residential parking zone was first established in 1985 and has been extended twice to cover more streets. The arrangement in Surrey Downs is part of wider effort to address, when needed, the increasing impact of spillover parking on residential areas throughout Bellevue. For more information about parking, visit the Bellevue website at