Pass Your Test Reviews: Effective THC Detoxification Cleansing Kits You Can Trust?

Many times in life, you face different scenarios where you have to undergo a drug test to obtain the necessary recognition. It can happen before a job interview or when a sportsperson appears to play a game. At these times, you need to eliminate all the toxins present in your body and pass the test successfully.

Gone are those days when you had to worry about testing positive on a test. Even if you tested positive in the past, you don’t need to live in fear and shadow. You can now leave everything to Pass Your Test, a detoxification company that produces natural cleansing products.

With the help of detox products, you can get rid of THC in your system and easily sit for an upcoming drug test with no worries. You must know that these products are not hard to use. Some come in capsules, and some even come in the form of shampoos. You can easily follow the instructions on the pack and be prepared for any drug test.

These detoxification products require you to quit smoking to cleanse your body off the THC. You also need to follow a healthy diet with plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to flush out the toxins quickly.

Only a handful work among the many products available on the market that claim to detoxify your body. So, how do you decide which one works? Easy. We have sorted it out for you.

Pass Your Test is a detox company that has been in the business for a very long time. Let’s take a detailed look at the product and how much it has to offer.

Key Brand Details
Brand Name Pass Your Test
Category Detox Products
Product Maker Nutra Cleanse
Products Form Shots, capsules, drinks, shampoos, etc.
Serving Size It varies on the size of the product and length of the program
Dosage It depends on the product
Description You can find several detox solutions at Pass Your Test. They can be used before different drug tests, irrespective of whether you have the test on the same day or in a few days. You can choose the product and use it to pass the test.
Type of Products
  • Home-test Kit
  • Cleansing Shampoo
  • Total Body Cleanse Products
  • Same-Day Cleanse Products
  • Permanent Cleansers
  • Main Benefits
  • It helps to remove the toxins from your body
  • All products are formed of multiple natural ingredients
  • It benefits your overall well-being
  • Assists in losing weight
  • Access to a cleansing coach who makes sure that you pass the test
  • It helps in passing both hair and urine tests
  • Other Perks
  • GMP-Certified
  • Receive free shipping services all across the USA
  • Get a cleansing guide and meal plan as bonus products
  • Side Effects There have been no side effects reported of the company’s products until now in the user reviews.
    Price It starts from $49
    Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

    What is Pass Your Test?

    If you are looking for high-quality products to detoxify your body and get rid of all the toxins, you can choose the products of Pass Your Test. The company is one of the oldest detoxification brands in the industry that produces a host of products that can flush out THC from your system.

    You would be interested to know that Pass Your Test is a 20-year-old brand. The brand has helped several individuals prepare for an upcoming drug test throughout this time. There are hundreds of user reviews online that state the efficacy of the company’s products in helping people get through drug tests.

    The company has created a wide variety of detoxification products to suit the unique needs of individuals. With the help of these products, you get fast solutions for clearing out toxins right before a drug test. Pass Your Test offers products like capsules, shots, shampoos, etc., to help people bring down the levels of THC metabolites in their bodies.

    If you are using any detox product, you need to ensure that you accompany its intake with strict dietary restrictions. Don’t drink alcohol or eat unhealthy food items while preparing for a drug test. If you don’t know where to start, you can take a quiz displayed on the official website of Pass Your Test to assess which product will suit you the most.

    The brand has many positive features, including manufacturing Nutra Cleanse products in FDA-Certified GMP Labs in the USA. Only natural elements, including herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals, make these products. The brand’s cherry on the cake also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to portray their confidence to the customers.

    About Pass Your Test

    Pass Your Test has been in existence for more than a decade now. It was founded in 2000 by aspiring individuals looking for solutions to the THC detection problem in a drug test. Their search ended with Pass Your Test and Nutra Cleanse products that offered individuals reliable detox solutions.

    The products on the company’s official website are created with 100% natural and safe ingredients to secure users’ health. With the brand’s high-quality products, you can sit for an upcoming drug test without any fear. The company has created products that come with easy instructions so that any individual can follow them and pass a test.

