Ringo Reviews - Should You Buy Phone-Holding BPA-Free Water Bottle Tripod?

Do you have an internal debate about where to keep your phone every time you leave the house? Are you tired of looking for ways to access your phone hands-free that don’t necessitate the purchase of huge, temperamental gear like tripods? All of these are frequent issues in today’s digitally driven environment. Our dependence on our phones has grown due to several factors, including the emergence of influencers, long-distance communication, and more. But not everyone wants to purchase something just to fulfill the need to hold their phones, right?

What if we told you we discovered a gadget that not only securely mounts your phone when necessary, but also serves a whole new purpose? If this piques your curiosity, continue reading to learn how Ringo™ intends to transform the world of water bottles and phone mounts simultaneously.

What is Ringo™?

Ringo™ is a water bottle that can magnetically hold iPhones and tablets. At its core, Ringo™ is a premium, double-wall, stainless steel water bottle equipped with a strong MagSafe® phone mount which allows for MagSafe® devices to attach to it. These specific types of devices were initially introduced in 2020 when Apple released the iPhone 12. The device has an array of hidden magnets on the rear side of the surface. The initial goal of the device is to attach it to MagSafe®-compatible chargers for wireless charging.

The creators of Ringo™ saw an opportunity to take advantage of this feature and, therefore, created a 2-in-1 water bottle and phone mount to make everyday tasks that much easier. Of course, we all know that not everyone has access to the latest iPhones, something this team was also aware of. For Android lovers, an alternative version called Magnetic Booster Ring was created. This ring is intended to be attached to the back of a non-MagSafe® device, which will then attach to the Ringo™ mount.

Much has been said up until this point. To put things into perspective, the following section will look at Ringo™’s distinct traits.

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What are the main features of Ringo™?

Ringo™ symbolizes the necessity to push the limits of what a water bottle may be used for. This water bottle stands apart from others on the market thanks to the following features:


Hassle-Free Activities

Ringo™ is designed with busy individuals in mind. One won’t have to worry about losing their phone when they’re on the go anymore. It is as simple as attaching the device to Ringo™. Ultimately, individuals will have one object that serves as a water supply and a phone holder. This gadget also offers hands-free streaming, which is likely to be most wanted by the community of content creators.

Hands-Free Connection

These days, phones are practically a necessity for survival. It’s used to stay in touch with loved ones, interact with coworkers, and stay in sync with followers. With Ringo™, people can always mount their phones to enjoy hands-free conversations with everyone, no matter where they are.

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Ringo™ is believed to be equipped with a precision hinge and ultra-strong magnets aiming to replace the conventional tripod. The idea is to let people take pictures of whatever they want without worrying about their phone falling, taking photos from awkward angles, or ending up with unsteady video content. The phone should be securely fastened thanks to the powerful magnets and precise hinge.

One of their best features is their robustness - Ringo™ is made to function even when the bottle is empty! This means one’s phone will stay firmly fastened to the Ringo™ regardless of the bottle’s contents. Of course, it is advised that the bottle be kept mostly full for bigger devices, such as tablets.

High-Quality Material

Ringo™ is constructed from premium-grade, double-walled stainless steel. Additionally, vacuum technology is included to guarantee that any liquid contained inside of it stays at an appropriate temperature. Regarding temperatures, the bottle’s contents should stay heated for 12 hours and cold for 24. Moreover, the Ringo™ lid was created in partnership with a reputable laptop manufacturer to provide the best possible resistance and strength for its hinge. This aids in providing a firm grip regardless of positioning angle.

Easy to Clean

Ringo™’s bottle not only supports hydration but is also dishwasher safe, so individuals can forget the hassle of cleaning their water bottles by squeezing a sponge inside. Given the delicate nature of its lid, especially since it is made with several parts, this is one component that must be handled with care. While the body can be thrown into the dishwasher, the lid must be washed by hand. Instructions on maintenance will be provided with each purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does Ringo™ come in different sizes?

A. Ringo™ is available for purchase in two sizes: Regular and Large. The regular version can hold 24oz of liquid, whereas the large version can hold 32oz.

Q. What are the dimensions of Ringo™?

A. The regular-sized Ringo™ is 9.6 inches tall, 2.4 inches in diameter at the top, and 3.1 inches at the bottom. The large-sized Ringo™ is 10.7 inches tall, 2.4 inches in diameter at the top, and 3.3 inches at the bottom. The regular size weighs 370g, and the large one weighs 510g.

