Enatai Elementary students, Eastside Audubon Society build a place for birds

Second graders at Enatai Elementary in Bellevue partnered with Eastside Audubon Society and the city of Bellevue to build a bird sanctuary in Enatai Neighborhood Park last week. Students planted approximately 26 native plants in the park and erected bird boxes as part of the project.

The native plants and bird boxes will provide birds with a place to live to compensate for the trees that are being cut down and the buildings that are going up.

“This is an exciting service learning project that the students helped develop,” said Karen Greytak, second grade teacher at Enatai Elementary whose class is working on the project. “They saw a need in their community and they wanted to address it.”

The Enatai Neighborhood Park sits directly across from the elementary school.

Students used their knowledge of birds and insects, community organization, letter writing, measurement, math, writing and geography to complete the project. Funds for the Bird Sanctuary were provided by the Eastside Audubon Society. Parents and classroom volunteers helped the students build the bird boxes and assisted with planting at the park.

Enatai Neighborhood Park is located at 10661 S.E. 25th St.