There’s always the good in the bad

We just can’t win can we?

We just can’t win can we?

When it comes to Seattle sports, misery brings us all together.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Cougar or a Husky football fan; with a combined record of 1-10, everyone might as well just get along.

And lets not even get started on the Seahawks. What Seattle residents thought was going to be their saving grace has turned out more like a can of mace to the eyes. After we all suffered through one team moving and another becoming the founding member of the $100 million payroll, 100 loss club, we have to sit through this?

Well, Washington sports fans, it’s time to cheer up. So in the spirit of that, I’m here to give you a few things to think about.

1. It can’t get much worse

Really, how could it? I don’t figure there is anyway the WSU and UW football teams can get any worse, short of UW prying Rick Neuheisel away from UCLA or WSU calling for student tryouts for their starting quarterback position.

We don’t have another basketball team that can leave, and the Mariners were so bad, well, they’d have to not field a team to get any worse.

2. The Seahawks are only in week six

Back off the ledges people. It’s not time to go to Chicago Cubs fans status. Yes, the ‘Hawks are 1-3. But remember, Seattle plays in a division so bad in the NFC West, it might as well be renamed the Sun Belt Conference.

The Cardinals lead the division with a 3-2 record and a quarterback in Kurt Warner who is approaching AARP status. Directly in front of the Seahawks are the 49ers, who have a 2-3 record and stole a game from Seattle earlier in the season. And in last place are the Rams, a team that could go down in history as the NFL’s worst-ever. Seriously.

So back off the ledge, ‘Hawks fans.

3. Have you seen the Oklahoma Thunder jerseys?

Life would be much worse if you had to watch a team dressed as clowns for an entire season.

4. It’s only a game...really

I used to hate it when people told me this. But trust me, you’re much less invested than the players are. Do you think you could possibly feel worse than they do?

Take a timeout and remember there’s more to life than how you’re favorite team is doing. Put down the remote and go outside and toss a ball around with your son. Or drive out to a local high school on a Friday night and watch the unbridled joy on the faces of the kids who still play for fun.

That’s really the point of this column. Stop whining about how bad the sports are in our state; there’s more to life.

Now you just have to re-discover it.