WSDOT travel times from Bellevue to Everett changing

The Washington State Department of Transportation is changing the locations used to measure travel times between Bellevue and Everett to provide drivers with more accurate travel times.

WSDOT will move the travel time measurement location three miles to the north to better address the areas of increased traffic volumes between SR 526 and 41st Street in Everett. Drivers will notice an average of three minutes added to the posted travel times from Bellevue to and from Everett.

“This change addresses the areas of increased congestion and provides drivers with a more accurate picture of travel times to and from Everett,” said Christina Strand, freeway operations engineer with WSDOT. “Drivers will notice an extra few minutes on the overhead signs when traffic is free-flowing.”

The update includes new overhead freeway driver information signs and changes to the posted travel times on WSDOT’s website. All changes will take place today at noon.

A sign located on northbound I-405 just south of Northeast 116th Street in Bellevue will display times to Lynnwood and Everett.