    People have been using the products designed in FDA-Certified GMP Labs for over two decades. Not only this, but the company also offers a complete satisfaction guarantee on all its products. Some of the programs even come with two-three home-testing kits that you can use before drug testing.

    The brand also offers bonus products, including a cleansing guide and meal plan to support the actual product.

    About Nutra Cleanse

    Only natural ingredients go into the making of Nutra Cleanse products. The company employs the latest technologies in creating all its products. Every product is formulated after several months of research so that the public receives a perfect product at the end.

    Nutra Cleanse detox products can result in the complete detoxification of toxins from your system with the help of herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. The correct mix of all these ingredients allows the products to remove toxins from your body quickly.

    There are various products available with the brand that you can use to pass drug tests. The full ingredient content of all these products allows them to eradicate the presence of unwanted toxins and helps you stay clear for a drug test.

    The products are created in FDA-Certified GMP Labs, making them fit for usage by all. You can choose any product to bring down THC levels in your body right before a drug test and enjoy the health benefits of the product as well.

    Pass Your Test Products

    You can find a range of detoxification products on the brand’s official website. Since Pass Your Test is a two-decade-old brand, many people around the country trust it. The products come in capsules, shots, kits, programs, etc. Users can have their pick based on their individual needs.

    All the ingredients used in the composition of Nutra Cleanse detox products are procured from trusted sources. They are added in optimum values to make the product fit people with sensitive stomachs. If you want to remove toxins from your body to get through a drug test, you can choose to Pass Your Test.

    Next time you want to flush out toxins before a drug test, look at the vast variety of products available on the Pass Your Test website.

    Same Day Cleanse


    As the name suggests, the same-day cleanse products do not take much time. Usually, they work in just 90 minutes, and their effects last up to 6 hours. The Nutra Cleanse cleansing products prove very beneficial for those individuals who want to bring down their toxin levels in just a few hours.

    You can try the same-day cleanse products when you want to detox your body of THC on the same day of your drug test. For instance, you have to sit for an interview for a new job and pass a drug test to achieve the same. Then, this product comes in handy for you. In addition, the ingredients used in the products can also help you get rid of excess body fat.

    It is important to note that the time taken for detoxification depends on how much THC content is present in your body. The same-day cleanser products offered by Pass Your Test are:


    Clean Shot is one of the best products provided by Pass Your Test. It is best suited for people who have had heavy exposure to toxins. Anyone who smokes weed right before an important event can gulp down the product and wait just 90 minutes for it to take effect.

    The concentrated liquid drink, Clean Shot, is ideal for people who want to get rid of unwanted toxins and have just a couple of hours in their hands. They can also lose excess body fat with the help of the potent ingredients used in Clean Shot.

    It is a safe same-day test option for you to eradicate toxins from your body. The effects of Clean Shot last for around 6 hours, and during this time, you experience relatively negligible toxin levels.

    Clean Caps

    Clean Caps can help you erase toxins from your body with their potent formulation of natural ingredients. The product is designed to work in just 60 minutes of intake so that you can use it on the same day as your drug test. Reducing your THC levels allows you to pass a test smoothly.

    The same-day cleanser, unlike Clean Shot, is best suited for people with mild to moderate exposure to toxins. Hence, if a petite tiny person with a low body fat wants to get rid of unwanted toxins, Clean Caps is ideal for them to use.

    With Clean Caps, there are high chances that you will lose body fat and test negative for a drug test.

    Fail-Safe Kit

    If you don’t want to take any chances before appearing for a drug test, you must get the Fail-Safe Kit. The kit comprises one Clean Caps and Clean Shot each. These two, as discussed above, are powerful same-day cleansers that can help you eradicate toxins from your body even on the same day of the test.

    The Fail-Safe Kit comes with a clear set of easy instructions that are easy to follow. The effects of the products in the kit last up to 5 hours after ingestion. If you are confused between Caps and Shot, try out the Fail-Safe Kit.

    The Fail-Safe Kit is perfect for people with high toxin levels who are not petite tiny people.

