LSColognes Reviews - Should You Buy LS Cologne Fragrances?

Have you been navigating the fragrance market with no luck? Can’t seem to find a fragrance that blends beautifully with your body chemistry and lasts long enough to avoid reapplications? Though perfumes are meant to heighten one’s overall scent, there’s more to them than the nose can detect. Choosing a fragrance is actually a delicate process, as people aim to convey their essence through it, whether it be sophistication, intenseness, serenity, or bliss. For the longest time, liquid colognes have remained the rage, but more recently, solid colognes have been making waves. Why? They seem to fix shortcomings linked to their liquid counterparts.

Curious to see where we are headed? Here’s a comprehensive guide covering everything there is to know about LSColognes.

What is LSColognes?

LSColognes provides luxury, wax-based fragrances (also known as solid colognes). Solid colognes are natural alternatives to liquid-based colognes, where essential oils, wax, and solid carrier oils have replaced traditional uses of alcohol, water, and carrier oils. The result resembles a lip balm or moisturizer found in tin containers, maintaining its solid structure at room temperature. Another key difference is that liquid colognes are sprayed on certain regions, whereas the likes of LSColognes are applied directly to the skin.

According to the LSColognes team, they’re on a mission to craft “exclusive solid perfumes that embody feelings and are part of premium society,” adding that each one represents a unique yet “genuine attention stealer” and a “confidence booster.” These are strong claims to make, so we dug into their current offerings, which we will cover in great detail.

What features do LSColognes solid colognes have?

LSColognes solid colognes are best known for the following features:


LSColognes is made and packed in a compact tin. In addition to taking up less space, this is much more covert than carrying liquid colognes, which makes it convenient to use in public. The latter is particularly useful because people don’t usually take out their fragrance and spray it all over themselves in public unless they are heading to the restroom. At first glance, LSColognes looks similar to a tin of lip balm or moisturizer, which people are usually less conscious of.

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LSColognes uses authentic and all-natural ingredients in their solid colognes. The base of the cologne is made of Sweet Almond Oil, Cera Alba, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E Oil. Starting with Sweet Almond Oil [1], is a common ingredient in many skincare and hair products. Made from sweet almonds, this ingredient has been shown to provide hydration and is considered generally safe, even for the most sensitive skin types. The latter is attributed to the oil’s non-irritant and lightweight nature.

Next, Cera Alba (or beeswax) is a bee wax.

It has the potential to attract and retain moisture in the skin and has antibacterial agents (possibly treating wounds and certain skin issues). As for safety, this ingredient is also used in baby products, which is telling enough. From there, we have an ingredient that also carries properties similar to those of the former two ingredients: Shea Butter. Shea butter is a creamy fat derived from nuts that grow on African shea trees. It has been demonstrated to relieve dryness, ease irritation, support healthy skin aging, improve eczema, and provide sun protection.

Finally, we have a potent antioxidant called Vitamin E, which is popular in skin and hair products. Research suggests it is appropriate for moisturizing purposes, sun protection, and treating inflammation-induced skin conditions.


Liquid colognes are usually not long-lasting because they do not include any moisturizing agents. To correct this, it is recommended that people apply a moisturizing agent to the spot that they plan to spray. With LSColognes, such steps are unnecessary, seeing as the base of the cologne contains several humectant ingredients, ultimately helping to retain the scent for as long as possible. That said, it is important to note that skin type plays a role, as scents do not linger long enough on dry skin types. As for sweaty skin types, colognes might exude a different scent than the initial aroma.

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Promotes Thoughtful Uses

Some of us are likely guilty of spraying colognes in excess. This only reduces supplies, warranting repurchases too soon. This issue is more or less eliminated thanks to the solid nature of LSColognes. All people require for maximum fragrance is a swipe across the bar with their fingers. Each supply is trusted to last long enough this way because of its high melting point. In other words, its solid nature prevents people from excessively digging into LSColognes.


Finally, each LSColognes is designed with environmental sustainability in mind, reassuring for people seeking solutions with such a principle. Recycling liquid cologne glass bottles requires some steps, including disassembling and washing, cutting off the plastic valve, loosening and removing the metal around the bottle’s neck, discarding any leftover liquids, rinsing the bottle, and letting it dry. Additionally, research is needed to determine which businesses will gather and accept these bottles for recycling. All-in-all, dealing with glass bottles requires significant effort that few people are likely to undertake.


Fragrances produced by YSL, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Dior, among other high-end brands, do not come cheap, making it a very exclusive market that only select people can comfortably afford. The main competitive advantage that LSColognes has over its competitors in solid colognes is that they have managed to recreate popular fragrances with their own twist. They believe they were able to capture the essence of several favorite scents but with their own added twists.

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What fragrances do LSColognes come in?

LSColognes solid colognes are currently offered in the following fragrances:

Bad Girl - Inspired by Bad Girl

Bad Girl was inspired by Carolina Herrera, which captures the allure of Good Girl. Immediately upon application, individuals will smell a scent that combines almonds and coffee. As this scent fades, the middle or heart notes will kick in, which, in this case, combine the likes of Sambac Jasmine and Tuberose. The former is trusted to add a light floral touch, whereas the latter is best known for its high-fragrant floral note for added sophistication. The base notes include Tonka Bean, Cacao, and Vanilla, which blend with the middle notes to create a full-body and balanced scent.

