Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites Reviews - Should You Buy Earth Echo Products?

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites by Earth Echo and Co-Founder Danette May is a special dark chocolate that activates the lock and key in the brain, providing peaceful sleep. The yummy chocolates are for those who feel jittery, have racing thoughts, or struggle with occasional sleepiness. They relax your mind, clear stress and anxiety, and help you sleep by activating a sleep chemical and receptor in the brain.

The following is a detailed Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites review that discusses everything you need to know about this delicious chocolate.

What is Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites?

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites are chocolate treats that enhance sleep and relaxation. Each bite gives you deep and restful sleep, making you feel refreshed. It provides you newfound energy and productivity throughout the day.

The dark chocolate eliminates grogginess, hangovers, stress, and anxiety. In addition to enjoying every bite, Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites enhances adenosine molecules and receptors and balances the cortisol hormone. The chocolate has a rich flavor filled with delightfulness and nutrients.

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites settles your brain waves, promotes calmness, and prevents you from having racing thoughts when going to med or in the middle of the night. Each chocolate bar gives you a guilt-free caramel flavor when cravings hit. It also turns you into your most loving, present, and healthiest version.

The delicious pre-bed ritual induces faster sleep as it slowly drifts your mind off to sleep. The sleep-promoting ingredients are 100% natural and scientifically proven to support your sleep. Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites contains raw and rich cacao from Costa Rica, which provides life-changing benefits.

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites takes care of your bedtime cravings, helping you maintain a healthy weight. The sweet chocolate treat is free from chemicals, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sugar, GMOs, preservatives, or toxins. Each batch of Bliss chocolate is produced in a safe facility that follows the FDA and GMP regulations.

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How Do Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites Work?

The brain has two modes: the ‘awake’ mode, which occurs when you are active, and the sleep mode when your mind is slowly shutting down. The adenosine controls both modes. When the chemical binds to the brain receptors, it causes you to fall asleep. Stress and anxiety deactivate the adenosine, preventing you from entering sleep mode.

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites work by activating the sleep lock and key, helping you attain deep sleep. The ingredients in the chocolate drift you to sleep as soon as you close your eyes. Cacao, found in Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites, contains anandamide, which stimulates the body to produce more adenosine, leading to deep sleep.

The sleep-inducing nutrients in the chocolate curb the cortisol hormone, reducing sleep and anxiety as you go to bed. Low cortisol levels enable you to stay asleep, preventing racing thoughts in the middle of the night.

Besides improving sleep quality, Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites helps you feel energized and refreshed the following day. It also enhances your overall quality of life by optimizing the body function.

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The Ingredients in Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites contain nature-based ingredients that help restore your sleep. Here is how each component in every bite works:

Cacao Beans

Cacao beans are vital ingredients in Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites. The beans are rich in flavonoids, particularly flavonols, which have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help combat oxidative stress in the body, potentially protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Cacao contains tryptophan, an amino acid precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation and sleep-wake cycles. The potential impact on serotonin levels may indirectly contribute to improved sleep.

Theobromine, a stimulant found in cacao, has a mild diuretic effect and may have cardiovascular benefits. The taste and texture of cacao provide a pleasurable eating experience.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has calming effects that help your brain relax and fall asleep faster. It has mild sedative effects that promote a restful state and reduce stress and anxiety.


Chamomile has calming properties that help reduce anxiety and stress. It contains apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to specific receptors in the brain, promoting a calming effect and potentially aiding sleep. Studies have proven that chamomile can fight insomnia and reduce fatigue.

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GABA is a neurotransmitter that is crucial in calming the central nervous system. It inhibits nerve transmission in the brain, leading to a sense of relaxation and reduced anxiety. GABA promotes relaxation, helping an individual fall asleep faster, and supports immune function.


Saffron contains compounds like crocin and safranal, which may have antidepressant and anxiolytic effects. It improves mood, reduces stress levels, and promotes serotonin production, which in turn promotes sleep-wake cycles. According to the website, saffron changes your brain to deep sleep waves, ensuring better sleep quality.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar, leading to a slower and more sustained release of energy. This can help prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes, promoting stable energy levels throughout the night.


