Letter | Before you vote ...

Voters need to ask themselves the following questions before they mark their ballots for president.

Do you want to elect a candidate who promises to raise taxes on those with the resources to create more jobs? The vast majority of the new jobs created in this country are due to the efforts of those making more than $250,000.

It takes income to be able to go out and hire someone else to work for you. Higher income people do this directly by hiring someone or investing in someone else who does so. Having the government take their money to hand out $1000 checks to others is like “Starving the Goose that lays the Golden eggs” to feed other geese.

Do you want a candidate who promises to revise our trade agreements with other countries to force them to meet “fair labor standards” as defined by his union backers? The combination of higher taxes and increased trade restrictions are the same “remedy” that drove the country into the “great depression” of the 1930s.

Do you want a candidate who promises to risk our current success in Iraq by diverting our troops to “fight the real war in Afghanistan? He has yet to identify the mission there other than to “get bin Ladin” and threaten Pakistan with invasion.

Lastly, do you really want a candidate who will team up with Nancy Pelosi’s large majority in the House and Harry Reid’s filibuster-proof Senate to force through other items on their agenda?

Imposing a “fairness doctrine” on talk radio to reward the media for their support, eliminating the secret ballot for workers deciding if they want unions to represent them, allowing “Acorn” to run amok with rampant voter registration fraud, and refusing to rein in “trial lawyers” attempts to litigate for their own enrichment are just a sampling of the havoc that can be expected.

Bill Hirt