Breathing for Sleep Review - Do NOT Buy Zach Zenios Handbook Until Reading This!

Breathing For Sleep is a program by Zacharia Zenios, who helps improve sleep, which is essential for optimal health. The program teaches different methods and positions to ensure sleep improvements. It also has a special pillow to help with proper neck and head alignment.

What is Breathing For Sleep?

Everyone needs sleep. No matter how much energy they think they have, the average person needs 7-9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, with the demands of work, parenting, and even stress, consumers can’t get the required amount of restorative sleep. They try new pillows, blankets, room temperatures, and everything else they believe prevents them from getting a good night’s sleep.

Even individuals who think they have no issues falling asleep aren’t getting the quality they think they do. Instead, they spend each night snoring or turning around, making them drastically more tired in the morning. Consumers might still be convinced that this struggle is due to using electronics at night or drinking coffee too much. However, the creator of Breathing For Sleep developed an entire system that helps consumers improve their health.

While other programs and supplements focus on using melatonin as the main way to help with sleep, Breathing For Sleep takes another approach. Melatonin is also quite important, but this program centers around helping users rest better by doing something they already do - breathe. The process clears the pathways for better sleep throughout the night, which means that consumers don’t snore, and they balance circadian rhythm.

This entire routine is based on the idea that tongue strength could be the key to better sleep. So far, almost 80,000 people have tried the methods described by Breathing For Sleep, which help them stop disruptive snoring while boosting energy levels and mood. Some consumers even found that they could focus more during the day and go to sleep quickly at night.

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How Does Breathing For Sleep Help?

The entire science-based program centers around the idea that the position of one’s tongue is the key to easier breathing while sleeping. Italian researchers discovered this, finding that weak tongue muscles were the culprit. Since the tongue plays a major role in the airway, consumers will learn how to keep it away from the airway to ensure they can breathe properly.

The sleep program also offers tips on common sleep mistakes and natural supplements to improve sleep. One of the program guides discusses the benefits and downsides of using melatonin, and a bonus digital video discusses typical mistakes we make before bed that lower our chances of a good night’s sleep.

While improving our breathing seems simple, the solution for better sleep doesn’t have to be complicated. The tongue’s position is important in how we breathe, just as much as the natural resting position. Since the tongue forms a blockage when relaxed, the pillow and multiple guides help consumers learn the techniques they need for restorative sleep. Consumers will get:

  • The Secret Tongue Trick
  • The Worst Sleeping Position
  • Why You Should Avoid Plucking Nose Hairs for a Better Sleep
  • The 3 Best Sleep-Friendly Foods to Eat Before Bed
  • The Ancient Breathing Technique Used by Monks to Double Sleep Quality
  • 1 Silly Bedroom Mistake that Reduces Melatonin 50%
  • How Your Tongue’s “Sleep Nerve” is Worsening Sleep Quality
  • A 60-Second Pinch Technique to Induce a Zen-like State
  • The Knuckle Sinus Hold
  • The Circular Sinus Massage Technique to Clear Airways
  • How Mouth Breathing Activates “Survival Mode” to Wake You Up
  • How Toxic Waste is the Surprising Secret to a Restful Sleep
  • Breathing for Sleep Audio Routine
  • How to Breathe to Release the “Relaxation Molecule”

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Using The Breathing For Sleep

Zach is an MS, NST, LMT, RYT 200, with a master’s degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. Zach is well known for his popular Critical Bench YouTube channel, with over 1.13 million subscribers. Zach and his team designed the Breathing for Sleep program in phases. These are:

Phase 1

The first few minutes of the masterclass video teach three exercises that eliminate oxygen blockages, open sinuses, and enhance breathing. If you’re not breathing correctly, you’re most likely not sleeping well.

Phase 2

This phase of the masterclass video offers a step-by-step guide to getting the best sleep of your life using a simple ten-minute breathing method that can be performed in bed.

Customers should listen to the audio after watching the Breathing for Sleep Masterclass video. In this audio file, Zach quietly explains how to use the breathing technique to fall asleep, and it can be used at night to get a better night’s sleep.

The audio and video files accompany a PDF manual and bonus guides. They offer more proven strategies for improving sleep that can be used the day the Breathing For Sleep program is purchased.

Purchasing Breathing For Sleep

The Breathing For Sleep program can be purchased for $79.00 by visiting the official website to access the content. Consumers can purchase the program so that anyone can fall asleep within minutes and not wait hours to learn these sleep-improving techniques. For an extra $9.99, you can add a digital guide, The Anti-Snoring Protocol, to your purchase.

Thousands of people have already had the chance to try out this program and had incredible success. Once consumers place their order, they’ll get access to impressive content crucial to the experience. The content includes:

  • This is a coaching video about breathing methods for sleep, which includes several exercises for the sinuses and deeper rest.
  • An audio routine for Breathing For Sleep, which can be played before going to bed each night.
  • The Breathing for Sleep handbook PDF is a complete guide to the Breathing For Sleep program as digitally written content.

