Genie Script Reviews - Do NOT Buy Wesley Virgin 20-Second Script Until Knowing This!

Genie Script is a magical program that provides you access to effective meditation scripts through which you can achieve all your dreams and goals. Scripts are a proven way to help people visualize and attract anything they want- whether it’s a new house, a loaded bank account, better health, the latest car model, or simply a better life!

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Genie Script is formulated as a month-long program where you will learn everything you need to know about meditation. Meditation will help you achieve clarity and peace of mind and visualize the future you want. The best part is that the program is available in video form which will help you stay engaged and interested for the entire 30 days. Alternatively, the program is also provided in the form of e-books so it’s up to the user what to choose.

Genie Script can transform your life in unimaginable ways! Lots of millionaires, billionaires, and successful businesses owe their success to this program. Genie Script Reviews are a clear indicator of its effectiveness and authenticity. It has helped a large number of people get closer to their dreams and fulfill their long-lost goals.

In this article, we will look into various aspects of Genie Script and its functioning. We’ll take a look at the program components, its benefits, pros and cons, among others.

But first, let’s start with a glance at its summary:


Meditation Program


Genie Script

Program Duration:

30 Days


Wesley Virgin



Money-Back Guarantee:

Applicable for One Year

Genie Script Reviews:

Most of the Genie Script Reviews are positive and highly appreciate and value the program.

Where to Get?

You can get access to the Genie Script only through its official website.

About the Makers of Genie Script

The genius mind behind this magical program is Wesley Virgin. He’s based in the state of Texas and a great advocate of manifestation.

Wesley believes that through manifestation, one can revamp lives and thus, every individual must learn about its powers right from the beginning. He also reckons that your wealth is determined by how long your fingers are. In simpler words, short fingers imply a small capital whereas longer fingers are an indicator of great fortune. This claim is also backed by a famous neuroscientist, Andrew Huberman.

This informative program launched by Wesley, called Genie Script is his best creation. The creator claims that popular celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez have kept this script a secret from the world and used the same to experience great success backed by their hard work. A similar claim was made related to Andrew Tate after his infamous arrest.

Can Anyone Use Genie Script?

Genie Script is constituted with so much valuable information and insights into techniques related to life improvement, good health, and generally, better well-being.

However, to be able to execute this program effectively, you must carefully obey the instructions provided by the makers. Moreover, to emerge as an expert in special meditation and create the life of your dreams, you must start by rewiring your brain.

It is easy to just sit back and dream about achieving every possible thing in the world. However, how many of you are taking a step to fulfill these goals that are lying idle in your journal?

You must have the desire and motivation to achieve clarity of mind, focus, and great belief. This means that you must start with a clear mindset of what you wish to achieve. Now various sorts of people must have recommended different kinds of practices such as yoga, mind reprogramming, etc. The next step is to get rid of all these suggestions and have complete faith in the Genie Script program.

Once you have set these things straight, you are ready to begin!

How Does Genie Script Work?

Genie Script is more or less a kind of meditation that is easy to follow and can help you achieve great heights!

It is a popular and productive way of manifesting the dream reality that you have always wished for. With the help of the techniques provided in the program, you will get closer to all your goals and aspirations in life.

The program targets your brain and helps you unlock an abundant life in all aspects including psychic, emotional, and most importantly, material. It gives rise to a successful professional as well as personal life. With this program, you get to save a lot of money and in fact, discover ways to expand it. It takes away anxiety from your life and only instills hope, faith, and positive vibes!

The Program aims to make people understand that you can have as many and as big dreams as you want, and also make all of them come true!

As per Genie Script reviews, the program has worked to effectively condition people’s thoughts and saved them from a lot of plausible problems!

What Is The Science Behind Genie Script?

The Genie Script is a manifestation program that is based on the science behind the relationship between estrogen levels and various aspects of a woman’s life. According to research conducted by Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist from Stanford University, the length of a woman’s fingers strongly predicts her estrogen levels, which in turn can have a significant impact on different areas of her life.

One of the key aspects influenced by estrogen levels is a woman’s beauty and physical appearance. Higher estrogen levels are associated with enhanced beauty, including features such as clear skin, shiny hair, and a youthful appearance.

This is because estrogen plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity and promoting collagen production, which contributes to a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Additionally, estrogen levels can also have an impact on a woman’s financial success. According to Huberman’s research, women with higher estrogen levels have a greater ability to earn millions of dollars and become financially astute.

This could be attributed to the fact that estrogen is linked to increased confidence, motivation, and assertiveness, qualities that can greatly contribute to professional success and financial prosperity.

Furthermore, studies have shown that higher estrogen levels can have a positive effect on mental health. Women with higher estrogen levels have been found to experience decreased anxiety and a lower risk of heart disease.

In fact, a Harvard study revealed that performing a specific activity three times a day can increase estrogen levels, thereby tripling the chances of achieving financial freedom in one’s 30s, 40s, and even beyond.

The Genie Script utilizes this scientific understanding to help women harness the power of their hormones and manifest their desired outcomes.

By following the principles and techniques outlined in the program, women can tap into their natural estrogen levels and use this energy to attract financial abundance, enhance their beauty, and improve various other aspects of their lives.

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What Do I Get With Genie Script?

When you place your Genie Script order, you get access to four different program components with your purchase. Let’s have a look at each one of them below:

The Genie Script 20 Word Manifestation Script

As you may expect, this is the primary component of the program. Genie Script comes with a 20-word meditation/manifestation script that will help you unlock your subconscious abilities to their full potential. This script includes power affirmations that will push you toward hard work and great dedication by triggering certain chemicals in your brain.

This script will help you come out of all those barriers that stop you from believing in good things.

