UltraK9 Pro Reviews - Should You Buy? Real Benefits or False Claims?

UltraK9 Pro® is a daily dog supplement that improves energy and supports weight loss. The formula is easy to digest and backed by science. It can be used in any wet or dry dog food to improve its nutritional value.

What is UltraK9 Pro®?

Everyone wants their dog to have a long and healthy life. No one is prepared for the end, but feeding a dog a healthy and balanced diet is often enough to keep energy levels up until these canines get older. Unfortunately, a lack of proper nutrition is often why so many dogs lose their vivacious energy. Store-bought food is notorious for lacking proper nutrition, especially when purchasing a value product. Rather than switching dog foods, which could lead to issues in the dog’s digestive system, consumers might want to consider using UltraK9 Pro.

UltraK9 Pro® specializes in reviving a dog’s energy with primal nutrition they typically do not receive as domestic pets. As it improves the digestive system, many dogs experience improved coat, energy, and weight. It is not a medication, but it does offer a profound change for any dog who consumes it.

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What’s In UltraK9 Pro®?

Burdock Root

The first ingredient of this blend is burdock root, which has an incredible effect on the liver. As it supports the body, it soothes the kidneys, which are at high risk of disease with age. Burdock root also reduces stomach pain, making food easier to digest without discomfort.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic ingredient, which means that it helps to reduce stress. It also supports relaxation, hormone detoxification, and thyroid health. Ultimately, the creators included this ingredient to help soothe anxiety in dogs.


Ginseng is rich in nutrients, helping dogs with heavier builds lose weight. It also improves immunity, helping them defend themselves against illness.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus root is an adaptogen that alleviates stress and anxiety in pets. Astragalus improves the immune system and reduces the risk of damage to the heart.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root primarily eliminates toxins and free radicals from dogs’ digestive systems. It is a highly nutritious ingredient with high protein and vitamin A.

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Turmeric is one of the most popular ingredients in the supplement industry today. It reduces inflammation, which is particularly helpful for dogs that have arthritis. It also reduces the pressure on joints and supports the ligaments.


MCT oil makes this entire formula easy for the dog to digest. Like turmeric, it reduces the severity of arthritic symptoms and amplifies that ingredient’s effects.


Horsetail is a living fossil plant. It is primarily used for the support it offers the bones because of the incredible calcium it contains.

Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen, or collagen sourced from cows, is essential to better joint health. Rather than reducing inflammation, it supports the cushion between joints to improve mobility and ease of movement. It is an incredible protein source for every dog.

Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken bone broth brings this entire formula together with a delicious flavor. It helps dogs digest better and soothes the stomach. It has also improved their skin, bones, and coat.


Purchasing UltraK9 Pro®

Through the official website, consumers can purchase UltraK9 Pro® for their dogs. There are a few options available, including:

  • 3 bottles for $207
  • 6 bottles for $234
  • 12 bottles for $468

All orders are free to ship, ensuring that consumers only have to factor in the cost of their dog’s supplement. As a gift to new customers, the creators also offer two bonuses for anyone willing to stock up on UltraK9 Pro®.

Bonus Materials

When consumers place their order, they can access two bonuses only available when they select a package with multiple bottles. The first bonus is a guide called The Handsome Boy Groomer’s Secrets To Keep Your Dog’s Mane And Teeth In Perfect Condition. Valued at $97, consumers get this free to give users tips on grooming their pets.

The bonus guides offer details for consumers grooming their dogs incorrectly, helping them learn a new method that causes no damage. It also includes details on reducing shedding, providing a dog with the correct diet, and tips on brushing their teeth without making them anxious.

The second bonus is also only available to orders with multiple bottles. The guide is called Best Dog, Best Owner - Leading Your Dog Fearlessly, and worth $79. It is also free to consumers. It teaches consumers how to understand what their dog is trying to communicate. It includes several activities that every dog enjoys, along with a quick method of calming and eliminating stress for a dog.

Both guides are delivered electronically as digital content to users’ email addresses, allowing them to start reading while they wait for their UltraK9 Pro order to arrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions About UltraK9 Pro

Q. What is UltraK9 Pro®?

A. This liquid supplement is a formula for dogs to help with their energy and overall health.

Q. How does the UltraK9 Pro® Formula work?

A. Using a special blend of healthy nutrients, this supplement eliminates the excess fat cells in the body that could pose a risk to the liver, kidneys, heart, and thyroid. It supports all of these different organs to fight against the damage of airborne and consumable pathogens. Offering a complete treatment for their health and restoring their former energy and excitement is a priority for the creators at UltraK9 Pro.

Q. What are primal nutrients?

A. Primal nutrients refer to the different types of food that can trigger a natural reaction in a dog’s body called the wolf switch. These nutrients rejuvenate the fierce and energetic nature of dogs’ ancestors, but dogs normally do not get these nutrients in a domestic diet. By adding primal nutrients to their food, consumers reduce the odor of bowel movements while supporting better oral health. Dogs experience better digestion, reduced inflammation, and more energy than they have experienced during adulthood.

Q. How should dogs be given UltraK9 Pro®?

A. Consumers can give this dog health supplement to their pup in any food, whether wet or dry. It doesn’t matter if the meal is homemade or purchased from a pet food store; it adds the same amount of nutritional value.

Q. How can consumers be certain that their dogs will like UltraK9 Pro?

A. To make this formula more appetizing to the average dog, the creators included a delicious chicken bone broth as the basis for their entire formula. The broth is a favorite flavor of many dogs, allowing them to enjoy the nutrition that UltraK9 Pro offers without diminishing the natural flavor of their food. Thousands of dog owners have already tried UltraK9 Pro with great success.

Q. How long does it take to see results when using UltraK9 Pro?

A. Most dogs have obvious changes in their behavior and energy within the first two weeks of use. Their coat becomes shiny, and they no longer have the same digestive complications after dinner. Continuing the regimen for a few more weeks amplifies these effects, rejuvenating them as if they had restored their youth.

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Q. How long should consumers continue to give their dog UltraK9 Pro for results?

A. According to the creators’ internal testing, the best results are often seen with at least six months of long-term use. This formula is incredibly important for anyone who does not give their dog anything beyond their typical store-bought food. Dogs that regularly consume homemade food or raw meat may experience these changes in half the time.

Q. Are there any side effects associated with UltraK9 Pro?

A. No. All nutrients are natural and necessary to a dog’s diet, and no side effects have been reported. If the dog starts to experience any side effects or adverse reactions, they need to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Q. Does the FDA approve UltraK9 Pro®?

A. No. The Food and Drug Administration does not provide approvals or denials for supplements, including animals. This supplement is neither a food nor a drug.

Q. What is the guarantee?

A. If the user does not notice any changes in their dog’s energy, weight, or fur, they have up to 60 days to request a refund with the money-back guarantee.

Q. How do consumers place an order?

A. The only way to place an order is through the official website. UltraK9 Pro is not currently sold in any retailer, even specialty pet stores, allowing the creators to keep prices affordable for the average consumer. If this product is listed in stores, consumers will not be able to get the same price as shopping online because of the additional distribution fees.

To reach out to the customer service team with other questions and concerns, fill out the form at:

  • https://theultrak9pro.com//help/contact-us.php


UltraK9 Pro® allows consumers to improve their dog’s diet without switching to a different type of dog food. The liquid can be added to any meal of the day if the user follows the directions for their dog’s weight. UltraK9 Pro is rich with primal nutrients that most dogs do not get in typical dry or wet food and doesn’t require a prescription.

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