Fifty-two earn the rank of Eagle Scout

The Cascade District of Boy ended 2008 with 52 achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, the top rank in Scouting.

The Cascade District includes Bellevue, Mercer Island and the Points communities.

Together, the donated approximately 8,200 hours to the communities doing projects such as new playground for Eastside Domestic Violence, map at Woodridge Elementary School, painting two rooms and the hallway at Seattle Japanese Language School, removing garbage from an campsite at Mt. Rainier and school supplies for the children in Iraq and St. Joseph’s Indian School.

Bellevue City Parks benefited from a number of projects that included park clean up, install a fence to separate garden parks, improving a trail near the ranger station, installing plants and shrubs near the Weatherburn Open Space and Koh trailhead and mulching and planting at the Mercer Slough Pump Station/Boat Launch.

Local earning the top rank include Aaron Hardin, Aaron Roper, Adrian Ohlfs, Andrew Longhorn, Ben Black, Benjamin Ayzenberg, Benjamin Wright, Brian Eames, Brian Li, Casey Akana, Charlie Abrahamson, Clay Moore, Colin Dess, Colin Wright, Cory Swanson, Curtis Bartell, Daniel Ashley, Daniel Fleming, David Berry, Eldon Cummings, Eric Hsueh, Erick Larson, Evan Fishkin, Evan Spading, Gary Hones, Harry Bolson, Hayden Lank, Joshua Ho, Kai Engevik, Kameron Sribhibhadh, Kevin Monserian, Kevin Wickersham, Kyle Brown, Leif Kjos, Logan Carter, Matthew Lee, Mitchell Erickson, Nate Nudelman, Nathan Youmans, Nick Forsgaard, Peter Linton, Rahul Brito, Robert DeLaurenti, Ross Pendleton, Ryan Sample, Salvatore Giampapa, Samuel Ziegler, Scott Staples, Tim Joyce, Tony Brooks, Vittori Giampapa, Wenston Chen.

Six of the attended a recent Bellevue City Council meeting where they did both the flag ceremony and a report to the community.

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