    Permanent Cleanse


    Permanent Cleanse products work to erase toxins from your system entirely. If you have a drug test around the corner and have a week in your hand, permanent cleansers can be your best friend. The Nutra Cleanse cleansing products help you pass a urine test by completely eradicating toxins from your system until you retake them.

    The pre-cleanse formula used in the permanent cleansers helps to break down all toxins so that when you sit for a drug test, you can easily pass it. The green tea extracts used in the pre-cleanse formula of the permanent cleansers also help you lose a considerable chunk of body fat.

    Drug tests can sound pretty intimidating to even an ordinary man. If you have been exposed to toxins, you need to take the required steps to cleanse your body. If you want to come clean in a test, choose between the 5-day and 10-day cleansing program offered by Pass Your Test.

    5-day Extreme Detoxification Program

    The program takes five days to remove unwanted toxins from your body with the help of Nutra Cleanse capsules and home-testing kits. It is ideal for those individuals who have 5-7 days in their hands before appearing for a drug test. The instructions in the 5-day Extreme Detoxification Program are straightforward to follow.

    The program is designed to assist your body’s natural detoxification process so that it flushes out all the THC from your system. It is highly beneficial for a person with low body fat and mild to moderate toxin exposure.

    With the help of 30-morning time formula capsules, 30-evening time formula capsules, four pre-cleanse formula capsules, eight-post cleanse formula capsules, two home testing kits, one meal plan, and one cleansing guide, the program can get you through drug tests effortlessly.

    10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program

    If you have moderate to heavy exposure to toxins, you must engage in the 10-day Ultra Detoxification Program by Pass Your Test. The program uses several products to clear out unwanted toxins from your system. These products need to be taken at fixed intervals to assist your body’s natural detoxification process.

    It will not do if you use only one or two products of the program; you have to use all of them to take maximum benefit out of the program. This can help you achieve weed detox and bid farewell to unwanted toxins until you re-expose yourself to THC.

    The products in the program are 60-evening time formula capsules, 60-morning time formula capsules, eight post-cleanse formula capsules, four pre-cleanse formula capsules, meal plans, cleansing guides, and three home-testing kits.

    Total Body Cleanse

    Total Body Cleanse allows you to remove unwanted toxins from your system. The program contains several products that work together to cleanse your body. It provides two types of programs that can be used for mild to heavy exposure. With the help of these products, you can eradicate toxins from your hair, blood, and urine.

    The Nutra Cleanse cleansing products aim to improve your body’s natural detoxification process with the help of natural elements. The program includes detox kits and several cleansing products that can remove THC content from your body and help you achieve desired results.

    Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program

    The product provides you with a 5-day program that you must start using at least 7-10 days before your drug test. The Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program enables you to cleanse your body of toxins with the help of permanent cleansers and cleansing shampoos. With these products, you can clean your body off unwanted toxins.

    Anybody with a low, moderate, or heavy exposure to toxins can benefit from this 5-day program. You can also make some dietary changes to enhance your cleansing process using this program. Many people drank detox teas and drank pure cranberry juice to expedite the natural detox process in their bodies.

    Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program

    The Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program takes ten days to cleanse your body thoroughly. With the help of strongly formulated products, the program can remove unwanted toxins from your body to a great extent.

    The detox kits present in the Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program are ideal for use by people who have had moderate to heavy exposure to toxins. Including natural ingredients in these products’ formulas helps bring down your THC levels and get you through a drug test.

    With the help of these products, you can pass all kinds of drug tests - hair, urine, or blood!

    Cleansing Shampoo


    It is one of the unique detoxification products on the market right now. The Cleansing Shampoo is ideal for those individuals who want to pass a hair drug test soon. A cleansing shampoo can clean toxins from your hair that might be detectable in drug tests.

    Nutra Cleanse cleansing products can help you pass a test easily as they are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients that can remove excess toxins from your system. If you are looking to cleanse your hair with the help of a Nutra Cleanse product, take the use of this cleaning shampoo.

