Fat Burn Boost Reviewed - Should You Buy? Safe or Serious Side Effects?

Fat Burn Boost is a daily supplement in the form of a beverage that helps consumers purge excess weight without engaging in a single workout. The weight loss formula requires no meal planning or other changes to their diet to get daily support.

What is Fat Burn Boost?

Exercise and proper eating are the best ways to lose weight, but many people struggle to maintain their regimen and shed weight. That’s why the supplements industry does so well, offering highly concentrated ingredients that can improve how well the weight comes off. However, each supplement is different, helping consumers in various ways that can purge their fat. That’s where the Fat Burn Boost formula comes in.

Fat Burn Boost is based on an Amazonian method of reducing excess weight, eliminating the fat that clogs the arteries without the need to get on a treadmill. The remedy is based on research from the US National Library of Medicine, demonstrating how effectively this remedy can improve the ability to burn calories. The creators suggest that the average person could burn over 200 calories when they take Fat Burn Boost. If users only have a few seconds a day, they have enough time to take this weight loss formula daily.

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What’s in Fat Burn Boost?

The only way to get the desired benefits from Fat Burn Boost is by using the right blend of ingredients. Unlike other supplements, this formula only includes a few ingredients to trigger the changes in their metabolism.

The ingredients include:

  • Green tea
  • Guarana
  • Green coffee beans
  • Glutamine
  • Coconut water powder

Read below to learn more about Fat Burn Boost’s ingredients and how they improve the body.


Green Tea

Green tea has been a superfood among consumers for decades, but it doesn’t help users as much as it could when consumed as a beverage. Like any other ingredient, it is overly processed by the body, and many people don’t enjoy the taste. Drinking multiple cups of tea daily won’t give consumers enough active compounds to lose weight.

Green tea is known for its incredible active compounds, helping users access antioxidants that eliminate inflammation and trigger the user’s metabolic speed.

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Guarana, a plant that grows in the Amazon jungle, has also been used to help with more energy and support than green tea can. It improves the ability to burn through fat and offers much stronger fat-burning power than green tea. It provides incredible support as a superfood, increasing metabolism for hours after the body processes it.

Along with boosting metabolism, guarana helps users reduce and accumulate new fat. It allows users to keep off weight without the need for exercise.

Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are packed with natural chlorogenic acid, which is an important antioxidant when it comes to weight loss. According to current research, it improves fat absorption and reduces glucose levels. It helps users to keep shedding weight with fat, sugar, and other carbs in the diet.

In a study in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity, a professor showed that using green coffee beans made it possible to shed almost 20 lbs of weight. Many supplements use this ingredient as their primary source of support as they get in shape.

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Glutamine offers incredible help to users, especially when they are overweight. Someone who carries a little extra weight with them is more deprived of glutamine than others, meaning their body turns to muscle tissue instead of stored fat. This tissue can include their tendons, muscles, and even their bones. Their body weakens, making staying active more challenging than ever (even though exercise is not required for this remedy).

According to a European Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, using glutamine daily helps women shed unwanted weight. It releases excess fat from their waistline, and it reduces their appetite.

Coconut Water Powder

Coconut water powder is the final addition to this formula, sourced from one of the healthiest drinks worldwide. It is helpful to anyone who wants to hydrate and improve their energy levels. Unfortunately, the normal state of coconut water is loaded with unhealthy sugars, which means that users are at a significant disadvantage.

The powder used in this formula adds one final boost to metabolism, increasing the user’s core body temperature.

Purchasing Fat Burn Boost

The only way to be sure that consumers get the authentic Fat Burn Boost remedy is if they go through the official website. The website offers three packages, depending on how much of the formula is needed.

To get the most from Fat Burn Boost, the creators offer a discounted incentive for consumers to encourage more significant purchases for new customers. The available packages include:

  • One bottle for $59.00
  • Three bottles for $49.00 Each
  • Six bottles for $39.00 Each

Consumers must cover the shipping cost, which is determined at checkout.

Bonus Content

When consumers purchase six bottles, they get three bonuses not offered with the other packages. The first of those bonuses is the 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint, which helps users learn how to adjust their eating to get the best chance of losing weight. While eating healthier is not a requirement, it makes a big difference in how effective Fat Burn Boost can be.

The second bonus is a guide called 2-Day Belly Fat Blaster. It helps consumers lose weight rapidly rather than waiting weeks to see a change. This guide helps users cut 5-10 pounds of fat without going through all the stress of a long-term diet.

The third bonus brings more indulgence with the Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook. This cookbook helps users burn fat while having dessert after a meal. Some users take advantage of these recipes nightly to keep burning fat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Burn Boost

Q. How much weight can consumers lose with Fat Burn Boost?

A. Fat Burn Boost affects everyone differently. However, most people only need to take it for a few weeks to see a loss of over 20 pounds.

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Q. Along with weight loss, what will Fat Burn Boost do for users?

A. Consumers often report feeling more focused and confident as they experience the weight loss this supplement offers.

Q. How do users take Fat Burn Boost?

A. Fat Burn Boost requires consumers to stir one scoop into water and drink for the desired results. The ingredients used in the formula are easily absorbed.

Q. Is there a return policy?

A. Consumers can request a refund with a money-back guarantee covering the first 60 days after purchase. The customer service team can be reached by emailing:

  • support@goldvida.com


Fat Burn Boost allows consumers to improve their health and weight without diet commitments. The formula is easy to use daily, but consumers must use Fat Burn Boost consistently to enhance their weight loss chances and reap the benefits.

With multiple bonuses to move along the process, consumers of all ages can experience long-term weight loss using Fat Burn Boost.

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