Caramel adds a delicious and sweet flavor to the chocolate bites, enhancing the overall taste and making the sleep support product a more enjoyable treat. It also provides a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, therefore enhancing relaxation.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt contains essential minerals that support electrolyte balance in the body. It also promotes better sleep by regulating various bodily functions, including sleep-related hormones.

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The Benefits of Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites

  • Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites increases energy and vitality;
  • The pre-bed ritual promotes muscle repair, cell regeneration, and muscle recovery;
  • Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites supports brain health, vision health, and cardiovascular health;
  • The chocolate bar supports your emotional well-being by reducing stress and anxiety;
  • Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites helps you to continue sleeping throughout the night;
  • The delicious chocolate is a healthy alternative to curb your sugar cravings;
  • Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites promotes deep and restful sleep;
  • The bliss treat boosts immunity and your sex life.

How to Use Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites

One bite of Rest Chocolate contains 60 calories, 4 g of carbs, 1 g of fiber, 3 g of total sugars, and small amounts of vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer suggests taking one of the Rest Chocolate Bites each night to promote healthy sleep.

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The sleep-promoting ingredients flow throughout the body and start to work immediately. Some people enjoy the benefits of the first dose. Use Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites for at least two months for best results.

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites supports restful nights, making you wake up feeling like a new person regardless of your age. The chocolate bites are melatonin, dairy, sugar, caffeine, and GMO-free and do not contain artificial ingredients or additives. Each ingredient is clinically tested and proven to support healthy sleep.

The nutrient-rich chocolate bites help you burn extra calories and promote better digestion and gut health. If you have an underlying medical condition, consult your doctor before using Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites.

Customer Reviews

Sharon V. writes, “WOW! What a surprise - a product that actually delivered what it promised. The little bite size, great tasting chocolate squares really helped me get a good night’s sleep. I slept through the night, without waking up once! I tried it for a few days, same results, then stopped them, I went back to the old sleep pattern. That reaffirmed to me that the product works!”

Another customer says, “I love this product! I love all products from Earth Echo!! The Rest Bliss Bite are so good. Just enough salt and caramel to be divine!! It’s a wonderful treat just before bedtime. Relaxes me and sets the tone for a Restful night’s sleep!”

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites are exclusively accessible online on the official website.

  • One box of Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites at $59.99 + shipping fee;
  • Three boxes of Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites at $149.97 + free shipping;
  • Four boxes of Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites + 1 free at $199.96 + free shipping.

You can unleash the power of Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites with zero risk, as each package comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. All you need to do is return unopened packs to the manufacturer. By contacting for order or product support at:
  • Product Support: support@earthechofoods.com
  • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/#!/


The manufacturer offers the following surprise gifts with each Rest Chocolate Bliss Package:

Bonus 1: Cacao Meditations: You will get instant access to the meditation guide, which helps release tension and relax your mind. You can listen to the meditation track while enjoying a bar of Rest Chocolate Bliss. Meditation also works if you listen before bed, inviting a peaceful atmosphere for deep sleep.

Bonus 2: Sleep Secrets that Worked for Craig: Craig shares nine simple steps to get the best night’s sleep. Some of the practices that worked for Craig include journaling and performing breathing techniques before going to bed.

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He also teaches:

  • Five bedroom items that you can add to attain a refreshing sleep;
  • The time of day Craig stopped using digital devices;
  • A common bedtime to avoid to sleep better;
  • Ways to prevent waking up in the middle of the night;
  • The simple breathing technique that Craig uses before going to bed;
  • Best bedroom temperature for sleep;
  • Craig’s trick that helps him get back to sleep quickly;
  • One trick to use when your mind is racing at night than usual.


Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites are healthy chocolate treats that promote deep and restful sleep. Each bite soothes the mind, prevents your mind from racing, and eases daily stress.

The chocolate helps you feel energized, refreshed and recharged the next morning. It promotes productivity, boosts immunity, and supports balance. The sleep-promoting nutrients induce faster sleep and help you to continue sleeping throughout the night.

The healthy chocolate treat is delicious, contains low calories, and satisfies sugar cravings. It is free from caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sugar, GMOs, preservatives, or chemicals. You can enjoy the delicious chocolate bar without worrying about weight gain or nasty side effects.

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites contains 72% cacao and premium ingredients backed by scientific research and testing. Each Earth Echo package comes with two gifts and a risk-free guarantee protecting your investment.

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