Police Blotter

Nov. - May

Nov. - May

Laptop theft: Unknown time., 16200 block of Northeast 24th Street. Four laptop computers were stolen from Interlake High School resulting in a loss of more than $8,000.

Dec. - May 14

Theft: Unknown time., 15100 block of Southeast 20th Street. Upon agreeing to perform a remodel, the suspects took $60,000, but have not started work and will not repay the victim.

May 8

Laptop Stolen: Unknown time., 600 block of 120th Avenue Northeast. Someone stole a laptop worth more than $2,000 off an office desk.

May 9

Missing person: 5 p.m., 16200 block of Northeast 12th. Someone reported her developmentally delayed adult daughter as a missing person.

May 12

Golf club theft: 4:30 p.m., 5400 block of 140th Avenue Northeast. Someone stole victim’s golf clubs worth $1,000 from a Bellevue golf course.

May 13

Assault: Unknown time., 6500 block of 226th Place Southeast. A nurse at Overlake Urgent Care in Issaquah reported a female victim had been assaulted while in Seattle.

May 14

Questionable actions: 9 a.m., 14500 block of Southeast 24th Street. A CPS referral took place.

May 15

Assault: 6 a.m., 1800 block of 136th Place Northeast. A worker assaulted his co-worker by punching him in the head four to five times.

Assault: 11 a.m., 4500 block of Somerset Boulevard. After being assaulted by her husband, the victim fled the house and was dropped off at a church after being picked up asking for help on the side of the road.

Jewelry theft: 1 a.m., 5700 block of 111th Avenue Southeast. Someone reported more than $9,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from residence.

Missing person: 9 a.m., 6100 block of 139th Place Southeast. A juvenile runaway was reported missing.

May 16

Missing person: 7 p.m., 2500 block of 103rd Avenue Southeast. Victim had been feeling depressed and threatened suicide at a beach.

Assault: 7 p.m., 14800 block of Northeast 15th Place. Adult son assaulted his mother by choking her and threatening her with a knife. An arrest was made.

Malicious mischief: Someone drove off with a gas nozzle still inserted into his vehicle resulting in a loss of more than $1,000.

May 17

Rape: 2 a.m., 1800 block of 146th Avenue Southeast. Suspect arrested for having intercourse with a woman physically incapable of consent.

Boat property theft: 9:45 p.m., 80 block of Skagit Key. Someone broke into a boat and took more than $4,000 worth of items at the Newport Shores Yacht Club.

Boat property theft: Midnight, 80 block of Skagit Key. Someone took more than $1,000 from a boat at the Newport Shores Yacht Club.

Theft: 8 p.m., 80 block of Skagit Key. Someone took more than $2,000 in property from a boat at the Newport Shores Yacht Club.

Storage site theft: 6:30 a.m., 12800 block of Coal Creek Parkway. Someone cut a hole in the chain and fence surrounding a storage site and stole more than $3,000 of copper wire.

May 18

Physical assault: 1:30 a.m., 600 block of Bellevue Way Northeast. A female reported being punched by a male. The male stated the female slapped him.