    Folli-Clean Shampoo

    The Folli-Clean Shampoo claims to eliminate toxins from your hair in just 1-1.5 hours. If you are to appear for a hair drug test in the coming future, you can start using the Folli-Clean Shampoo regularly. The shampoo contains natural ingredients that can also provide nourishment to your hair.

    If you are worried about appearing for drug tests because of the fear of failing them, you can start using detoxification products by Pass Your Test. The detox shampoo product is scarcely available anywhere else.

    The Folli-Clean Shampoo is available on the official website of Pass Your Test.

    Home Testing Kits

    A home-test kit can help you determine the extent of toxins present inside your body. That’s why you will find several such kits on the website of Pass Your Test. If you are taking detoxification products by the brand, you also need a home test kit to ensure that you are getting rid of the toxins.

    With the help of a home drug test, you can find out the results in less than 5 minutes. It is vital to follow all the directions listed on the kit while doing a home test. A testing kit allows you to gauge your toxin levels to take the necessary steps with enough time remaining in your hand before a drug test.

    The home-testing kits by Pass Your Test include:

    Single Panel THC Home Test Kit

    The home test is created to provide you with 99% accurate results whenever you need them. The testing kit is like any other standard home test kit that determines THC levels in your body. If you think taking a home drug test can prove beneficial, you must not hesitate before getting a Single Panel THC Home Test Kit.

    Test-O-Meter THC Home Test Kit

    With the help of the Test-O-Meter THC Home Test Kit, you can check the presence of THC with 50 ng/ml concentrations. The home test can prove extremely valuable if you have a drug test around the corner and don’t know whether the detoxification product has worked on you or not.

    Home-testing kits can help you to assess the THC content in your body.

    Nicotine Testing Kit

    The Nicotine Testing Kit can measure the levels of THC present inside your body. With the help of this home test, you can eliminate toxins in your system from the comfort of your home.

    Home-testing kits are the easiest way to assess whether the product was able to cleanse your body of toxins or not. The Nicotine Testing Kit is an affordable home test kit that you can easily use.

    Genuine User Reviews On Pass Your Test

    Over the years, users have posted several Pass Your Test reviews online to show their support for the company’s products. There are mixed reviews about the products, with some negative reviews claiming that the product was a complete waste for them. They even gave the product zero stars.

    Some negative reviews claim, personal details removed, that their levels of THC did not drop as expected. As a result, they failed the drug test.

    The brand has also received positive reviews from several individuals who say that you will surely pass a drug test if you lose weight, drink water, and eat healthily. A daily user has also praised the brand for its wide variety of products.

    Purchasing Pass Your Test Products

    Pass Your Test offers a range of detoxification products to all its users. As a result, the website has a vast price bracket to accommodate the needs of different kinds of customers.

    The detoxification products are available on the official website. There are many products available there with the help of which you can cleanse your body and pass a drug test effortlessly.

    Pass Your Test Money Back Guarantee

    Pass Your Test provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its users. The promise of this guarantee reflects the trust of the makers of the detoxification products in their formulations.

    Many people afraid about failing a drug test benefit from the satisfaction guarantee, increasing their trust in the products.

    Almost all the products of the brand help to eliminate toxins from your body. Still, if you are unsatisfied with any of them, you can claim your money with the help of the solid money-back guarantee provided by the makers.

    Pass Your Test Shipping Details

    Pass Your Test has been an industry leader for the past 20 years. The company offers free shipping to all its customers in the USA who want to get detoxification products to eliminate the toxins floating in their bodies.

    The brand’s shipping department takes extreme care while dispatching products at the right time to help as many people as possible.

    Pass Your Test Final Verdict

    There are very few brands in the industry that have been around for more than two decades now. Pass Your Test is one of them. The company has all types of detoxification products that can be used by people with mild, moderate, or heavy exposure. Over the years, many people have used the brand’s products to pass drug tests.

    The company provides a host of products in different forms that can be used to achieve desired test results. The inclusion of natural ingredients in the composition of these products makes them one of the best in the market.

    However, you must note that detoxification products do not work all the time. At times, you may not benefit from the product at all. That’s why you have to be very careful while following the instructions on the product and maintaining a strict diet throughout the usage.


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