The Brainwave Mastery Training Module

Genie Script also includes another component, namely The Brainwave Mastery Training Module, which is essentially a CD. It is available in audio form and comprises sounds that will help you feel calm and positive. The wavelengths in this audio will connect with your brain and have a soothing effect on your mind while also helping you build focus.

The Subconscious Mind Rapid Rewrite Training Module

The third component of the Genie Script program is this training module that will help you take control of your subconscious powers while understanding and influencing its operations. This module will activate 95% of the power of your brain.

Wealth Visual Hacks

Genie Script also includes a fourth component that gives you access to an effective breathing technique to help you soothe your brain and envision an abundant future.

Why wait? Make your dreams come true with Genie Script!

What are the Benefits of Genie Script?

The following are the key ways in which you can benefit from this program:

Activate Your Subconscious

The Genie Script program helps you unlock the immense possibilities of your subconscious mind and visualize the life of your dreams. It drives you to push harder and take steps in the direction of your dreams.

Eliminate Negative Beliefs

Negative thoughts are the biggest and most stubborn obstacle in the way of success. This powerful program will help you get rid of all such negative thoughts and only instill positive affirmations in your mind.

Lead an Optimistic Approach

The program also helps you lead a more optimistic and self-assured life by taking away feelings of stress, fatigue, depression, or anxiety. It improves your everyday mood and provides you with a much-needed boost of positivity.

A Look At The Genie Script Reviews

Samantha says, “Genie Script turned my wildest dreams into a tangible reality. As an entrepreneur, I was seeking a way to amplify my goals and attract success. This program not only helped me set clear intentions but also guided me through the process of manifesting my desires. It’s like having a secret weapon for achieving the impossible!”

Alex, a skeptic-turned-believer says, “I’ve always been skeptical about manifestation, but Genie Script changed my perspective entirely. The step-by-step approach and practical techniques helped me focus my energy on what truly matters.

To my surprise, I began to see small, positive shifts in my life that eventually led to bigger transformations. Genie Script has turned me into a true believer!”

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What are the Bonuses Available with Genius Script?

When you purchase the program from its official website, you get access to a free bonus package with your order. These include:

  • Magical Scripting Journal Kit
  • 17 Oil Pheromone Lovers Kit
  • Sage Poverty Cleansing Kit
  • The Abundance Checks Kit
  • The Subliminal Mind Hack Kit
  • Secret Chakra Hacks
  • High Vibrational Food List
  • The Exotic Vacation Manifesting Kit
  • Apart from these, the makers have also introduced three new bonuses including:
  • Supernatural Wealth Frequencies
  • The Body Stimulating Formula
  • A Millionaire’s Morning Ritual

This free-cost bonus package is hard to miss out on! Book your Genius Script program today to get access to all the exciting formulas mentioned above.

But first, let’s see how much you need to pay for this extensive package.

Pricing of Genie Script

The Genie Script program is available for sale at its official website and is currently priced at $37 only! It is quite a reasonable amount that you can certainly invest for a better and healthier future.

Along with the primary program, users can also choose to have a couple of add-on programs as provided below:

The Millionaire Innercircle

It is a subscription-based program that starts at an affordable cost of $7 per month.

Affirmation Cash Course

It is a course in itself, available for $27.00.

Do the Makers of Genie Script offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Genie Script comes with a generous money-back guarantee of 365 days! This means that you can try and use the program for 12 months and within that period, if you don’t feel entirely satisfied with the program, you can place a request to return it. The makers of the program will then process a complete refund on your purchase amount.

All you have to do is contact their customer support team and make sure to place your request within 365 days.

How Soon Should You Expect Results With The Genie Script?

When it comes to using the Genie Script, everyone’s experience and results may vary. Some individuals have reported experiencing significant results as early as the first day of using the script, while others have taken several weeks to fully activate its potential. So, the question of how soon you should expect results with the Genie Script doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer.

Tips To Maximize The Impact Of Genie Script

To maximize the effectiveness of the Genie Script, it is recommended to use it consistently every day for at least a month. Consistency is key when it comes to any manifestation technique. By consistently using the script, you allow your subconscious mind to adapt and align with your desires. This can lead to more profound and long-lasting results.

It is also important to maintain a positive mindset and belief in the power of the Genie Script. Doubt and negativity can hinder the manifestation process. By maintaining a positive attitude, you create a conducive environment for the script to work its magic.

Additionally, it is crucial to have realistic expectations when using the Genie Script. While some individuals may experience rapid results, others may take longer to see significant changes in their lives. Patience and perseverance are essential qualities to cultivate during this process.

It is worth noting that the Genie Script is just one tool in the manifestation journey. It works in conjunction with your actions, intentions, and efforts in the physical realm. Therefore, it is important to take inspired action towards your goals while using the script.

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An Overview of the Pros And Cons of Genie Script


The program is a great pick to help you achieve anything you ever desired.

It is a universal program that is hard to lose its effectiveness on any individual. When pursued with full dedication, it works for anyone and everyone.

Genie Script Reviews mentions the magical results of this program in the real world.

For what it is worth, the program is quite reasonably priced.


It might take a while for the program to prove its impact.

Final Verdict

In a world where wishes were once reserved for falling stars, Genie Script has unleashed the power of manifestation at the click of a button. It’s like having your own personal genie, minus the cramped quarters of a lamp. With a sprinkle of digital magic and a dash of intention, Genie Script invites you to rewrite reality’s source code.

So, whether you’re dreaming of a life awash in success or simply aiming for parking spots closer to the entrance, this online manifestation program might just be the modern lamp you’ve been rubbing for.

Find your success! Tap into Genie Script’s magic today!


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