The only part of the Breathing For Sleep program not delivered digitally is the pillow, the BreatheMAX Pillow. This pillow helps consumers align their neck and jaw to promote better breathing.

While all of these sources of support are greatly helpful to consumers, the creators wanted to ensure the best sleep possible. Therefore, they included multiple bonuses to make this promotion even more valuable.

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Bonus Content


The first bonus is 10 Worst Sleep Mistakes, a video on consumers’ issues that keep them from getting the sleep they deserve. Consumers who follow the basic routine will see incredible results, but this guide unveils the problems that could arise if the participant doesn’t make other adjustments. This guide’s mistakes reveal mistakes causing the damage consumers cause in melatonin production, stress, and more.

Consumers can access the Sleep Like a Baby PDF checklist in the second bonus. This checklist tells consumers about eight changes they can make to improve how well their family sleeps every night. Even if consumers only follow one of these recommendations, they will drastically improve the production of sleep hormones.

Finally, consumers will learn more about the hormones that control a good night’s sleep with a PDF report called The Truth About Melatonin. This hormone is crucial in improving the ease consumers fall asleep, but many people don’t use melatonin properly. By the end of this guide, consumers know more than they could ever think to ask about melatonin.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Breathing For Sleep

Q. What is included in the coaching video for Breathing For Sleep?

A. The primary focus of this first part of the program is to teach the 10-minute routine that this entire program is centered around. It helps users promote better sleep, even if they do nothing else. Then, they’ll learn the tricks they must employ to sleep fast and through the night. It even includes a trick that stops snoring right away. The methods help users close their mouths while sleeping and how to massage their sinuses for less congestion.

Q. What is the Breathing For Sleep audio?

A. While consumers get all they need to complete the regimen with the coaching videos, this audio version of the program helps users get into the routine immediately. They can play the audio files on any smart device, allowing them to sleep comfortably every night. According to the creators, it only takes 2 minutes to complete the track, and most users are asleep by then. Even if the user only has enough time to sleep for 5 hours, every moment makes them feel energized and ready for the day ahead.

Q. What’s in the Breathing For Sleep handbook PDF?

A. The PDF handbook allows consumers to learn all of the in-depth details about this program. It expands on one of the biggest features that the creators advertise—the tongue trick—while describing the habits that consumers currently take part in that ruin good sleep. Users will also learn why they shouldn’t pick nose hairs at bedtime, the best position that improves sleep, and how they destroy melatonin levels.

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Q. How long does it take to get access to the Breathing For Sleep program?

A. Once the user places the order, they have access instantly. All of the written content in this program is digital, so users will quickly be able to access the materials to start what they can. For the BreatheMAX pillow that comes with the order, consumers must wait another 7 business days until it arrives.

Q. How long do consumers have to participate in the Breathing For Sleep regimen to get results?

A. Some people find that going through the routine only once is enough for their improvements. They find the morning substantially easier than before and wake up refreshed. Other users have to adjust over time, which is more common. Consumers who participate in this program for at least a month will notice a drastic change in their sleep.

Q. How does Breathing For Sleep stand out from other programs and pillows for a better night?

A. While there are many approaches that consumers can take to get better sleep, none of the solutions that the market has today are truly the answer. They pacify the problems, but the underlying concerns and issues remain. Instead of targeting better breathing and circulation, they sedate customers or relieve anxiety. While these factors contribute to sleep interruptions, deeper issues remain for many people, and that’s what Breathing For Sleep focuses on.

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Q. Will consumers with health conditions be able to rest more easily with Breathing For Sleep?

A. The techniques that the creators encourage with this program are made to work for anyone. It doesn’t matter what health condition the user faces—this solution works for any situation. Still, if the customer currently faces health conditions they manage with a doctor, it is best to seek their support to correct any underlying issues that stand in the way of sleep.

Q. Can busy consumers work Breathing For Sleep into their routine?

A. Absolutely. The creators understand that busy consumers don’t have time to waste on a routine that doesn’t work, and their time is precious. Consumers who don’t have much time to dedicate can get all the support they need within 5 minutes.

Q. What if the user doesn’t get the desired benefits when they watch Breathing For Sleep?

A. Even though the creators feel confident that most consumers will benefit, they offer a “Blissful Sleep Guarantee.” This guarantee allows consumers to contact the support team for a full refund within 60 days of the purchase if they decide Breathing For Sleep is a poor match for their needs.

The customer service team can be reached by:

  • Emailing sales@criticalbench.com or calling 1-727-351-3065.


Breathing For Sleep provides substantial information and support to help consumers improve their nights of sleep. This program is easy to follow, and every customer gets access to the written materials instantly as digital content. Plus, consumers can learn everything they need while they wait for their new pillow to arrive. The Breathing For Sleep website features a money-back guarantee if they don’t get the sleep they need.

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