Teens, parents make videos to how to make video gaming safe

In an age of increasing social media and online gaming, kids can log on to save the planet one day and steal a car the next. Online access is easier than ever and a rift has formed in many households between parents and their kids surrounding video gaming.

Microsoft hopes to bridge the gap between kids and parents when it comes to household media. The tech-company has selected 15 teams of parents and teens who have taken control of their household media use and shared their approach in Microsoft’s Get Game Smart Video Contest.

Three of the 15 finalist are Bellevue-based teens who created their own video unique to their families approach to safe video gaming. “Cody’s Thoughts,” “Video Game Rap” and “Will Speak Spanish for Xbox” are videos produced by three teams of kids and their parents showing examples how parents and teens can take control of media use in their home.

Finalists were chosen by a diverse group of judges based on their video’s creativity, concept, information and overall presentation. The finalists now will compete in a popular vote for prizes and a chance to contribute to a new industry forum for dialogue about video gaming safety with Microsoft, and other influential voices, as Get Game Smart Ambassadors.

As a first step in selecting its first Get Game Smart Ambassadors, Microsoft asked parents and teens to team up and create a brief video spotlighting their family’s approach to a responsible digital lifestyle, including rules related to video gaming. As a Get Game Smart Ambassador, the 10 winning teams will collaborate with Microsoft and other influential voices to inspire other families to establish an ongoing dialogue about video games and to enjoy playing games together.

To become one of the 10 teams chosen for this new educational forum, the finalists will compete in an online popular vote at www.GetGameSmart.com between now and May 15.

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Check out the fun clips and vote at https://www.getgamesmart.com/spotlight/videocontest/?topicId=11952.