I Tested WunderCool to See How the Light Socket Fan Would Work for Me

WunderCool is an American-owned and operated company providing a ceiling fan that uses the power of a simple light socket, even in recessed ceilings. It comes with a 6-inch socket extender. It doesn’t require professional installation, separate cords, or a battery for power. WunderCool offers dimmable LED lights, and three fan speeds can be controlled with a remote.

What is WunderCool?

The summer of 2024 is expected to be incredibly hot, and consumers are already getting their air conditioning systems serviced. While this step is necessary for maintaining the unit, it can be expensive and won’t necessarily keep the house as cool as you need. Even with an air conditioning system that maintains temperature, it is costly, even for the most efficient home.

To help with this problem, consumers should consider using a powerful ceiling fan known as WunderCool.

With WunderCool, consumers spend drastically less money than running an air conditioning system because it helps users with the circulation in their room. Even rooms with the best air conditioning systems can’t cool without air movement. Since the ceiling fan only needs to be screwed into an overhead light bulb socket, consumers won’t need to worry about hiring and paying an electrician to do the work for them. It is much simpler than a typical ceiling fan to install and is only a fraction of what most people are paying for their current cooling system.

The most significant demographic group that stands to benefit from using the WunderCool fan is renters. Convincing a landlord to install a new cooling system or ceiling fan comes with a high cost, and many contracts don’t allow for such significant changes to be made in temporary accommodations. Renters can use the WunderCoolin in an overhead light socket, so they won’t have to worry about losing their deposit when they move. Plus, homeowners who want to save money and maintain flexibility in their color design choices can benefit as the fan only comes in white.

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How Does WunderCool Help?

The many different features of WunderCool are exactly why consumers everywhere are starting to find value in this incredible ceiling fan. The device cools whatever space the user is in because it allows users to circulate the air with low, medium, or high-speed movement. Every setting is programmed into a simple remote control, allowing users to relax and get the air movement and lighting they want.

The user can change the fan’s speed to accommodate their preferences, and the remote doubles to control the brightness of the light. Thanks to a dimmable LED bulb, the bulb dims to whatever darkness or brightness the user wants. This bulb is compatible with a standard light socket, so users will not need other adapters to make it work.

Since many buildings have recessed lighting to create more dimension, this cooling fan comes with a socket extender. The extender is 6 inches long, ensuring that any home can use these fans, regardless of the current structure. Like the main socket for the fan, the extender also is easy to screw in place, and it won’t take away from the ceiling fan speed or brightness of the light.


Purchasing a WunderCool Unit

Shopping on the official website is the easiest way to access the WunderCool fan. While it is usually listed at a relatively affordable price, the creators currently offer over a 60% discount, making this product even more affordable.

When visiting the official website, users will have several pricing options to choose from, which include:

  • 1 WunderCool fan for $79.90
  • 2 WunderCool fans for $159.99
  • 3 WunderCool fans for $179.99
  • 4 WunderCool fans for $239.99

The creators recommend purchasing three fans to create an ideal balance of cooling air circulation throughout a home. However, if the user finds that this unit is not beneficial for their current layout, they have a 30-day return policy called the “Love It or Return It Pledge.”


Frequently Asked Questions About WunderCool

Q. What is WunderCool?

A. While many consumers are focused on their air conditioning system, WunderCool is anything but traditional. It is an easy-to-install fan that works with any standard light socket, helping consumers cool off their homes, garages or apartments. It comes with a remote control, allowing users to choose between multiple settings to create precisely the balance of brightness and air circulation all in one.

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Q. Is it possible to run the WunderCool lights or fan independently?

A. Yes. This device has different controls for the fan and light, so users will have complete control over what is running and when. Even though they can run the fan and light separately, running them together gives the user the whole experience.

Q. How many WunderCool units will users need in one room?

A. The number of WunderCool units that users can use in each room is unlimited. Users can use the cooling unit if they have an overhead light fixture.

Q. Is it hard to clean the WunderCool?

A. No. To ensure that WunderCool works to the user’s advantage, this device is incredibly easy to clean. If it becomes dusty or accumulates residue, users can clean it off with a damp cloth. Soap is safe to use if needed.

Q. Is it possible to use WunderCool in a room with recessed lighting sockets?

A. Yes. Since each WunderCool comes with a 6-inch socket extender, it can be used in recessed lighting fixtures.

Q. Can consumers run WunderCool at the same time as their air conditioning?

A. Yes. Many consumers find that combining their air conditioning with WunderCool yields incredible results, helping them to beat the heat.

Q. Once installed, will I have to get a ladder to change WunderCool settings?

A. To ensure that users have the best experience with WunderCool, the creators include a remote control that allows users to adjust the fan and light.

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Q. How many fan speeds do users have to choose from?

A. The three speeds vary from low to high, and consumers can also adjust the brightness of the light. Whether they want the ceiling fan light’s total brightness or a gentle dim setting, the remote controls it all.

Q. How much colder will a room be using WunderCool?

A. It is entirely up to the user, and this temperature may also be impacted by the user’s current air conditioning settings.

Q. How long does WunderCool take to ship?

A. Since every order is sent expeditiously, most customers don’t have to wait more than 3 business days for their order to arrive. However, extenuating circumstances or international delivery can take up to 10 business days.

Q. What if the user isn’t happy with the performance of WunderCool?

A. The creators allow users to get a full refund if they wish to return their order within 30 days of their purchase. However, customers are responsible for the cost of shipping back the units.

The customer service team can be reached with other questions or concerns via email by sending a message to:

  • support@wundercool.com


WunderCool allows consumers to improve air movement in any room, especially for those who consistently run their air conditioning. During a time when so many people are trying to make plans and take care of children on their summer break, consumers need some way to save a little money without losing their comfort. Running an air conditioning unit through the hottest months of the year can be detrimental to a budget. WunderCool can provide cooling support for those who want more control of their indoor environment when installing WunderCool.

It won’t impact the home’s structure with running wiring, so consumers won’t have to worry about the expense. WunderCool works for renters and homeowners alike, and the creators offer up to 4 fans in a single order. Plus, there’s a 30-day return policy if the user is unhappy.

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