Breeze - Inspired by Wood Safe and Sea Salt

The creators explained that Breeze was envisioned as a fragrance for yacht dances, old-money rendezvous, and soaking up the sun while seated at a cliff. This solid cologne is best suited for people who appreciate the Sea Salt and Bergamot combination. Bergamot is a citrus fruit with a sour flavor. As a fragrance, it is highly incorporated in perfumes because of the desirable chemistry it achieves on different bodies and its aromatherapeutic benefits (possibly easing feelings of anxiety and stress). The next pair includes Mineral Accord and Sage, creating an ocean-like scent. The base comprises Ambrette Seeds and Musk, known for releasing hints of sweetness and woodiness. Together, we have a fresh marine fragrance for people who tend to lean towards this.

Focus - Inspired by Noir Extreme

Focus is an embodiment of luxury, sophistication, and sensuality. The fragrance opens with several scents, including Cardamon, Nutmeg, Saffron, Mandarin Orange, and Neroli, most of which exude Indian chai vibes. The citric addition cuts through the spiciness of these scents. As the spiciness fades with time, the heart notes kick in with Kulfi, Rose, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine, providing a nice combination of fruitiness and floral touches. Finally, to cut through all the spice and sweetness, Focus uses Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, and Wood, representing earthy and woody notes. Right off the bat, the blend of spices, fruits, florals, and wood challenges common fragrance families, which shows the team’s willingness to take some risks.

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Mistress - Inspired by Rose and Oud

“Mistress” is defined by the creators as a way of letting oneself project one’s true inner self, avoiding feeling shameful, and in turn, appreciating one’s beauty. Matter-of-factly, it has been inspired by Jo Malone’s Rose and Oud. Stated differently, this solid cologne starts with a Rose and Argan wood pairing, two ingredients appreciated for their floral and earthy scents. In terms of aromatherapy, both scents are used to achieve inner peace. The heart of this fragrance is Praline, which ties together sweetness, woodiness, and a sharp and intense balsamic touch. Finally, the base is rather spicy, thanks to the addition of Cloves.

Monaco - Inspired by Allure

Monaco was inspired by Chanel’s Allure, a fragrance accepted for its charismatic, natural, floral, and amber notes, making it a favorite among women. The LSColognes team’s take on Allure entails Bergamot, Mandarin, Peach, Passionfruit, and Lemon, going nuclear on the fruity scent. Eventually, the fruity nature of Monaco blends with floral hints from the amalgamation of Jasmine, Rose, Freesia, Water Lily, and Magnolia. Most of these ingredients, as noted earlier, have aromatherapeutic benefits. To balance out Monaco, the creators added earthiness in the forms of Amber, Vetiver (grassy), Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Vanilla. This is a scent for oriental and spicy oriental fragrance lovers, as it embodies so much complexity.

Paris - Inspired by Rouge 540

Another fragrance representing sophistication is LSColognes’ Paris. This solid cologne opens with Saffron and Jasmine notes, followed by Amberwood, and Ambergris (normally derived from the sperm of whales and developing a pleasant scent over time), and Fir Resin, and Cedarwood, respectively. Put differently, Paris balances sweet, floral, earthiness, and woodiness (or a floral woody fragrance).

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Passenger Queen - Inspired by Libre

Passenger Queen is LSColognes’ take on YSL Libre, a fragrance linked to beautifully personifying independence, confidence, strength, and femininity while blending tradition and modernity. That said, the immediate scents that exude from the Passenger Queen are those of Mandarin Orange, Lavender, and Blackcurrant. What’s interesting about this scent is that its floral and fruity scents are longer-lasting, with the heart also including Lavender, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine. Eventually, the heart achieves a middle ground thanks to the influence of Madagascar Vanilla, Cedarwood, and Ambergris.

Sigma - Inspired by Ombre Leather

Sigma is a fresh perspective on Ombre Leather. The latter has been well-received because of its ability to radiate the desert of the West while emphasizing sensuality, the heat of the rock and sand, and some floral notes, to list a few. The LSCologne achieves the aforesaid by combining Cardamom and Jasmine as the top notes, Leather, Patchouli, and Moss as the middle notes, and Amber and vetiver as the base notes. This is another complex fragrance worth considering.

Sky - Inspired by Bleu

Bleu by Chanel has been a favorite among people who admire the beauty of the windswept share. The fragrance takes the mind back to the sea itself as people see the waves before them, feel the sand between their toes, and think of that one seagull flying over. To transport people to this scenery, the LSColognes team started off Sky by releasing Bergamot and Pink Pepper, followed by Aromatic Woods (specifically, Cedar and Sandalwood), and closing the fragrance with Labdanum (i.e., a sticky brown resin), Vetiver, and Patchouli. This screams woody ambery.