Q. Is Ringo™ available to purchase in different colors?

A. At the time of writing, Ringo™ can be purchased in either black, mix and match, or ivory.

Q. Is Ringo™ designed to fit in a car’s cupholder?

A. Ringo™ was created with the intent to fit into most cupholders. This can be easily verified as the maximum diameter at the bottom is 3.3 inches. Individuals should consider measuring their cars’ cupholders before placing an order.

Q. Does a purchase of Ringo™ come with a Magnetic Booster Ring?

A. Magnetic Booster Rings do not come with a purchase of Ringo™; it is optional and must be added at checkout.

Q. Will Ringo™’s lid get worn out due to everyday use?

A. top manufacturers and engineers designed Ringo™’s lid to ensure it can handle everyday use and not lose resistance over time.

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Q. How should the Magnetic Booster Ring be installed?

A. The Magnetic Booster Ring should be attached to the back of the gadget. Due to its thickness, most phone cases may not fit over it comfortably. For these reasons, individuals might consider attaching it to the case outside.

Q. Can Ringo™ be used with PopSockets?

A. Yes, Ringo™ contains a halo ring that can comfortably house the PopSockets for easy use.

Q. Can Ringo™ be used with phone cases?

A. Ringo™ can be used with any phone case that is MagSafe®-compatible. If a device is considered MagSafe®, but its phone case is not, then a Magnetic Booster Ring must be added to the order.

Q. Is Ringo™ compatible with all devices?

A. All gadgets are intended to be used with Ringo™. As previously stated, the Magnetic Booster Ring is required for any device that is not MagSafe®. In terms of durability, people may even attach their 12.9-inch iPad without worrying about it slipping or toppling over.

Q. Does everyone need to purchase a Magnetic Booster Ring?

A. Only those with non-MagSafe® devices and phone cases need to purchase a Magnetic Booster Ring with Ringo™.

Q. How long does it take for an order of Ringo™ to arrive?

A. Once a Ringo™ order is placed, it should get shipped out within 24 to 48 hours. On average, arrival times can range between 3 and 5 business days if the United States is the final destination. International shipping times will depend on the country and its customs. Due to uncertainty, a timeframe has not been provided for these orders.

Q. Are Ringo™ orders protected under any warranties?

A. The creators of Ringo™ are presently offering a one-year warranty on all of their bottles. Customers also have 30 days to get 100% of their money back (purchase price) with no questions asked if they are unsatisfied with this product. For more information on the warranty or the money-back guarantee, email support at support@getringo.com or call them directly at 1-818-318-7972.

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How much does Ringo™ Cost?

Pricing for Ringo™ varies depending on size and quantity as illustrated below:

  • 1 Ringo™ bottle (Regular size): $64.99 each + applicable shipping
  • 1 Ringo™ bottle (Large size): $69.99 each + applicable shipping
  • 2 Ringo™ bottles (Regular size): $59.99 each + free domestic shipping
  • 2 Ringo™ bottles (Large size): $67.49 each + free domestic shipping
  • 3 Ringo™ bottles (Regular size): $53.33 each + free domestic shipping
  • 3 Ringo™ bottles (Large size): $59.99 each + free domestic shipping
  • Buy Two, Get One Free $159.98 + free domestic shipping

Final Verdict

All-in-all, Ringo™ is both a water bottle and a phone holder. Its lid is built with a precision hinge verified and designed by engineers and top manufacturers. It also contains a halo ring lined with strong magnets for MagSafe® devices to attach onto.

Realizing the hassle of properly mounting phones, the creators behind this innovative solution decided to develop something lightweight, straightforward, and high-quality. Put differently, Ringo™ allows individuals to access their phones hands-free while going about their lives, not thinking about where their phones are. The team has not compromised the water bottle’s capacity, as liquids can be kept warm or cool to one’s liking for extended periods.

Our editorial team also liked that Ringo™ promotes low maintenance, which is highly beneficial in a time of convenience. How can anyone overlook how accessible this product is? Even those without MagSafe® devices can give Ringo™ a try, so long as they purchase the Magnetic Booster Ring as well.

Above all, attaching one’s device to a water bottle implies that people will be more aware of their water consumption, as dehydration has far too many negative consequences.

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