Two form suburban caucus on County Council

Two members of the King County Council have formed a nonpartisan suburban caucus to address regional issues impacting suburban areas.

The move comes after people last November voted to make the offices of the county executive, county council, and assessor nonpartisan offices.

Councilmembers Reagan Dunn Bob Ferguson, who formed the council, said the new suburban caucus will provide council members with the opportunity to consider strategy for addressing regional issues, including transportation, public safety, and public health. Caucuses provide legislative body members with the chance to meet in small groups and debate issues in an informal setting. Membership was customarily based on party affiliation.

“The voters have spoken and they’ve told us that they are tired of the old partisan ways of doing business,” said Dunn, whose district includes part of Bellevue and who originally was elected as a Republican to what is now a nonpartisan seat. “There are many issues where geography plays an important role in our decision making process. If we want to truly make the transition to nonpartisanship, I think it’s important that we begin to change how we talk to each other.”

Ferguson, originally a Democrat from north Seattle, said Dunn approached him with the idea of forming a nonpartisan caucus late last year, “and I appreciate his leadership on this issue. A suburban caucus is an important first step for organizing and managing our work in a nonpartisan environment.”

Members of the suburban caucus will meet monthly or more frequently as issues arise. The caucus is open to all members of the council.