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Timeless - Inspired by La Nuit de L’Homme

Timeless, a fragrance for men, should remind users, in some shape or form, of La Nuit de L’Homme by YSL. For those unfamiliar with the scent, it presents the essence of a mysterious moonlit night in the cobblestone streets of Paris. In particular, this fragrance aims to capture a breeze, an awestruck feeling filled with little stars in all the blackness, and high anticipation. The LSColognes team claims to have at least half the original by including Cardamom and Bergamot as top notes, Lavender, Virginia Cedar, and (surprisingly) Cumin as heart notes, and Vetiver, Caraway (a spice), and Coumarin (a chemical with a vanilla-like scent). Our editorial team sees how Timeless leaves a sense of mystery and surprise for people, as we certainly didn’t anticipate strong spices like caraway or cumin being used.

Touch - Inspired by J’adore

Touch is a unique take on Dior’s J’adore, a fragrance that screams sophistication, a natural woman with dignity, and at the same time, being regal, grounded, and strong. Naturally, Touch opens on a fruity note with the likes of Bergamot, Mandarin, and Citrus, followed by floral notes to cut through all the zesty character for a summery balance (Jasmine, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, and Orchid), and finally a layer of woodiness and earthiness in the form of Vanilla, Woody Notes, and Ambergris, achieving what we believe would be considered a collaboration between floral woody and floral fruity fragrances.

Ultimate Gent - Inspired by Aventus

Ultimate Gent, as described by the creators, “echoes the emotions of Aventus Creed.” To achieve this, they added Pineapple, Bergamot, Apple, and Blackcurrant as the top notes, Patchouli, Jasmine, and Rose as the heart notes, and Vanilla Musk, Ambergris, and Oakmoss as the base notes. This composure is unconventional, as it does not fall into one category but appears to be fitting as a category on its own. There’s some essence from a woody aromatic fragrance, a woody musky fragrance, and even a fruity touch, making it difficult to describe what’s happening. It shows that the LSColognes team had tons of fun creating this scent.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is LSColognes safe?

LSColognes is generally considered a safe alternative to liquid colognes due to its use of natural ingredients. However, people allergic to certain ingredients found in the solid cologne should have a skin reaction ranging from swelling and redness to itchiness, rashes, and/or a burning sensation. As a result, individuals should consider doing a small patch test before applying it to the three main recommended places on the body.

What is the difference between the top, middle, and base notes?

The top, middle (or heart), and base notes make up a fragrance. The top note is the opening note that is noticed upon application. It is lighter and will fade first. Once the top evaporates, the middle notes kick in and last longer. Lastly, the base notes are the final notes to appear once the top notes have completely faded. They blend with the heart notes to leave a lasting impression.

Why does body chemistry matter when choosing a fragrance?

Body chemistry is a minor and often overlooked factor, as the same scent applied to two different people can exude something completely different. For example, an oily skin type helps the scent remain longer, whereas a dry skin type requires more. Those who are prone to excess sweating will also want to choose a scent that is worn during the summer, whereas those who sweat based on activity or where one resides might want to consider what’s popular on a seasonal basis.

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How should LSColognes be used?

Individuals are asked to click open the tin, swipe their fingers into the solid fragrance, and apply it to the neck, wrists, and other pulse points.

Will LSColognes melt on a hot day?

LSColognes solid colognes have a melting point of 54 degrees Celsius; therefore, they will not melt on a hot day.

What does LSColognes feel like on the skin?

LSColognes is grease-free and will feel light without leaving an oily residue on the skin.

What is the estimated arrival time for LSColognes shipments?

The team has not provided the estimated arrival time. The standard for U.S. orders is three to five business days and upward of 10 business days for international orders. However, more information is needed before jumping to any conclusion.

Is there a money-back guarantee in place for LSColognes?

Yes, LSColognes solid colognes are protected by a money-back guarantee. If the selected fragrance does not meet one’s expectations or exudes a specific scent as listed in the description, customer support can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. LSColognes being a new brand, some time is needed for all the information to be available online. For any questions or concerns, the customer support team can be reached by filling out a contact form on the official LSColognes website.

How much does LSColognes cost?

The original price of each LSColognes solid cologne starts at roughly $49.90, but for a limited time, individuals will be looking at a starting price of $34.90.

Final Verdict

LSColognes is a brand of premium, handmade solid colognes. Their solid structure comprises beeswax, sweet almond and vitamin E oils, and shea butter, which are natural, skin-friendly, and highly moisturizing. This feature alone gives LSColognes a leg up, as the use of alcohol has been eliminated altogether. Other features that strengthen one’s position to switch to LSColognes include its long-lasting nature, compactness, discreetness, ability to promote controlled uses, recyclability, and affordability.

At least for us, the bow on top of this gift was LSColognes’ ability to recreate the essence of many high-end brands. This is probably the only missing link between LSColognes and other solid cologne brands.

Several unanswered questions remain, including how long a single tin of solid cologne might last, where it was manufactured, the length of the money-back guarantee, and estimated shipping times. But we believe more clarity will come with time since LSColognes is a recent addition to the fragrance market. Ultimately, our editorial team sees this brand as one that equally emphasizes the environment, skincare, and people’s self-worth and self-confidence, which many brands cannot claim. For these reasons, we see value in investing in LSColognes.

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