Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit - Do NOT Buy Until Reading This! (4Patriots)

Picture the scene. You’re on the I-80 in California, heading to your destination when a blizzard moves in. The snow falls so fast and hard that your windshield wipers can’t clear it in time. You pull over to avoid an accident, hoping the snow stops soon.

But it doesn’t. The blizzard intensifies, and you’re buried under two feet of powder before you know it. What do you do? What happens when the heater stops working and the cold creeps into the car cabin? How will you survive? Your phone battery is almost dead, and it might be hours or even days before emergency services can get to you - no one even knows you’re there.

That’s when you turn to your Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit for help. This life-saving kit contains everything you need to make it out of a pickle.

Introducing the Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit - Done-For-You Roadside Protection

The problem with many emergency car kits is that they aren’t comprehensive and don’t feature all the necessary accessories to survive an emergency. Many kits on sites like Amazon or Walmart are cheap and ineffective.

Imagine being trapped in your car on the side of the road in a snowstorm, only to have the heater stop working. What do you do? Most people would look for a Mylar blanket in their emergency kit, but many don’t offer one. It’s an expensive accessory; kit manufacturers don’t include it to cut costs and maximize profits.

It’s the same theme across many kits—you don’t get everything you need to survive a survival or disaster scenario. Don’t buy these cheap, ineffective kits. You might save a few bucks, but give yourself a false sense of security.

An emergency kit needs to meet the following four criteria to be effective.

  1. Fix simple problems without assistance.
  2. High-quality emergency safety accessories.
  3. Emergency water and food.
  4. Expert design by survival and preparedness enthusiasts.

The Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit provides everything you need to service a roadside emergency. You have the accessories you need to start your vehicle and get back on the road, or call for help and wait until the cavalry arrives to rescue you.

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Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit - Features & Benefits

Here’s what comes included in every Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit.

45-Piece First Aid Kit

  • Everything you need to patch up cuts and stop bleeding.
  • 20 Adhesive bandages (10 large & small)
  • 6 Alcohol Prep Pads
  • A Roll of Emergency Medical Tape
  • 10 Safety Pins
  • Sharp Crisis Scissors
  • 4 Sterile Gauze Pads
  • Stretch Rubber Strip

Durable Mylar Blanket

This emergency blanket reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. It’s ideal for staying warm in freezing temperatures if you’re caught on the side of the road in an overnight snowstorm.

Two-Sided Backup Poncho

This weatherproof poncho is constructed with the same materials used in the Mylar blanket. It keeps you dry and warm when outside your vehicle in the rain or snow.

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Oxygen-Activated Hand Warmers

Rip open the package to activate the warming effect and protect your hands and fingers from frostbite.

Emergency Gloves

Keep your hands clean and safe from cuts when changing tires on the side of the road or freeway. They add warmth in cold climates, protecting your skin from cold steel.

LED Light Square

Featuring three modes: low, high, and blinking. Position the light to alert other vehicles to your emergency and flag down help.

9-Mode SOS Signal Light

This signal light has nine modes: SOS flashing, multi-circle flash, flash and pause, and more.

Emergency Glow Sticks

Crack the glow sticks and spread them around the local area to illuminate your vehicle and prevent accidents.

Emergency Triangle

Featuring an easy setup to alert other drivers to your oncoming accident or breakdown site on the road.

Alcohol Wipes

Clean your hands and sanitize wounds to prevent infection. These wipes come in a resealable packet to keep them fresh and ready to use.

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PVC Tape

This waterproof tape seals up a jacket or tent. You can also tape together your Mylar blanket and ponchos to create a survival shelter.

Screwdriver Kit

A complete screwdriver kit including;

  • 3x Phillips heads
  • 3x Standard Heads
  • 1x Allen Wrench Head
  • 1x Extension bar
  • 1x Ratchet Adapter
  • 9x Ratchet Heads

Wire Brushes

Clean off corrosion on the battery terminals and jump-start your car on the first try.

14,000 mAh Emergency Battery

This is a complete power source for charging your devices on the road and communicating with family and emergency services while you wait for assistance.

150 PSI Air Compressor

Pump up your spare tire or reinflate your tires after letting out air when traversing rugged terrain.

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Jumper Cables

Flag down another driver and start your car in seconds.

12V Charger

Plug it into the 12-volt port in your car to charge your phone or other compatible devices.

Wall Charger

Connect your devices and charge them at a diner or garage while you wait for help.

Emergency Food Bars

Get the sustenance you need to maintain your energy levels when you’re trapped on the side of the road with no food.

16 4oz Water Pouches

Stay hydrated after exerting yourself, or clean off wounds before dressing them.

Durable Carry Bag

The accessories included in the Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit come in a high-quality bag that fits in the trunk. You’ll find it surprising how so many accessories can fit in such a compact carry case.

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Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit - Pros & Cons


  • Everything you need in an emergency or disaster scenario.
  • A complete survival pack for the car, home, or outdoor survival situations.
  • Power, food, and water are all included.
  • Special promotional price.
  • Free gifts with two-pack orders.


Ordering the Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit

How much would it be worth to safeguard yourself and your family in a roadside emergency or disaster? Today, you can order the protection you need in a special promotional offer directly from the official 4Patriots online store.

  • Order one Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit and pay $349.95 & shipping

All Patriot products have a 365-day return policy. Please contact customer service for more information:

  • Telephone: 1-800-304-4202
  • Email: help@4patriots.com.

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When you order the two-pack bundle of Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kits, you get free bonuses valued at $154.80 included with your purchase.

Bonus #1 - The Patriot Power Cell CX

This handy power cell charges your devices using solar energy stored in the 8,000 mAh onboard battery. It features USB-C functionality and charges a range of devices.

Bonus #2 - The HaloXT Flashlight

The Ultimate tactical/survival flashlight with 9-in-1 functionality.

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Bonus #3 - $25 4Patriot gift card

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Bonus #4 - The Digital Survival Library

A collection of digital eBooks containing the information you need to survive a disaster.


Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit - FAQ

Q: Is the Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit only helpful in road emergencies?

A: No. The Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit has everything you need to survive any disaster or blackout at home. You can relax knowing you’re fully prepared for any emergency.

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Q: Is this a cheap car kit? Or can I trust the 4Patriots brand?

A: Millions of Americans trust the 4Patriots brand for high-quality emergency assistance products. Cade Courtley and his team have been featured on Fox & Friends and discussed the kit. Leading media outlets like Spike, CNN, ABC News, Fox News, and the Discovery Channel have showcased 4Patriots products. Cade has also been featured on Shark Tank.

Q: Do I get a guarantee on my purchase of the Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit?

A: Yes. The Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit comes with a 365-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with it, send it back for a full refund. The customer service team is always available to take your call.

Q: What are Americans saying about their Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kits?

A: Visit the official 4Patriots online store, and you can watch video testimonials of verified buyers of the Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit talking about their experience with this life-saving kit. To date, 4Patriots have sold nearly 1.5 million kits to Americans who want to prepare themselves for emergencies on the road.

Q: How many Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kits should I order?

A: Most American families have at least two cars in the driveway or garage. Fortunately, you can order a two-pack bundle of the Patriot All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit on promotion and keep one in each car. Even if you own a single vehicle, keep one of these kits in the car and one inside your home to stay prepared for any emergency. Plus, when you order the two-kit bundle, you get free bonuses and shipping!

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