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Hydrate is a supplement by TRUWILD that helps users to reduce dehydration during the day. It includes many different ingredients, though it only tastes of light clean water with a hint of apple.

What is Hydrate?

When most consumers think about establishing healthier habits, hydration frequently gets pushed to the side. Far too many people can say that they don’t remember the last time they had a glass of water, even though the human body requires it to be healthy. Instead of reaching for a bottle of water, most consumers consider a sports drink or an energy drink. However, these solutions are often richly filled with sugar, making it impossible to get the necessary brain support for healing. Luckily, Hydrate fills that need.

As consumers start drinking Hydrate, they often report that their brain fog has finally lifted. They feel rejuvenated, allowing them to stay engaged in the morning without losing focus in the afternoon. Users reduce nausea significantly as their body uses Hydrate, helping them beat physical and mental fatigue. Some users even find that the right balance eases their anxiety and helps them maintain a better mood throughout the day. Even though this TruWild Hydrate remedy is marketed as a general supplement, some consumers use it to recover after a rigorous workout, providing their muscles with what they need to thrive.

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What Makes Hydrate Effective?

When someone typically takes an electrolyte supplement, they aren’t getting as much as they think. Most of these supplements don’t even make it to the bloodstream, only absorbing about 15% of everything that users take in. Without this metabolization, most ingredients never even reach the bloodstream. They also significantly lack amino acids, even though they have a rich amount of sugar for an energy boost.


Drinking Hydrate helps users stay hydrated in a way that other products fall short. Staying hydrated requires the user to get enough nutrients, amino acids, and more. Consumers who drink this supplement will give themselves the necessary electrolytes and amino acids, increasing their hydration by twice the length of time that other sports drinks provide.

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Ingredients: What’s In Hydrate?


Sodium is the first of four electrolytes included in this formula; it regulates fluid in the body while balancing ions. One of the main reasons it helps users is because it prevents water loss, though users should not have too much sodium. After all, it can be damaging to the heart. It helps users to remove excess carbon dioxide while improving brain development. Essentially, one of the four ingredients in this formula is necessary for electrolyte regulation.


Like sodium, potassium is important in hydration and functions as an electrolyte. It is one of the four electrolytes the body needs and is associated with almost every bodily function. While it is important to nerve health, it is also important to the health of the cells, heart, and muscles. It helps to eliminate the excess waste around the body’s cells. Potassium also reduces water retention by increasing urine production and reducing sodium levels.


Magnesium is involved with hundreds of different processes, ranging from mood regulation to managing blood sugar levels. As an electrolyte, it helps users to soothe muscles and promote better hydration. Current studies suggest that proper magnesium use reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, headaches, and heart issues.

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Zinc is primarily included for the boost that it offers the immune system. It improves the ability to heal from wounds, offering antimicrobial support. Consumers may struggle to maintain their sense of taste and smell without zinc.


Aquamin, a multimineral complex, offers a balance of multiple trace minerals, including several seen in this formula. Found in nutraceutical and food products, it helps users improve the bioavailability of the ingredients in this formula. Aquamin from seaweed supports a glycolytic pathway.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Branched-chain amino acids, or BCAA’s, support muscles, especially during a fitness routine. It builds their muscles while reducing physical fatigue, especially after a workout. It eliminates soreness in the muscles while reducing the risk of muscle wasting. It is one of the most important ingredients for bulkier muscles to include in any routine.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps users to maintain their energy production and helps the body metabolize fats and protein. It is used primarily to promote better brain development and keep the nervous system functioning as it should. It improves immunity, supports better eyesight, and helps the body to produce enough red blood cells. When users do not get enough vitamin B6, they sometimes experience a condition called ataxia: a lack of muscle control or coordination.

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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is used to nourish nerve cells and blood cells. It is one of the major components of genetic material and production, directly reducing the risk of anemia. It is also essential for metabolizing proteins.


L-glutamine is a neurotransmitter. It joins many other ingredients that regulate bodily functions ranging from heart rate to appetite. Some users include this ingredient to help with weight loss, inflammation, and pain in their digestion. It also supports quick recovery after injury, allowing users to apply this to relieve sore muscles after exercise.


Purchasing TruWild Hydrate

TruWild Hydrate can be purchased on the official website, which offers several packages to fit the customer’s needs. Some price offers include multiple or free bags or purchasing one bag at a time. Consumers won’t save as much money with a single bag, but they can try out the formula before committing to long-term use.

  • One bag for $37.00 + $6.00 Shipping Fee
  • Buy Two bags, Get One Free $25.00 each + Free Shipping
  • Buy Three bags Get Two Free $22.00 each + Free Shipping

Consumers who order one bag at a time will cost $6 to ship. However, consumers willing to invest in a few bags at a time can get free shipping as a courtesy of TruWild. With only five business days for consumers to wait for their shipment, users can start improving their hydration rapidly.


Frequently Asked Questions About TruWild Hydrate

Q. Where do the ingredients of Hydrate come from?

A. The ingredients come from many different sources around the world. However, when it comes time to produce the supplement, the creators focus their operations on California.

Q. Are the ingredients organic?

A. Yes. In fact, according to TruWild, Hydrate is Certified USDA Organic.

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Q. When users empty the bag, can they recycle it?

A. Yes. Consumers can put this bag with the rest of their recycled products, like plastic bottles, to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Q. If users follow the included directions, how long does a bag of Hydrate last?

A. With one bag, users will be able to get 20 servings. The length of time that it takes to go through these servings depends on how many users have daily and how exact their measurements of each scoop can be.

Q. How do users mix a serving of Hydrate?

A. The best ratio includes a scoop of TruWild Hydrate with an 8-ounce portion of whatever beverage they want. It blends easily into water, juice, smoothies, and other beverages. Users will also receive several digital guides with different recipes they can try.

Q. What does Hydrate taste like?

A. Even though the refreshing taste works with anything, it is flavored with watermelon lemonade to entice the user’s taste buds.

Q. Why can’t users drink more water to hydrate their bodies?

A. Consumers need more than just water to remain hydrated. Balancing electrolytes and introducing the right kind and amount of sugar makes it easier to absorb the hydration.

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Q. Are there any allergens in TruWild Hydrate?

A. While this formula includes a small amount of soy, no other allergens are used in the TruWild Hydrate formula.

Q. How long does shipping take?

A. Consumers should receive the order within five business days Once the order leaves the warehouse.

Q. What if the user does not get the desired hydration from this supplement?

A. To make sure that every user is satisfied, the creators at TRUWILD allow users to return the product for a full refund on any initial order of this product. While the return policy does not apply to returning customers, it allows first-time users to get a complete refund if the product doesn’t work.

  • To reach out to the customer service team, call 949-478-1617. The team is available on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.


TruWild Hydrate offers a unique way to get all the benefits of a sports drink without the sugar. The formula offers various vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that contribute to better health. They each play an essential role in how the body uses electrolytes, ensuring that anyone can retain hydration. TruWild Hydrate has significantly less sugar and is much more appetizing than many other brands produce today.

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